• Show Date: 18/11/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tracey Ayling-Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/06/2019

Wrexham & District Kennel Society

Golden Retrievers

Many thanks to the committee for their invitation to judge & for their great welcome and hospitality, at this well run open show. P. ( 5) 1. Griggs’ Mulfield Sea Of Dreams. My notes say, ‘just as a six month old puppy should be’ His growth and weight is as it should be for one so young unlike many youngsters who are oversized and overweight. Masculine head with dark eye and pigment, excellent flow of neck into the back. So well made throughout with a lovely clean outline. He wagged his way around the ring, enjoying every moment. BP& PG2 2. Parrys’ Mitcharron Kentucky Road . Another lovely puppy, super head and expression with dark pigment, good neck and front angulation, excellent bend of stifle, well set tail and tight feet, just tended to crouch a little when stood. 3.Johnson’s Pegajime Willow Wisp

J (3) 1. Williams’ Cesarka Pin Up Girl Well put together 14month old mid gold bitch. Very feminine quality type, well shaped and moulded head already with dark eyes and soft expression enhanced with strong pigment. Lovely flow of neck into a level topline which was held on the move. Well angulated front and rear with excellent bend of stifle. Stood alone, but a worthy winner.

SY (5) 1. Williams’ Cesarka Pin Up Girl 2. Charlesworth’s Bowshella Ring Of Fire Around Ginnylands This 22 month old, dark gold boy really caught my eye. Fabulous head with kindly expression and dark pigment. Lovely clean neck, straight forelegs and excellent layback and upper arm. Balanced body with well sprung ribs and level topline, would like to see a bit more depth in the chest, but this should come in time. Moved well. 3. Clarke’s Ledshamclark Centrefold

PG (2) 1 Millington’s Carneval Of Golden Duck . Two year old, cream dog with attractive masculine head and kind expression. The more I looked at him, the more he appealed. I really liked his overall height to length ratio which gave him perfect balance. Superforehand construction, good level topline. Well developed hindquarters with strong hocks. Moved very well. .2. William’s Cesarka Pin Up Girl

  O( 4) 1. Grigg’s Mulfield Peach Blossom JW What a super bitch, loved everything about her. Beautiful outline, lovely feminine head with melting expression. Excellent shoulders, neck and front. Good depth and spring of rib cage. Excellent topline and tailset which was held level as she moved with such elegance around the ring, a joy to watch. BOB & G2 2.Williams’ Cesarka Pin Up Girl 3.Hughes’s Landking Play With Me.

  Cocker Spaniels

P( 1) 1Prydderch’s Rockllocers Fruit Punch. Lovely black and tan 7 month old bitch. Liked her overall shape which presented a balanced outline. Very feminine with dark eyes and low set ears. Good length of neck. Stood on well boned legs and feet, nicely angulated front and rear. Well presented coat. Moved with enthusiasm and drive. BP & PG3

G (4) 1. Collier’s Gardenstone Glamour Girl At Perpperbox JW. Nice sized feminine blue bitch, balanced throughout and in lovely coat and condition, She has such a feminine head with a melting expression, excellent forequarters, strong topline, good tailset, well angulated hindquarters, moved well 2. Prydderch’s Rockllockers Kenquince Make Headway. Sweet headed blue bitch, kind expression with good dark eye, excellent neck and shoulder placement, short, balanced body, gave her owner a hard time but once settled moved out well.

O (4) 1. Collier’s Pepperbox Summertime. Strong, compact, blue bitch with lovely head and expression, clean neck into good lay of shoulder, correct level back, good bone, excellent rear angulation, strong well rounded quarters, moved out confidently. BOB 2. Prydderch’s Rockllockers Kenquince Make Headway