• Show Date: 15/01/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ruth Robinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Nuneaton & District Canine Society


15th January 2017


PUPPY (11, 2a)

1st Ingram’s Jojavik Forget Me Not. Mature 6 months blk/r. Beautifully shaped bitch, compact and classy. Head is long and clean-cut, with width and depth of muzzle presenting the correct blunt wedge. Good underjaw, flat cheeks, well-filled out under dark almond-shaped eyes with keen expression. Planes almost parallel, pleasingly flat skull and tidy well-set ears. Super reach of neck into clean withers and well-laid shoulder with excellent return and length of upper arm. Plenty of forechest and depth to brisket. Straight front legs parallel and close lying, strong pasterns and tight feet. Short, firm topline with slight slope to correct croup and tailset. Tidy underline. Correct angles at rear which is well-muscled with straight hocks turning neither in nor out. Very positive mover, clean and balanced in profile with good extension. Just needs to tighten a little in front. BPIB and delighted to see her go PWG3.

2nd Cattermole’s Supeta’s Phoenix for Kalvadene. 11 months blk/r bitch presenting a very tidy and clean outline with enough bone and substance. Pretty head, long and well-proportioned with parallel planes and slight stop. Cheeks are flat, with tight lips and a good underjaw. Well-set ears and beautiful dark eyes with a lively expression. Lean crested neck flows into excellent front assembly with correct angles. Decent forechest, just needs to drop a little in brisket. Firm, gently sloping topline held on the move, well-filled croup and correct tailset. Straight legs viewed from all angles and tight catlike feet. Matching rear angulation allowed for balanced and flowing movement with super reach and drive. Close up, just preferred the depth of 1 on the day.

3rd Kuhl’s Holyhell’s Blue Steel (IMP)

GRADUATE (8, 2a)

1st Wall’s Dobehaven Atlantic Storm JW. Eye-catching 20 months br/r male shown in hard muscular condition. Super stylish compact outline with the right balance of elegance and substance. Masculine head presenting an elongated blunt wedge, clean cut with equal planes. Excellent length and depth of muzzle, would prefer more underjaw. Well-set ears lying close to flat cheeks, almond eyes are dark enough and give a typical expression. Beautiful long arched neck into well-laid shoulder with upper arm of equal length and return. Sound front with well-developed forechest and depth to brisket, tight elbows and well-sprung ribs. Legs straight with good round bone, strong pasterns and well-arched feet. Firm sloping topline held on the move into excellent croup and tailset. Tidy underline with good tuck-up and short strong loin. Hindquarters are well-muscled and powerful with correct angles and a well-bent stifle, perfectly balanced to front. Super fluid mover, accurate from all directions with good front reach and strong rear drive. Would just like to see a little more attitude from this top quality boy. Pleased to award him BOB and later see him go WG4.

2nd Gallagher’s Izralight Firedancer. 17 months blk/r bitch with a lovely shape, clean and balanced with enough substance. Feminine head with good length and depth, narrow backskull and almost parallel planes. A little more foreface and underjaw would complete the picture. Pleasing alert  expression from super dark eyes and neat well-set ears. Elegant curved neck into well-placed shoulder and almost equal upper arm of correct return. Straight front with sufficient forechest and depth to elbows which lie close. Standing on tight catlike feet, with strong pasterns and straight hocks. Firm, slightly sloping topline with clean underline, correct croup and tailset and well-angulated rear. Movement was free and precise in profile, just a little close behind. 

3rd Merchant’s Cockneyoka Sister Cool at Mandareus

OPEN (10, 3a)

1st Kuhl’s Newfords Linda Lovelace JW AW16. 2 1/2 years blk/r. Standard sized, square unexaggerated bitch presenting a clean elegant outline with substance. Long feminine head with good underjaw and depth of muzzle. Almost parallel planes with slight drop off at nose. Small neat high-set ears framing dark almond-shaped eyes to give an alert expression. Beautiful dry crested neck flows into well-laid shoulders with upper arm of good return and almost equal length. Straight front with ample forechest, depth to brisket and tight elbows both standing and on the move. Clean underline and matching straight topline sloping slightly into well-filled croup and correct tailset. Well-muscled rear with correct angles, strong straight hocks, catlike feet. Movement was balanced and very true, with accurate footfall and good reach and drive, however I would like to see her move with more vigour which cost her in the challenge. RBOB.

2nd Ryman’s Dobehaven Sea Pearl. 2 ½ years blk/r. Smart and shapely bitch with good bone and substance. Pleasing feminine head with long muzzle, equal planes and correct earset, would benefit from more underjaw and a darker eye. Lovely long elegant neck leading smoothly into well-placed shoulder and equal upper arm. Front is true with well-developed forechest, deep brisket with elbows lying close and well-sprung ribs. Short strong topline into correct croup and tailset. Straight legs with well-arched feet. Well-angulated rear with long well-bent stifle and excellent width of thigh. Moved soundly with front reach and drive from the rear, but a little wide coming towards.

3rd Gallagher’s Izralight Firedancer