• Show Date: 02/04/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Susan White Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Chippenham & District Canine Society


I’d like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge Labradors at this pleasant show; many thanks to my stewards for their assistance and patience and to the exhibitors for accepting their placings in good spirit. I had some lovely dogs to go over; a shame about the number of absentees, but possibly to be expected with a late change of judge and Breed Championship show on.

P D/B (5,1) - Interesting puppy class, all presenting well conformationally, but at different stages of development. 1 Chapman’s Rocheby Gingersnap for Daisypatch – 8.5 month balanced dark yellow bitch, with a pretty face and good pigmentation; good reach of neck leading into well laid back shoulder, good front angulation, a clean top line and tail-set and correct otter tail which she used to full advantage standing and on the move. Well sprung rib, substantial correctly angulated rear with well let down hocks, well arched compact feet with strong front and rear pasterns. In good coat; when settled, she looked superb in profile and moved freely with drive – Best Puppy and PG4. 2 Davies’s Lembas Dreamgirl at Holmajor: Pretty 11-month-old lighter shaded short coupled yellow of slightly shorter stature than first; well laid back shoulders, good depth of rib, clean top-line and good set on of tail; good length of leg in keeping with depth of rib; in excellent coat. Not quite as outgoing as 1st, would have liked to see her a little faster on the move. Both puppies show good promise. 3. Kerry’s Oceanwood Daybreak

J D/B (4,4)

G D/B (6,2) 1. Moody’s Trendlewood Mr Blue Sky – A dog I’ve seen and shared the ring with on many occasions, but not had chance to observe properly until today. Just past 2 years, a short coupled dark yellow male with striking head, superb pigmentation, good length of muzzle, good ear set and front angulation. Well-developed barrelled rib, underline slightly tucked up with well angulated but lighter rear not uncommon in some males of this age; he should body up as he matures. Moved with drive, his tail carriage presenting a little high, this should change with age. Very at one with his handler.

2. Kerry’s Oceanwood Diver – One of few blacks here today, pleasing head and expression with excellent reach of neck, well barrelled rib and substantial, correctly angulated front. Short coupled with a clean top-line leading to correct otter tail; well let down hocks, would like to see more 2nd thigh and turn of stifle. Moved with drive. 3. Chapman’s Woolman Proper Cracker at Daisypatch

O D/B (4,1) - What a lovely class of males; all in tip-top condition, appearing capable of doing a day’s work and could quite easily switch positions on another day. 1 Felton-Page’s Marshwiggle Mr Carson JW - Well developed, short coupled powerful 3-year-old male with appealing head, good reach of neck leading to well-placed shoulder, good front angulation, clean top-line and tail-set leading to correct otter tail. Well barrelled rib balanced with good length of leg – moved freely with drive and enthusiasm, holding his top-line perfectly at all times. BOB, Made the final cut in the Gundog group. 2 Chapman’s Killanow Sentinal at Daisypatch – Nearly 6-year-old mid yellow male, with well laid back shoulders and good front angulation. Short coupled with well barrelled rib again matched with a good length of leg and correct feet. Well-developed rear used to drive good rear movement, holding his topline well; slightly broader in front than the class winner; Totally at one with his handler RBOB. 3 Sharples’s Cadbarin Loganberry