• Show Date: 03/12/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Russell F Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Bristol & District Dog Club

Judge: Mr Russell F. Jones (Quemerford) Replacement Judge

I had great pleasure in judging the Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) as a replacement judge today. There was an excellent entry for the breed. Many thanks to the committee for the invitation and to the exhibitors for there showmanship. I enjoyed my time with you today and wish you all well.

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan): PG (Dog or Bitch) (8,3) 1 Siviter, Rubegud Takin The Mick, Sh.CM: A 4yr old Brindle & White dog of a good size with a good outline and of a nice type. He has a typical head with a nice foreface, good ears in the correct place which give him a good expression. Good masculine head and dark eye, with a good muzzle. Good length to neck which is strong, good shoulders with nice angles to front, deep chest and good ribs. Good bone and neat feet. Good length to back and plenty of body, good croup with good strong backend. His back feet are a little to much under him when he is standing but he has good strong hocks. He has a good length to his tail but I would like it a little bushier. He moved out well, holding his topline. I was pleased to award him the class and BOS.

2 Apperley, Wildcard Ace At Nanaimo: An 18mths old Blue dog who pushed the 1st very hard. He has a good outline and is of a nice type. He has a good masculine head with good ear set and a nice expression, good eyes 1 dark and 1 blue which I like, strong muzzle and good bite. Nice neck but not quite as strong as 1st, good shoulders and angles, deep brisket and spring of rib, with good bone and neat hocks. Nice body and good back, not quite the depth of 1st, but will come with time. Good back end and neat hocks. Super tail, nice and bushy. Moved out well, still needs to tighten on the rear. I liked him. Would like to see him 6mths time should look a different dog.

3 McIntosh, Hova Bondes Knatterton, (Imp.DK) NAF,TAF: An 8mth old Tri coloured dog that I would not like to grow any bigger. He has a well balanced head for size, well bodied for his age, nice back end, moved well for his age. Pleased to award him BP.

4 Rayner, Rubegud May Be I Will: B.

O (Dog or Bitch) (6,3) 1 Price, Brynlluan Magic Crystal: A 2.5yr old Red & White bitch that is of a lovely type with a clean outline, she excelled in movement. A really feminine girl with a kind expression and a well balanced head, good skull, ear set ok, good colour eye, nice muzzle and bite. Nice neck, excellent lay back of shoulder, good angles and legs well tucked in. Deep brisket and plenty of bone, good spring of rib and neat feet. Good back, kept level when on the move. Good croup and tail set with good angles to rear and tidy hocks. She has a particularly nice tail nice and bushy. I liked her length to height ratio and over all balance. She excelled in movement fore and aft and it was a pleasure to watch her move. Pleased to award her BOB and to watch her take Grp 3. Well done and thanks for bringing her.

2 Rayner, Kilvroch Electra of Rubegud: A 9yr old Red & White coloured bitch that was in fine fettle with a pleasing out line and of a good type. She has a well balanced head of good proportions and is very feminine. Good neck, nice lay back of shoulder and neat front. She is just beginning to dip on her back, due her to age, strong back end with good angles, neat hocks and nice tail. Moved well.

3 Siviter, Bredwardine Aled, Sh.CM: A 10yr old Black & White coloured dog that is of good type, with a good out line. Lots to like about this dog very masculine head with a pleasing expression. Good front, deep brisket, good topline, strong neat croup and pleasing backend. Good tail and tail set. He enjoyed his day out.