• Show Date: 08/04/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tracey Ayling-Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/06/2019

Wellingborough & District Canine Society

Many thanks to the committee for their invitation to judge & for their great welcome and hospitality, at this well run open show.

  P. ( 6) Three super puppies in this line up, who could change places another day 1&BP. Seamons’ Stvincent Moonlighting At Messano. What a super little six month old puppy bitch. She caught my eye the moment she walked into the ring with her overall balance. She has the most prettiest of heads with dark eye and lovely pigment. Superb front and rear angulation, level topline and tailset, neat cat like feet. She thoroughly enjoyed her time in the ring, wagging her way round, definitely one who has a promising future 2. Clarke’s Haydengold One More Knight. Handsome 9 month old ,mid gold dog, who has the most beautiful head with the softest of expressions, kind eye & well defined stop. He stands foursquare on good bone & feet, short coupled with good bend of stifle. He moved very well around the ring for one so young , another with a bright future ahead of him. 3.Harding’s Eveninghill Mad As A Hatter

J (3) 1. List’s Haydengold Say It With Love. Well made, mid gold bitch with a balanced outline & plenty of leg length, looking very much the junior that she is. Lovely head with kind expression, excellent reach of neck into correctly laid back shoulders & good return of upper arm, level topline, straight when viewed from front & rear. Settled more on the move as she progressed through the classes.

PG (11) 1 Walker & Dawes’ Kensalroag Waggle O’ T’ Kilt. Two year old, handsome, pale boy who really appealed. Lovely head & expression with a dark eye, straight front with excellent shoulders & return of upperarm placing legs well under, deep well ribbed body. Settled more on the move in the challenge than in the class ,moving with good reach and drive. 2. List’s Haydengold Say It With Love 3. Hammond’s Merimoor Skyeline

L( 3) 1. List’s Haydengold Say It With Love. 2.Collis’ Merimoor Waterbouy At Dorwinion. I really liked the outline of this 3 year old, dark, gold boy when stood. He has a good reach of neck, nice angles both front and rear, short coupled, neat straight hocks. I just wish he would not fly his tail so much as this distracts from a very well put together dog who moves with such ease around the ring.

O (7) Super trio headed this class. Was splitting hairs between the three of them however, 1’s over all ring presence won him the class on the day. 1. Barber’s Stvincent Golden Gun From Swansreach. What a super, pale, 4 year old dog this one is. Lovely masculine head with the kindest of expressions, reachy neck, good forechest & spring of rib, excellent shoulder placement, super level topline & strong well angulated quarters, presented a lovely balanced profile. Kept his shape on the move & covered the ground effortlessly with reach & style. A very pleasing picture, his tail never stopped wagging. BOB. 2.Lade’s Gillbryan Singapore Sling With Mantondean. Impressive & balanced, with correct proportions, 7 year old mid gold dog presented in beautiful coat and condition. Masculine head with attentive expression, strong neck of good reach very well set into laid back shoulders, good depth & spring of rib, short couplings, good turn of stifle, excellent strong hindquarters, short rear pasterns, level topline, well boned, good feet, moved out straight and true. Pleased to award him RBOB. 3.Hammond’s Merimoor Waterwytch