• Show Date: 23/09/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: SANDIE ROBERTSON Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Bedford & District Canine Society


Bedford & District Canine Society Open Show 23/09/2017 Old English Sheepdogs

I would like to thank the committee for their invitation & opportunity for my first judging appointment and to my steward for keeping the ring running smoothly and to the exhibitors for allowing me to go over such a super entry of dogs and the time taken to prepare them for exhibition. The newly laid deep soft surface proved a challenge for free movement, I understand that the surface will be rolled before next years show

Puppy 1/1 1 – (Winson) Jandoes Cristal Sparkles at Mesian 10 Months Old, larger bitch but all in proportion, Broad head with square muzzle, scissor bite with large teeth . Dark eyes with pigment. Arched neck leading to good shoulders and pleasing angles, Deep brisket for youngster and well muscled body, gentle rise leading to a broad rear and well developed 2nd thigh, showed roll from behind when walking and drive and extension on the move pleased to award BP & see her go PG1

Junior 4/6 Good class with very close decisions no doubt all 4 will change places over the season 1 ( Naismith) Zottles Honeymoon at Shaggybo months old, Caught my eye as she entered the ring, Broad head with good back skull, scissor bite, Dark eyes with full pigmentation, Strong arched neck leading to good shoulders, muscular front legs, deep brisket and mature body for her age, gentle rise to close coupled body. Good bend of stifle, strong low hocks which she uses to produce effortless drive on the move, coat has a good harsh texture and plenty of undercoat. BOB Pleased to see her go G4 2 ( Rutland and Porter) Girl Talk about Mellowdee 12.5 months old. Broad Head with dark eyes, large teeth and scissor bite, Long strong neck, muscular straight front legs and good shoulder angulation , Large brisket, Close Coupled with broad well developed muscles ,Coarse dark coat with break. Roll from behind when walking and free moving with good extension front and rear

  Post Graduate 2/2 1 ( Rutland and Porter) Mellowdee Lady Mae 21 Months old, smaller bitch but so powerful & very feminine. broad head and good back skull and pleasing width to muzzle Good bite with large teeth, , Good head, defined stop, dark eyes and large black nose. Super reach of neck, good angles front and rear , Coat was harsh with break, broad well muscled rear, low hocks producing strong drive and covered the ground with ease RBOB 2 ( Jones) Oysterbarcen Saksfithave 3 ½ years old, small feminine bitch with good muscle tone, scissor bite and dark eyes with full pigmentation. Not the width of head of my winner, enough neck, moderate angulation at the front. Deep brisket, gentle rise and well muscled rear, Harsh Crisp coat with undercoat, has good rear drive but not the forward extension

Open 1/4 ( Howsam) Jandoes Angel Glory 4 ½ years -Larger Bitch but good proportions. Large skull and broad muzzle, scissor bite with large teeth, dark eyes with full pigment giving super expression, enough neck leading to good straight front, pleasing angles front and rear, Very deep brisket and well developed body. Fully mature coat crisp texture and deep undercoat. Low hocks and well muscled rear quarters with well developed second thigh, just unsettled on the move today.