• Show Date: 18/02/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Samantha Webster Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Gloucester & District Canine Society


Junior Dog or Bitch (3,1abs)

1st Chapscroft Blessing – 6-month old, open marked tri bitch. A real sweetheart with such a kind head and expression. Dark eyes and lovely neck length. Really liked her fore construction, nicely laid back shoulders and good length of upper arm. Well ribbed and short coupled. Feet tight and firm. She was a little unsettled today but understandable considering her age, however once settled she moved out well. A lot to like and defiantly one to watch. BP

2nd Canowindra D’Artagnan – 11-month old blanket tri dog of good substance. Long, low set leathers and a correct bite. Great depth of chest and well-muscled throughout. Correct tail set held well on the move. Although he moved nicely in profile I felt 1 had better movement going away.

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (6,1abs)

1st Timamso Saskia for Michelroy – 18-month old blanket tri bitch. Lovely youngster, another with great substance but still feminine. Correct bite, pleasing head and expression. Good reach of neck leading into well laid shoulders. Topline firm and level. Stifles well bent, hocks firm and parallel. Won the class on her movement. She strode out with great reach and drive covering the ground well.

2nd Lanesend Chicha for Alandobel – 5-year-old blanket tri bitch. Sweet head and dark eyes. I like her compact shape and she has a well-made forehand. Forelegs straight and pasterns strong. Well ribbed, tight feet and hocks well let down. Moved soundly in all directions.

3rd Barterhound Gossip

Open Dog or Bitch (6,0abs)

1st Brialey Tu Tira for Lanesend (IMP AUS) – 7-year-old tan and white bitch. Looking super for her age. Very balanced and compact in outline. She has the most appealing head and expression. Lovely neck length and great lay of shoulder with equal length of upper arm. Elbows firm, topline straight and level. Ribs well sprung, short coupled and well bent stifles. She moved with such purpose showing reach and drive. Delighted to award her Best of Breed. BOB

2nd Barrvale Ursa Minor at Huntshill Sh.CM – 4-year-old blanket tri bitch. Smart girl who presents a lovely outline. Correct bite and well set leathers. Great depth of chest, forelegs straight and well underneath her. Level topline and good muscle. She is very well angulated fore and aft allowing her to move freely around the ring. Close up to 1 but just preferred 1’s expression. RBOB

3rd Dialynne Solace at Gemark


6 – 11 years handling

1st Maisie Allenby – handling a Basset Fauve de Bretagne. This young lady really impressed me, she didn’t fuss and remained calm especially when her hound wasn’t always being cooperative. She completed the patterns correctly and to a great standard for her age. Very polite and a delight to watch. I think Maisie has a very bright future in showing and handling. Well done!

12 – 16 years handling

1st Poppy Wynter – handling a Wire Fox Terrier. Smart handler who showed her dogs teeth well which can be more difficult with a bearded breed. Poppy performed all patterns neatly and correctly, making sure she was aware of my movements at all times. Well done! BJH


17 – 30 years handling

1st Megan Oliver – handling a Wire Fox Terrier. Very competent handler. Her corners were neat, lines straight and she shadowed my movements well. Megan encouraged her dog well, made full use of the ring and moved at just the correct pace for the breed. Just didn’t quite have the polished performance of the BAH winner but well done!

31 – 45 years handling

1st Andrea Keepence-Keyte – handling a Beagle. I’ve admired this handler for a long time and look up to her skills. She presented her dog very well and executed all patterns with ease, making sure to encourage her dog at all times. Andrea’s lines were straight and neat while still showing the dog to the best advantage. Well done! BAH

46 years & Over handling

1st Maureen Doran – handling a Japanese Chin. Really liked how Maureen kept the attention of her dog while free standing while shadowing my movements as I know this isn’t easy from personal experience. She showed her dogs teeth correctly, kept all patterns neat and tidy. Maureen performed all patterns correctly except in the final competition for BAH but otherwise well done!

Samantha Webster (Houndscoast)