• Show Date: 21/10/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Vanessa Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Tredegar & District Canine Society

Tredegar & Dist. CS open show 21st October 2017. Handling classes, utility breeds and group

Many thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge and to the exhibitors who braved the heavy rain to bring along their lovely dogs for me to judge.

Boston terrier

O (6,2abs). Super class full of quality.

1. Snell’s Talkkaccatur Inola JW. Smart girl who caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Pleasing size and shape giving a well-balanced outline. Typical head and expression, with good finish to her foreface. Good front, tight feet, well laid shoulders and good turn of stifle. Shown in super coat and condition. Moved out well and an attentive showgirl. BOB

2. Connor’s Ringablok Pearly Princess.

3. Connor’s Ringablok Diamond Chancer. Lovely quality puppy with a pleasing head and expression, firm body and good hindquarters. Well-marked, gleaming coat and moved out so positively. BPIB & Utility Puppy Group 2.


O (1)

1. Briddon’s Kingrock Tipsy Cola. What a super girl, presents a compact outline and so well bodied for her age. Pleasing feminine head with a broad skull with good width to muzzle, dark eye, well placed rose ears and wide underjaw. Strong front, well boned, good topline and tail set. Moved out so well, and shown in fit condition with gleaming coat. Totally unexaggerated. BOB & Utility Group 3.

French Bulldog

G (2)

1. Morgan & Williams’ Gwynsel Chains of Love. Quality brindle youngster. Attractive feminine head, with broad muzzle and good sweep of jaw and well placed ears that she used to great advantage. Lovely shapely body which is well developed for her age with good bone and substance, gentle roach and low set tail. A great little showgirl who moved out very well. BOB, BPIB and Utility Puppy Group 1

2. Connor’s Ringablok Princess Ella.

German Spitz (Klein)

O (2,1abs)

1. Hughes handling for Thomas’ Indizak Red Winter. Attractive dog with a pleasing head with good length of muzzle to skull ratio, eyes of good shape and colour and neat ears. Compact body with a level topline and high set tail. Shown in super coat and moved out with purpose. BOB.

German Spitz (Mittel)

G (4,2abs)

1. Hughes & Forrester’s Marlais Moonlight Serenade over Candease. Eye catching black dog, with a lovely head with dark eyes and neat ears. Nice compact body, well sprung ribs, level topline and high set tail carried well over the back. Super coat and furnishings. Moved out so well and soundly. Quite the showman too. BOB and Utility Group 2

2. Roberts’ Bullbo Star Attraction at Cwrtafon. A real baby of just 6 months, pretty head with neat ears and excellent pigment. Moved out with a brisk action, a touch close behind at the moment, but a promising youngster. BPIB

O (3,1abs)

1. Williams & Williams’ Dulais Moonlight Over Paris at Trebettyn. Well-balanced bitch, nice size and squarely built with good topline and high set tail. Pleasing feminine wedge head with dark eyes and well placed and carried ears. Moved out smartly and with purpose. Super girl.

2. Roberts’ Longdale’s Turning Tablesat Cwrtafon

Miniature Schnauzer

O (8,2abs)

1. Prevett’s Raileve Calamity Jane. Super little girl, quality head with prominent eyebrows, moustache and whiskers, good eye shape and colour and neat ears. Sturdy body, level topline, well sprung ribs and tail well set on, all giving a lovely outline. Presented beautifully and moved out freely and attentive showgirl too. BOB, BPIB and Utility Puppy Group 3.

2. Prevett, Thomas & Mainwaring’s Raileve My Fair Lady

3. Williams’ Beanara Njals Saga at Lyzharo

Tibetan Spaniel

O (7)

1. Hollifield’s Donteas That’s What I Am at Richearon. Gold boy, lovely masculine head with well cushioned muzzle, dark oval eyes and good chin all giving a pleasing and typical expression. Good neck and shoulders, topline correct, well bodied with a good turn of stifle. Presented in lovely coat and bloom. Moved out well. BOB and Utility Group 4

2. Locke's Chenrezi Peaches And Cream For Brilor

3. Hollifield’s Souska Pacmahara with Richearon

AVNSC Utility

G (3,1abs)

1. Marton’s Foillan Fu-Ni- Chow Chow. Good sized red bitch. Pleasing feminine head, thick well set ears, nice eyes and excellent pigment. Well off for bone, well sprung ribs, short in loin and high tail set. Moved out well with a good stride.

O (4,2abs)

1. Skivington’s Hokkaido Yoshi Lad at Ajatiaza (Jap Shiba Inu). Eye-catching dog, nice size with a well-balanced outline. Pleasing head with dark obliquely set eyes, well developed cheeks and small neat triangular ears. Good topline and tail set. Moved out with typical brisk and light footed action. Shown in super coat and body condition. Best AVNSC & Utility Group 1.

2. Carenydd Within Temptation Avec Peipals ShCM (Shar Pei)

AV Utility

 P (6,4abs)

1. Thomas’ Afterglow I Tunes (Standard Poodle). Feminine black girl, with lovely long lean head, dark sparkling eyes and well chiselled foreface all giving a lovely poodley expression. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, firm topline and well held tail. Shown in super coat and moved out very well with a good stride. Handled well to get the best out of her. Best AVNSC puppy and Utility Puppy Group 4.

2. Bundy’s Stubbs Moor Rose (Boston Terrier).

O (2)

1. Bundy’s Dougies Boy (Boston Terrier). Very smart boy, pleasing compact shape. Lovely head with short muzzle, dark eyes and erect ears all giving a pleasing expression, Nice deep chest, short back and good topline and hindquarters topped off with a glossy coat, Moved out positively fore and aft.

2. Bundy’s Kenzie Murray (Boston Terrier).

Handling classes

6- 11 years (2,1abs)

1. Andreas Mina. This young man showed his Pom very nicely, setting it up well on the table, knew his dog’s age and how to show the bite. Moved at just the right pace for his dog, just needs to remember to keep his dog on view all the time and not to get himself between the judge and his dog, otherwise a good effort, keep up the good work Andreas.

12-16 years (3)

1. Latoyah Mainwaring. Good shadowing and always conscious of where I was standing and made sure her dog was on view and shown to the best advantage all the time. Showed bite well, noted that I had moved one of her dog’s legs and quickly put it back. Sympathetic handling of her dog at all times, showed at correct pace for her breed of dog and nice clean hand changes on the up and back. Pleased to award Best overall junior handler, well done Latoyah.

2. Esme Hoskins. Another who showed her dog sympathetically with good use of lead and correct pace for her breed of dog, also spotted I moved her dog’s leg and reacted quickly to replace in correct position. Good showing of dog’s bite. Just needs to make sure she keeps a watchful eye on where the judge is standing, but a good effort, well done Esme.

3. Sophie Johnson. Nice sympathetic handling of her Pug and moved her dog at correct pace, nice set up on table, knew her dog’s age, just wasn’t quite sure how to show her dog’s bite. Followed my instructions carefully and did an even sided triangle and a good up and down. A good effort, keep up the good work Sophie.

17-35 years (3)

1. Rebecca Williams. Handling a springer, nice clean hand changes on the up and down, always kept a watchful on me to enable her to show off her dog to best advantage. Spotted I had moved her dogs’ leg and quickly moved back to correct position, Showed her dog at correct pace for the breed and nice sympathetic handling of her dog. Well done.

2. Catherine Webb. Close up, not quite such clean lead changes on the up and down as winner. Kept an eye on me so always kept her dog between us. Spotted I moved her dog’s leg and quickly set it back up to correct position. Good shadowing and used the ring to advantage. Another who has a good rapport with her dog and handles sympathetically at all times.

3. Victoria Protheroe. Put in a good effort, showed her dog at correct pace for the breed and good use of the ring space. Nice sympathetic handling, good patterns. Just didn’t spot that I moved her dog’s leg.

36 years and over (5,3abs)

1. Heidi Bartlett. Very good shadowing, unobtrusive handling to get the best out of her dog and moving at just the right pace for the breed. Spotted I moved one of her dog’s legs and quickly moved it back to the correct position. Nice sympathetically handling making full use of the ring space.

2. Margaret (sorry no surname provided). Nice set up of her dog on the table. Moved her dog at the correct speed for breed using the full ring, just slightly adrift on the triangle. Sympathetic handling throughout and very good rapport with her dog.

Vanessa Cox (Judge)