• Show Date: 14/05/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/11/2021

West Country Dog Club

It was a genuine pleasure to judge the varieties, stakes and Best in Show at this pleasant show. A super atmosphere prevailed throughout the day with great depth of quality in the exhibits and genuinely sporting behaviour from exhibitors

Best in Show was awarded to the Cesky Terrier, Samson's Shasgav You've Been Framed. Smart, business-like grey-blue dog of almost 4 years. Held a pleasing outline both standing and on the move where he demonstrated typical vigorous and brisk action. Particularly liked his musculature and topline which was strong with correctly arched loin. Well proportioned head with excellent bite. Dark eyes, well set and sized ear accentuated expression. Scored in neck with just enough loose skin. Nicely laid shoulders corresponded well with hind angulation completing the picture and taking him to the top spot. Reserve Best in Show was Bullock's rising 3 year old English Springer Spaniel male Trixhund Talking Obsession. Showy dog displaying a compact outline without being overdone. Very pleasing head with correct ratio between skull and muzzle which was of good depth and strength. Scored highly in expression with good eye and well shaped lobular ear. Lovely depth and width to front with well laid shoulders. A strong topline, but I would prefer slightly less bend of stifle. This, however, did not detract from his movement which was powerful behind with free swing from shoulder and an overall pleasing side gait.

Best Puppy in Show was a very difficult decision with seven excellent exhibits representing their respective groups. I shall watch all their future careers with interest as it was a hair splitting decision to separate them. Winning the top prize was the wonderful Jack Russell Terrier, Bowden's Locheil Willie Wagtail to Chellowside. What a star! At 6 months and his first ever show he was the consummate showman. Very aptly named his tail wagged throughout assessment demonstrating a typical disposition for the breed. Commanded attention with excellent height to length ratio held together by strong back with very slight arch to loin. Good headpiece with skull tapering nicely into a strong muzzle. Great expression. Developing nicely in front with prominent forechest but enough margin for more fill as he matures. Nothing overdone. Corresponding angles back and front allowed him great freedom of movement covering the ground with easy yet powerful strides. Close behind him was the 11 month old black and white Pointer male Adams' Millpoint Simply Smashing. Handsome, upstanding lad who is also well named. Built on clean lines he impressed me for symmetry but without compromise to his sex. Head was of good shape and in proportion to body with well defined stop. I would however, prefer the muzzle to have been a little more concave. Clean, arched neck into first rate shoulders and just enough depth and width of front for his age. He was short coupled and topline had a slight slope yet he still had adequate hind angulation. Excellent ground covering movement which was smooth, efficient with corresponding lashing of tail.

Best Overall Reserve Best of Breed in Show was the Boxer Robinson & Morrison's Robinsteck the Revenant with Xandene. A well proportioned 14 month old brindle and white male with masculine outlook and substance. Outline was not too far off square and pleased me. His head is strong, but is of very good shape in proportion to body and he carries it well atop a good length of neck. Shoulders were well laid and hind angulation was satisfactory and promising for age. He has plenty more to give with maturity but with many virtues he will hopefully be worth the wait. Liked his strong driving movement with great reach and dig in front.

AV Veteran Stakes

SVD (7-9 yrs) (7 2) 1 Strong & Clinton’s Marleben Magiq Marquis at Mackjama. Whippet. Very pleasing outline on this stately gentleman of 8 years. So graceful, clean and completely free from exaggeration he carried himself so well. Stands well over ground with each part flowing into the next and no hard angles. Head was of good shape and in proportion to body, supported by a pleasing length of neck. Enough depth of chest and brisket, nicely arched topline which was not overdone. Good turn of stifle and strong hocks which were used to advantage on the move in a clean easy stride. 2 Taylor’s Rosinante Loverboy by Tannadice. Golden Retriever. Spritely 7 year old chap who used his lovely well developed and angulated quarters to advantage on the stand but particularly on the move where there was no doubt as to him being fit for function. Head was well balanced with good broad skull which was not overdone. Good ratio of muzzle to skull. Lovely depth of front and standing on good tight feet. Held his topline throughout and well muscled at the rear wth good hocks. I found him a touch long for perfect balance and this cost him against the winner. 3 Davis’ Kinaway I am Sir Matt for Jacamalis. Border Collie. SVD (10+ yrs) (9 2) 1 Burgoyne & Goddard’s Beckrow Blue Moon over Waterdeep. Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Super, smart 13 ½ year old dog who presented the most wonderfully balanced outline. Not too long in back and topline was level and firm. Angulation at shoulder matched that at rear. Very attractive head, masculine but not overdone in any way with correct foxlike shape and appearance. Ears were set and carried well. Kind eye of good colour. Lovely depth to front. Wearing a good jacket with pleasing undercoat. Free and easy mover using his well muscled quarters to advantage. Overall he was very impressive. Best Veteran in Show. 2 Crowther’s Prince of the Five Valleys of Kobuk. Siberian Husky. 11 ½ year old boy who did not let the winner have it all his own way! Free standing and well balanced. Enough masculinity without appearing coarse. I liked his head which was well shaped and in proportion to body. Nice depth of chest falling behind the elbow and not too broad displaying adequate width. Good length of body compared to height and slightly arched loin. Angle of shoulder complemented that at stifle. Effortless and light mover with quite good reach in front. Slightly wide when moving away from me which cost him against the Corgi. 3 Vines' Ch Ailort Highlander at Parvodene, Norwegian Buhund. SVB (7-9yrs) (12 6) A lovely strong class of older ladies 1 Mulligan's Ashkyem Wintersong. Whippet. Attractive bitch of 7 years with well proportioned outline. Feminine headpiece which was long and lean with good skull. Neck was clean and arched. Beautifully well laid shoulder with correct straight forearm, but I would prefer a touch more return of upper arm. Excellent depth of front with well filled chest. Scored highly in topline which flowed well into croup and muscled rear. Very pleasing profile movement which was lithe and free. 2 Higgins' Ch Leveliss What She Said. S/H Dachshund. Smart and showy bitch of 7 ½ years. Quite strong in outline displaying lovely condition and musculature she carried herself so very well on the move. Liked her head, which although perhaps a touch strong for a bitch, was so well shaped with slight stop. Excellent front with super lay of shoulder and corresponding angulation. Standing on good straight, full feet. Good length of body and topline with clean and flowing underline. Very good angles at the rear. 3 Webster's Moonjoon Sweet Nothings. Beagle. SVB (10+ yrs) Another excellent class and despite being the more senior of the veterans each one of these ladies could move demonstrating that they were all still very much fit for function. (5 1) 1 Carter's Diecisisete Mandarina at Afiladir. Ibizan Hound. I liked the elegant outline on this attractive, statuesque 11 ½ year old bitch. Elongated head of good skull to muzzle ratio and mounted on good length of neck which was arched. Freestanding she presents a very good front with steep, short shoulder blades. Standing on good straight legs with feet facing forward. Could be a fraction shorter coupled for perfect balance, but held her topline and had a pleasing underline. Lovely long second thigh. Carried herself well on the move with easy and suspended action. Particularly good moving away from me. 2 Small’s Metewant Mamabula. Afghan Hound. Glamorous and dignified girl of almost 12 years with a beautifully coloured coat. Didn’t quite match the head qualities of the winner; it was well proportioned but I would prefer slightly more stop. This, however, did not detract from her lovely eye and expression. Pleasing depth of body which is not too long and held her topline well. Prominent hipbone leading into a very good turn of stifle. Another who very much impressed on the move with stylish, lithe action using her tail. 3 Stangroom’s Medogold Wannabeposh for Lappakia. Pointer.

AV Champion Stakes

D (8 6) 1 Coggins & Adams’ Sh Ch Droveborough Born to be Bound at Gemrose. Pointer. Handsome, aristocratic 5 year old liver and white dog shown in excellent condition. Pleasing symmetrical outline enhanced by correct angulation particularly at the rear where hindlegs did not need to be spread out into the next county to achieve the desired sloping topline. Very nicely short coupled. Well proportioned head with correct concave muzzle. Good width and depth of front although feet slightly turned in. Good strong hocks which were used to drive him around the ring with ground covering action and well used tail. Best in Stakes. 2 Vines’ Ch Ailort Highlander at Parvodene, Norwegian Buhund. Liked this smart 10 year old dog in the veteran class where he also gave a good account of himself. Compact, well conditioned he scored in outline and was of excellent disposition. Pleasing wedge shaped head and good tight lip. Super dark eye and expression. Straight, strong front, good neck leading into level topline and firm loin. Well shaped and muscled rear. Good carriage on the move with head up, but tended to sidewind on occasion which cost him today. B (5 4) Rowe’s Ch Boloria Naughty But Nice. W/H Dachshund. Although standing alone I found this 5 year old to be of significant merit. Slightly arched skull with lovely strength of jaw and pleasing prominent ridges over the eyes which were lovely and dark. Good angle at shoulders which were well muscled and strong breastbone. Strong back which again was well muscled leading into full croup and powerful angulated hindquarters. Very true on the move particularly coming and going. Was pipped to the post for Best in Stakes by the Pointer being that bit more showy.

AV Crufts 2018 Qualified

J (7 5) 1 Zaivej’s Redgi Prado Sybella. Min S/H Dachshund. Quite a feminine and elegant outline on this 15 month old girl, but plenty of muscle to provide adequate substance. Attractive headpiece, well carried with intelligent expression. Clean neck with slight arch. Already well developed in quarters without exaggeration. Scored in shoulder and hind angulation. Pleasing topline which she held on the move. Very good, flowing underline with adequate clearance of ground. Strong and powerful at the rear she went around the ring very well when settled into her stride. Needs a touch more confidence to settle into her role as a showgirl now. 2. Clayton-Smith’s Cishelvine Judge and Jury. W/H Dachshund. Good looking lad of 12 months with excellent temperament. Good head and expression, excellent dentition and eye. Developing well in front and on the move he was true and steady with legs moving in parallel coming and going. Not as strong in back or hindquarters as the winner, but he still has time to come into his own with maturity and muscle up. PG (7 3) 1 Cooper’s Snowmead Savannah Belle. Bearded Collie. This attractive 2 ½ year old blue and white bitch easily had the most balanced outline in the class, although she could be a touch longer in body. Not too tall, but could still see plenty of light under her body. Head was feminine but well proportioned with good shape to skull and muzzle which was also of good strength. Not yet fully mature chest is developing nicely. I liked her angles fore and aft which she used to advantage on the move where her gait was supple and easily ground covering. 2 Hackney’s Starvon All About Me. Swedish Vallhund. 19 month old boy enjoying his time in the show ring. Pleasing clean cut, wedge shaped head with adequate stop. Lovely dentition and keen, alert expression. Good height to body length ratio he presents a workmanlike outline. I liked his depth of body and good sternum. Good broad croup though a little high over the rear for perfect balance. But he has some more time to let down behind and come into his own. Purposeful when gaiting around the ring with proud carriage. 3 Crowther’s Kobuk Snow Fall. Siberian Husky. O (5 3) 1 Bell’s Jusanin Glenister. Min Poodle. Well balanced black dog of almost 7 years who presented an elegant outline with short strong back. Head was well in proportion to his overall size with a good strong, well chiseled foreface which enhanced expression. Clean, pleasing length of neck into well laid shoulder. Turn of stifle matched the angulation at shoulder. Being mature he had the required depth of body one was looking for and firm loin. Free, easy mover who had style and showmanship about him. 2 Bull & Warren’s Starferry Beyond Belief. Shar Pei. I was quite impressed with the movement on this rising 5 year old bitch; so free, balanced and unencumbered. Strong head, but certainly not disproportionate to body, which was mounted on a strong neck set well into shoulders. She was mature and well developed in her quarters which were of good depth and width. Compact in body she stood foursquare and well over ground with slight dip behind wither followed by rise over the loin. Nice girl who pressed the winner hard, but just felt he had the more striking outline on the stand.


Sp. Beginners (17 9) 1 Zaivej’s Redgi Prado Sybella. Min S/H Dachshund. 2 Gurecke’s La Lune Tai Genijus. Yorkshire Terrier. 2 year old bitch who was handled to advantage in this good class to present a well proportioned and neat outline. Nowhere near fully mature she is developing nicely and I thought her to be very pretty. Pleasing headpiece with lovely intelligent expression. Straight front with well laid shoulders. Level topline leading into a good rear with moderate turn of stifle. Moved out extremely well at one with her handler to demonstrate an easy gait whilst retaining her outline AV Brace/Team (12 7) A great class to judge with a valiant effort being made by all handlers with multiple charges. 1 Williams & Toublic’s English Springer Spaniels. This brace moved out harmoniously and at one with their handler giving a polished performance both standing and on the move. Although of differing ages these ladies complemented each other very well. 2 Stangroom’s Pointers. Very much a team and certainly looked the part with complementary colours. Handler coped very well with three vigorous movers to demonstrate an even type static and in motion. 3 Coggins & Adams’ Pointers. AV Bred by Exh. (19 13) 1 Rowe’s Boloria’s Trick or Treat. W/H Dachshund. This six month old brindle bitch was certainly a treat for me! The baby of the class, yet one would have thought she has been showing for years. Has certainly inherited many of her dam’s virtues. Lovely head and expression which is well shaped and sits atop a good neck. Already has a very pleasing depth of body and angulation at shoulder and stifle. She is perhaps a touch long for perfect balance but carries herself so very well both standing and on the move and her topline is firm and muscled. Easy and steady mover as one would like in one so young, she worked with her handler and pulled out all the stops to take this class. 2 Williams & Toublic’s Cobhay Dazzling Azalea. English Springer Spaniel. Attractive bitch of 21 months who was well put together being fairly compact. Fairly broad in skull which was slightly rounded. Foreface was of good breadth and depth with square finish to flew. Very pleasing straight front which was not overdone. Corresponding angulation back and forth, put down in lovely condition with good strong loin. Easy and free movement, completely unencumbered yet purposeful and ground covering. 3 Sheppard’s Whissgig Daddy Cool. Clumber Spaniel. AV Not Bred by Exh. (19 11) 1 Bell’s Jusanin Glenister. Min Poodle. 2 Zaivej’s Redgi Prado Sybella. Min S/H Dachshund. 3 Godfrey & Thorn’s Grafmax Ninette de Valois. Dobermann. AV Open Stakes (23 15) 1 Small’s Garamond Spiceberry. Afghan Hound. Regal black and tan bitch of almost 3 years who presents a clean and flowing outline standing and moving. Excellent length to skull and foreface with typical Afghan expression. Straight front which pleased for depth and width. Not too long in body with good strong loin which pleased me for breath and strength. Scored in hindquarters. Stylish and easy mover she carried herself smoothly around the ring. 2 Brown’s Densown Sunrise. Pomeranian. Very smart and compact boy of almost 3 years. Head was quite foxy in outline and clean. Lively and intelligent expression. Neck set well into good shoulders and he stood on very good tight feet. Scored in depth and length of body which was covered well with good coat. Moderate angulation at the rear when he settled he gave a very good account of himself on the move, but not quite as showy as thje winner. Charming lad.

Ric Beall