• Show Date: 10/06/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tania Gardner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Newmarket & District Canine Society

Newmarket & District CS 

10th June 2017 

Thank you to the committee who invited me to judge Irish Setters and Afghan Hounds at their Anniversary Show . I was looked after well by my steward . A lovely summer day and a joy to judge dogs in the sun in a decent size ring . Thank you to the exhibitors for allowing me the chance to judge some lovely dogs .

Irish Setters 

Junior (4) 

1st Gisby’s Suteresett King Of Hearts BOB & BP 

Well developed young man , who on first impression gave a picture of strength and balance . Lovely bone and good angles front and rear . He has a typical mischievous expression with raised brows. On the move he is true and sound for one so young, he got better as the day went on and grew in confidence to stride out well in the big ring 

Wonderful to watch him take the puppy group and RBPIS . 

2nd Dewar Gwendariff Here I Come 

3rd Clarke Wynjill Take A Chance On Me .

Yearling (3,1) 

1st Gisby Sutersett Pina Colada 

16month Bitch , who when stood presents a lovely clean , flowing outline , pretty feminine head with dark eye . Good layback of shoulder and return of upper arm . Nicely muscled hind quarters which helped her stride out around the ring .

2nd Hail Smokeywater Lady In Red 

Post Grad (3,2 ) 

1st Clarke Gwendariff Jam Doughnut 

3yr old male , nicely made dog who has good bone and strength . Balanced and adequate angles . 

He has a masculine head with a dark eye . Good width to his 2nd thigh . Shown in good coat of a lovely rich colour . A little bit sluggish on the move . Not helped as he was a little over weight today . 

2nd Box Fernstart Golden Charm At Blackborough 

Open( 1) 

1st Box Shenanagin Singled Out For Fernstart 

4 yr old male who looks a picture when stood ,nice outline and a very well constructed dog with lovely coat of great texture and presented well . He has such a lovely head with a cheeky irish expression. 

Just didn't want to show himself of today , sadly . 

Afghan Hounds 

Junior (1) 

Casey Charjaghan Cullinan BP 

10 month Brindle Male , upstanding young dog , Good length to his muscle and a dark oriental eye shape . 

Nice length of neck which was placed correctly into a good layback of shoulder . Level topline and well set tail with a ring . On the move he was true and strode out well for a baby . Just a little loose at the elbow at the moment . 

Post Grad (2) 

Fisher Harlextan Tout Sweet Goto Ifmaraf 

Lovely bitch with a good head , nice length to muzzle and correct underjaw 

she has a dark eye and certainly " looks through you " stood well over the ground and has lovely angles behind . Showed herself well on the move , carrying her ringed tail correctly . Shown in super coat and good muscular condition . 

2nd Toikka & Juslum Amal Salang Hermes In Genue Carafina ( Imp Russ ) 

Open (3) 

2 lovely bitches in this class . I preferrred 1st expression and length of muzzle . 

1st Fisher Sumahari Flowering Peach Goto Ifmaraf JW BOB 

 Mature brindle girl , femine head with a good underjaw , dark eye of correct shape , strong front with correct layback of shoulder , level topline , strong well muscled rear quarters . On the move she had a nice length to her stride and was true coming and going . Held her topline well . 

2nd Barley & Franklin Barley Zhivias Night Silhouette 


Tania Gardner ( Danwish )