• Show Date: 26/11/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Liverpool Kennel Association

This was such a very good show, with a wonderfully hospitable Committee who worked so hard to make the day enjoyable for exhibitors and judges alike. It was a pleasure to judge for the Association.


Bearded Collie: O (1) 1. Dodgson’s Caldermist Ramrod. 5 year old male who appealed for his well balanced, honest and mature outline; each part flowing into the next with no hard angles. In very good coat and plenty of light underneath him indicating a good length of leg. Scored in head which was of good dimensions and in proportion to his body. Lovely expression with good eye. Standing on a good front with adequate width and depth throughout. Excellent neck-set, wither and topline through to croup. Nicely angulated fore and aft. Lacking a little bodyweight today, but did not detract too much. Easy mover using his good quarters efficiently. Best of Breed and Pastoral Group 1.


German Shepherd Dog: O (5 3) 1. Robinson & Marsden’s Avanti Uno. Masculine, well bodied male of 5 years. Quite handsome in outline with his pleasing size and substance. Excellent depth and width of quarters which were equal for angulation. Very well shaped head which was strong without being coarse or overdone. Nicely shaped expressive eyes. Pleased me for bone and good clean front. Topline flows well and is level, but rather steep in slope. However it was firm and strong. Good underline and strength at hock. Didn’t always co-operate with his handler, but when settled moved out purposefully with pleasing stride in profile. Best of Breed and Pastoral Group 3. 2. Finnigan’s Shotaan Claudia com Kotikaana. 5 year old bitch who was as feminine as the winner was masculine. Attractive headpiece with nice length of foreface without compromising strength of jaw or muzzle. Pleasing bone, pasterns and standing on good feet. Not the shoulders or topline of the winner and this did affect her overall outline, but again she had adequate strength through back. Made good use of the ring on the move.


Lancashire Heeler: PG (1) 1. Irvine’s Coogans Mistress. Sweet 2 year old bitch who was slightly unsettled on the day which is a shame as when she relaxed she was capable of presenting herself to advantage. Overall proportions for body shape were good, although I would prefer more strength to head and a touch more length of neck to improve balance. Very well developed in chest with plenty of heart room, but not so much as to restrict front movement. A little untidy in underline but good broad rump which was well filled leading into well turned stifle. Business like on the move. O (1) 1. Davies’ Black Rose in Ronleydon. Very smart, showy bitch who was litter sister to the PG winner. I preferred this girl’s head shape and length of neck. Presented in very good condition with lovely coat. Well muscled she was certainly sturdy and solid. Particularly scored in front which was clean and well filled with correct width. Topline pleased me as did ribbing and loin. Very good hindquarters with excellent strong hocks. Carried herself very well on the move with good working action. Best of Breed.


Collie (Rough): J (1) 1. Pointon’s Aldreen For Your Eyes Only. Lovely 8 1/2 month old sable and white puppy bitch with whom I was quite taken. Lovely balanced outline for one so young, with excellent depth and shape to quarters which were held together by super coupling. Quietly confident, she knew how to show herself on the stand. Classic headpiece, subtle yet nuanced with adequate strength and mounted on a good shapely neck. Lovely eye and expression. Topline was firm with lovely unexaggerated rise over the loins. Although wearing her puppy coat this could not hide her quality. Her handler unfortunately could not get the best out of her on the move which made it very extremely difficult to assess and this cost her today. I liked her a lot. Best Puppy and Pastoral Puppy Group 2. PG (1) 1. Clare’s Ingledene Nitesky of Skyeshelm. Elegant, tricolour bitch who at 19 months was going through something of a rangy stage today. That said, she still had a reasonably well proportioned outline with good length of body. She now needs to develop into her frame. Head was of fairly good shape and clean with pleasing expression and eye. Ears were nicely set and used well. Nice ribs and coupling although tending to stand rather too high at the rear, but has time to finish and let down behind. Sound and steady mover but would have liked more strength and power from behind. O (2) 1. Clare’s Bluchip Solar Storm of Skyeshelm. Smart, upstanding tricolour male who was quite the stately gentleman at almost 7 years old. A clean outline, but with adequate strength to confirm his masculinity. Angles matched back and forth and held together with good coupling supporting a true topline with desired rise over the loin. Shapely head with correct head-planes and stop, although I would prefer better dentition. Nice depth to body with good width and ribbing. Not the most enthusiastic mover, but was sound, steady, controlled and with some purpose which was enough to earn him Best of Breed. 2. Pointon’s Monsolana Risper on the Wind over Aldreen (Imp). 4 year old bitch with impressive front both for fill and angulation and lay of shoulder. Good bone, strong pasterns and correct feet. Profuse coat which accentuated her good neck. Couldn’t match the head-planes of the winner and was somewhat over angulated at the rear which did affect topline and overall outline. Lovely condition and musculature she was nice to go over. Didn’t make the best of herself on the move as was the case with all of this breed today.


Samoyed: Two lovely veterans made up the entry of this breed today and gave me great pleasure to judge. Their owner must be congratulated on their condition and showmanship. PG (1) 1. Crockart’s Vandreem Imperial Kapalia. Substantial and well made bitch of almost 8 years put down in excellent condition and with a sunny disposition. Very well developed in body as one would expect of a mature lady, but whist head-shape was good it was not quite as in proportion to body as I might have liked. Sweet expression and lovely dentition. Quarters are balanced and held together with a good topline. Standing on very good feet. Steady mover, no doubt as to her soundness and particularly good from the hock. O (1) 1. Crockhart’s Vandreem Imperial Paco. Distinguished 9 year old chap who can still command attention with his well balanced outline and showmanship. Very well proportioned with matching quarters of strength and depth. Pleasing in head properties, strong muzzle with good eye and expression, using his ears. I liked his straight front and good width. Firm topline, good ribbing, loin and croup. On the move he demonstrated sound carriage and a positive gait which had the edge on his kennel mate. Best of Breed. Gave a good account of himself when challenging for the Group.


Shetland Sheepdog: J (5 1) a huge diversity in make, shape and temperament in this class with all exhibits at different stages of development as one might expect with a junior class. 1. Fisher’s Shellamoyed Sparkling Rose. Delghtful sable puppy bitch of just 6 1/2 months. Quietly confident she impressed for showmanship and style. Easily the most balanced outline in this class and held her own in the challenge for Best of Breed, puppy coat notwithstanding. So well proportioned with corresponding lay of shoulder to turn of stifle. Lovely head-shape with slight stop and correct head-planes, it pleased from all angles. Used her ears well to demonstrate a super expression. Body development is coming along very well indeed, with adequate width and just enough fill for age. Excellent topline with slight rise over the line. Purposeful yet easy mover, but just needs to tighten in front as she matures. Quite eye catching. Best Puppy and Pastoral Puppy Group 1. 2. Jacob & Johnson’s Tooralies I Spie with Willowthorn. 16 month old bitch who I liked for her very good front and lay of shoulder. Not unattractive, she was very much a junior today being slightly unbalanced, needing to develop more length of leg to match that at rear and complete topline, but has plenty of time for this to come. Quarters were of good width and depth and she had good length of body, freestanding quite easily to demonstrate this. Attractive headpiece, but not quite the overall shape of the winner’s. Sturdy front and good bone. Like 3rd behind her she needs to develop more confidence in the one to one situation with the judge which costs both these girls today. Even gait with minimum effort. 3. Walker’s Marsullas Margaret Hope. PG (4 1) This was a difficult class. 1. Bladon’s Shellamoyed She’s the One. This 2 year old sable girl won this class on her overall honesty of outline and conformation. Naturally, I was disappointed by her lack of coat, but she demonstrated confidence in temperament both in one to one with me the judge and also on the move which is important. She stood four square and balanced with corresponding angles, firm topline with slight rise over the loin and good croup. Depth of body was obvious from forechest through to brisket and beyond. On the move she demonstrated a lovely true action when coming towards me and held her outline whilst going round although somewhat proud of her tail. 2. Jacob & Johnson’s Tooralies I Spie with Willowthorn. O (6 1). It was a close decision between the first three who were all quite different but displayed virtue. 1. Officer’s Castlerose A Shropshire Lad. 2 year old sable male who when freestanding demonstrates a very pleasing outline. Very well proportioned, depth, breadth and shapely quarters I found him quite honest. Height to length ratio is very good as was his topline, although I would prefer more angulation at the shoulder, but this did not detract too much. Head appealed; it had strength without compromising clean lines and shape which was lovely. No hard stop, each part flowing smoothly into the other. Lovely coat with mane accentuating his outline. Good depth of body, correct topline and excellent hind angulation which he used to advantage on the move. A smart male, he pressed hard in the group. Best of Breed. 2. Bladon’s Puncknowle Golden Sunlight at Kiemont. I liked this honest chap of 6 years old who pressed the winner hard. Head shape had appeal but was not quite that of the winner. As a mature dog he possessed, as one would expect, good proportions and was in good condition and decent coat. Pleasing height to length ratio and held this outline on the move. Topline, ribbing and croup as one would expect. 3. Fisher’s Shellamoyed My Blue Heaven.


AVNSC Pastoral: (1) 1. Warbrick’s Lisjovia Tokyo Road. Exuberant 14 month old PMD male with wonderful temperament. Although quite immature as one would expect for a giant breed, he was of good size and substance, well covered and presented in good muscular condition, yet still displayed an element of elegance. Masculine head which was well proportioned and carried well. Moderate angulation at shoulder and stifle. Correct ribbing and reasonable topline although I would prefer a stronger croup to complete the picture. Needs to tighten up all round on movement, but was steady and sound from all angles with good power from the rear. PG (3 1) 1. Lavington’s Sheltysham Secret Space for Sandmont. 2 year old Border Collie male to whom I have awarded Best of Breed before. It was gratifying to see that he is growing into a very honest example of the breed with a smooth, flowing outline. Very pleasing head with broad skull and corresponding strong muzzle with good bite. Lovely eye and expression. Clean neck well set into shoulders whose angles matched those of his stifles. Good width and depth of body throughout. Easy, efficient mover but I think he would have benefitted from a larger ring to demonstrate movement to greater advantage. Best AVNSC and Pastoral Group 4. 2. Marland’s Jazzmine Argentee Du Mont Des Croisettes (Imp FRA). Elegant and feminine Beauceron girl of just 2 years. Not yet fully mature she was somewhat rangy today needing to develop greater depth of chest and fill her frame, but there is still some time for this. Good headpiece, with kind eye and well set ear of good length. Moderate angulation at shoulder which was equal to that at rear. Not overly long in body she maintained a level back. Very good on the move where her gait was effortless and free although could have been a little tidier when coming towards me. O (3 1). There was little to separate 1 & 2 in this class. 1. Cook’s Hawksflight Don’t U Rememba. Elegant and feminine 5 year old Tervueren bitch who was reasonably well balanced despite being slightly longer cast than 2nd. Presented herself very well on a free stand. Quite graceful with finely chiseled head which was carried well. I would prefer better dentition. Standing on a good straight front with well laid shoulders for ease of movement. Good ribbing and turn of stifle. Fairly brisk and even gait. 2. Cook’s Domburg Mover Over Darling. 4 year old Terveuren who pressed the winner. Although I preferred her height to length ratio she could not match the topline of the winner and tended to stand under herself at the rear which affected the overall outline. Very good expression emitting from good eye set into a well proportioned head. Satisfactory neck flowing well into wither. Nicely angulated shoulders. Unfortunately not as positive on the move as the winner.


Pastoral Group: 1. Dodgson’s Caldermist Ramrod, Bearded Collie. 2. Irving’s Born to Be Your Salt Dog at Twinan (Imp HUN). Smart, sturdy and substantial Pembroke Corgi boy of only 13 months, but presented an impressive outline, both for depth and make and shape. I liked his foxy head, which was in proportion to body with adequate breadth of skull, strength of jaw and excellent bite. Very good front with elbows fitting closely. Super topline, body and strong, well angulated hindquarters. Strong hocks were used to advantage on the move and side gait pleased me very much. A trifle erratic in front movement, but still so young. Very good exhibit. 3. Robinson & Marsden’s Avanti Uno, German Shepherd Dog. 4. Lavington’s Sheltysham Secret Space for Sandmont, Border Collie.


Pastoral Puppy Group: 1. Fisher’s Shellamoyed Sparkling Rose, Shetland Shepdog. 2. Pointon’s Aldreen For Your Eyes Only, Rough Collie


Ric Beall  (Eppwood)