• Show Date: 31/05/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/11/2021

Reading & District Kennel Association

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show held at a super new venue. Special thanks to my efficient steward June Caffel who ensured the smooth running of the ring.

Siberian Husky. G (3 2) 1. Tinker’s Zaltana Midnight Express at Lolotea (Imp Pol). Outgoing 16 month old male of attractive colour built on clean lines. Pleasing fox like head with keen expression which was mounted on an arched neck of adequate length. Good straight front and feet and overall of moderate bone. Scored in height to length ratio standing over ground well. Developing well in body for his age he still needs to mature on but had a good turn of stifle. Easy mover who was true coming and going. Pleased to award him Best of Breed. O (3 2) 1. Tinker’s Zaltana Direwolf at Lolotea (Imp Pol). Mature 4 year old male who was heavier all through than his kennel mate, but not so much so as to be overdone. Masculine head in proportion to body and pleasing strength to muzzle with defined stop. Well laid shoulder and flexible pasterns made for a good front. Pleasing rib and loin which was slightly arched. He did not have the topline of the winner and rather excessive hind angulation for correct balance. However, he moved out with purpose and was particularly good coming towards me. Reserve Best of Breed.

Rottweiler. P (2) Two pleasing puppies at different stages of development. 1. Courtney-Baughan’s Whisperdown’s Tango. 8 month old male who was rather leggy on the day, but still managed to present a fairly well balanced outline, particularly when free-standing. Angulation at shoulder corresponded well to stifle and he held a firm topline of good length. Quite strong in head but not overdone. Dark eye and used his ears well. Pleasing dentition. Depth of brisket and flank coming along nicely with pleasing width throughout. Stood on good bone. Steady, sound and strong mover using his hocks well. Did enough to take Best of Breed, Best Puppy and Puppy Group 3. 2. Case’s Auberon Tom Faggus. Attractive puppy dog of 6 months with wonderful disposition. A little more compact throughout than the winner but not untypical in outline with fairly well balanced quarters. Masculine headpiece which was in proportion to body. Already had adequate width of body and standing on good feet. Needs to tighten up all over as he grows on and was giving something away in maturity which one would expect. In lovely condition he did move with purpose. G (2) 1. Vick’s Mia Von Der Alten Festung at Vickangels (Imp Hrv). Lovely, clean outline on this 15 month old bitch although I found her too long for perfect balance and I would prefer a stronger croup, her angles matched fore and aft. Lovely forehand, scoring in head and shoulder placement with super flow of neck into wither. Classy, feminine expression with dark eye. She was put down in fantastic condition. Sound, easy mover with good drive from behind. 2. Lefebvre-King’s Buttonlove Rumours of Pearl. A pity this girl was very unsettled in this class as I found her quite attractive. 20 months old with pleasing head and overall make and shape although I would prefer a higher tailset. Not quite the hind angulation of the winner, but shapely front and did use her quarters on the move to some advantage. O (4 2) 1. Thomas’ Escora’s Mercedes. 3 and 1/2 year old bitch who was longer in body than I would ideally like but pleased me for her clean flowing lines and being presented in wonderful condition. I admired her head which was feminine, attractive yet of good strength with typical expression. Straight front of good shape and well marked. Topline was fairly firm, but I would prefer a stronger croup. Held herself well on the move with good carriage. Reserve Best of Breed. 2. Thomas’ Escora’s Peggy Sue. This 5 and 1/2 year old bitch also scored in head and overall development of quarters as one would expect with her maturity. Good expression, correct use of ear, pleasing neck with lovely muscle over the shoulder and well filled front of good width. Not quite the coat of winner and I found her a touch overangluated at the rear. That said, her good condition did lend itself to purposeful and positive movement which was quite free.

Dobermann: P (4) This was a lovely class of 4 charming puppies with little to separate them. 1. Jones’ Korifey Treasure. Elegant and feminine brown puppy of almost 7 months. Lovely clean outline, quite showy and up on her toes. Pleasing wedge shaped head was true to her sex, but with strength to jaw, tight lips and in proportion to body. Alert expression and clean neck of very good length. Straight front with good depth and width. Pleasing topline into good turn of stifle. Lovely, free mover making the most of the ring. Will watch her development with interest. Very pleased to award her Reserve Best of Breed, Best Puppy and Working Puppy Group 1. 2. Ingram’s Jojavik Forget Me Not. Black and rust bitch of almost 11 months who pressed the winner hard. Being shorter in body I preferred her more square outline, but her head needed to break and there is plenty of time for this. Good ear placement which on such a showy bitch was used to advantage. Lovely front and tight feet and I particularly liked her underline, croup and turn of stifle. Didn’t always hold her topline on the move, but had a powerful stride with particularly pleasing hind action. 3. Santoriello’s Korifey Amulet. G (3) 1. Massey’s Jojavik Kissy Suzuki. Very honest black and rust bitch of 20 months who had all the essentials and was not too far off square. Outline flowed with no hard angles and put down in excellent muscular condition. Head pleased for shape and strength and was mounted upon a beautifully clean neck. Well developed in forechest, super shoulder placement, good bone and feet. Firm, gently sloping topline with enough sweep of underline and turn of stifle. I felt she could have put in more effort on the move, particularly with rear drive, but her gait was easy and ground covering with good reach nonetheless in order to take Best of Breed and Working Group 3. 2. Gibbons’ Aritaur Bolly Knickers. 2 year old bitch of good size and presented in good condition. Headpiece was in proportion to body and neck was of adequate length. Good length of leg and medium bone. Not the quite the topline or front of the winner. but not unattractive. Gave a good account of herself on the move using her well muscled quarters. 3. Plummer’s Grafmax Alfie Boe. (O) (2) 1. Evans’ Jojavik Dumbledore. Strong, well built brown male of 5 1/2 years. Masculine headpiece with good strength of jaw. Lovely depth of front of very good width complemented by good lay of shoulder and depth of brisket. Put down in super condition I would, however, prefer a stronger topline. Correct turn of stifle which enabled a steady and strong gait making full use of the ring.

Boxer: P (3 1) I liked both puppies and it was a close decision between them. 1. Scrivin’s Scrivbox Star Review. Attractive baby girl of 7 months who presented a very good square outline when she concentrated on the job in hand! Lovely angles back and forth which matched well, complemented by a lovely sweep of underline. Head was of good shape, being feminine with attractive expression and pleasing dentition. Clean neck and good croup. She needs to develop in chest as she matures on. Positive and enthusiastic mover, but as one would expect of a puppy she needs to tighten all round. Pleased to make her Best Puppy. 2. Slade’s Scrivbox Respect the Stars at HighHavens. I wasn't surprised to find this charming puppy was litter sister to the winner as they shared many positive attributes. I just found her a little leggy on the day and needing that bit more overall to surpass her sister. Particularly liked her lovely head, for shape and proportion to body, with delightful expression. Stands on super feet and good bone. Good topline and moved out very well with good hocks. G (2) 1. Burnett & Kelly’s Lahaina Sushetime with Casemates. At just a year old this fawn boy won the class having the most balanced outline with matching angulation front and rear and a very pleasing depth of body. Still has more to give with maturity but what there was pleased me. Good balance of muzzle to skull and overall proportions were appropriate for his sex. Neck was of good length and fairly clean. I would like more depth of front and hope this comes with time. Strong topline and belly well drawn up. Good set on of tail and croup. A little untidy in movement, but ground covering gait with wonderful driving action at the rear. Very showy. Reserve Best of Breed. 2. Scrivin’s Kenquince Master of the Glen at Scrivbox. 22 month old male who was heavier all through than the winner but I didn't feel he could quite match him in head, although it was in proportion to overall body shape. When he stood himself on a free stand his outline was not too far off square with good lay of shoulder and turn of stifle. Stood on good tight feet which all faced the same way. On the move he was free and unencumbered with particularly good movement when going away from me. 3. Izzard’s Izzyty Max Busted Out. O (3 1) 1. Slade’s Bishop Julric Raunchy Rumba at Highhavens. Smart,well balanced, square brindle and white bitch of 3 1/2 years who appealed for her honesty. Excellent angulation fore and aft complemented by gently sloping but strong topline which flowed from neck set. Scores in skull and muzzle, although head may be perhaps a touch heavy for some, I found it matched her mature quarters without compromising femininity. Clean, shapely underline from a good depth of brisket. Pleasing width throughout and put down with great musculature. Sound, easy, positive mover with reach and drive. Nothing flashy about her, but I liked her very much. Pleased to make her Best of Breed and Working Group 4. 2. Betts’ Trumist Viva la Ziva of 3 1/2 years with attractive, feminine and well moulded head. Lovely clean neck of good length and reasonable height to length ratio. Not the topline of the winner and I found her a touch overangulated which affected movement. Quarters were well filled and of good depth and width as one would expect from a bitch of this age and she had a very pleasing underline.

Alaskan Malamute: G (2) 1. Louch & Forsey’s Muzoku Glitter and Gold. 20 month old attractive girl who I liked very much. Certainly feminine but without compromising strength. Nowhere near fully mature, but quraters were of good width and depth and she is filling out nicely overall. Handled to advantage to present a well balanced outline. Gently sloping topline of good length. Moved out very well in the class making full use of the ring. In the challenge her immaturity became more stark against her older kennel mate and she had to settle for Reserve Best of Breed. 2. Louch & Forsey’s Muzoku’s Let’s Go Crazy. Young dog just out of puppy. Growing on well and has plenty of heavy bone. Head was of good shape and in proportion to overall body shape. He needs to fill his frame as he matures on. Didn’t quite have the angles back and forth of the winner and could not match her movement today. O (1) 1. Louch & Forsey’s Dark Diamond Snowflake of Engel at Muzoko. Big, handsome male of 3 years who was well grown and powerfully built. Strong head, but in no way coarse with large and well proportioned muzzle. Heavy bone and standing on compact feet. Shoulders were well laid leading into a strong chest and topline. Very good to go over he was in excellent condition and coat. Stifles matched the moderate angulation of shoulder and good strong hocks. An effortless, easy mover who carried himself very well to win Best of Breed and Working Group 2.

AVNSC Working: PG (3 2) 1. Brown’s Davenheath Foxy Lady to Brenaljay. 2 ½ year old Leonberger bitch who particularly impressed me with her sound, lithe and easy gait making full use of the ring. Used her hocks well and was true when coming towards me. Her outline pleased me for honesty and proportions although I would prefer more rear angulation to enhance topline. Feminine headpiece on correct length of neck which leads into a good front which is straight and well filled. Standing on excellent feet she was shown in excellent condition. O (4 3) 1. Brown’s Davenheath Feeling Lucky to Brenaljay JW. Well built, handsome Leonberger male of 2 ½ years. Scored highly in head which was elongated yet masculine with strength and slightly arched skull. Lovely dark mask and dentition. Good depth and width to body, well boned with correct feet. Held his firm topline both standing and on the move. So good to go over with excellent broad, strong loins. Pleasing angulation both fore and aft with particularly good, strong hocks. Even in the heat today, he moved with ease and proud carriage. Delighted to award him Best of Breed and Working Group 1. I was thrilled to see him take a well deserved Reserve Best in Show.

AV Working: P (2) 1. McCoy’s Bellamiabam’s Just the Two of Us at Bullshola. Big chunky Dogue de Bordeaux lad of 8 months. Demonstrated a very good profile picture with pleasing angles fore and aft, a firm topline held throughout complemented by depth of body and good bone. Well proportioned head of good dimensions and well defined chin. Good expression although could have used his ears more. Not too long in body he had an excellent loin and spring of rib. On the move his gait was unencumbered and free. Best AV and Best AV Puppy. He put in a super performance in the Puppy Group where I was pleased to award him Puppy Group 2. Griffiths’ Stoneglad Hit the Road Jack. 7 month old fawn Bullmastiff boy who although a little leggy at present was not without virtue. Liked his clean front and good feet. Just needs to settle in topline and develop into rear angles with growth. Head whilst not overdone was still masculine and of good square shape, atop a clean length of neck. Nice width to body and in good condition. Just needs to settle in topline and develop into rear angles with maturity. Sound mover, needing to tighten up all round, but has time on his side. G (2) 1. Burnett & Kelly’s Lahaina Sushetime with Casemates. Boxer. 2. Plummer’s Grafmax Alfie Boe. Black and rust Dobermann male of just a year and of good size. When concentrating on the job in hand he could actually present himself quite well. Good wedge shaped head of adequate strength for a male. Clean neck of good length and good front. I would have preferred greater angulation at the shoulder to balance with that at rear. Purposeful mover, particularly good when going away. PG (3 1) 1. Izzard’s Izzty Max Busted Out. Brindle male of 2 years giving a fair account of himself in this class. Rather strong head but of good shape. Nice dark eye with tight rims. Pleasing front and slightly sloping topline. Overall I found him reasonably square in outline, but balance could be improved with greater angulation at shoulder. Very positive on the move with powerful driving action going away and clean coming towards me. 2. Pearn’s Knightcott Ruption Bebop. Mature fawn bitch of exactly 2 years. Sweet feminine headpiece mounted on a clean arched neck. Overall, good flowing lines and free from exaggeration. Not the topline or underline of the winner. Good bone and pleasing spring of rib. Sound on the move but could have given more. O (2 1) 1. Betts’ Trumist Viva La Ziva. Boxer.

Working Group: 1. Brown’s Davenheath Feeling Lucky to Brenaljay, Leonberger. 2. Louch & Forsey’s Dark Diamond Snowflake of Engel at Muzoko, Alaskan Malamute. 3. Massey’s Jojavik Kissy Suzuki, Dobermann. 4. Slade’s Bishop Julric Raunchy Rumba at Highhavens, Boxer

Working Puppy Group: 1. Jones’ Korifey Treasure, Dobermann. 2. McCoy’s Bellamiabam’s Just the Two of Us at Bullshola, Dogue de Bordeaux. 3. Courtney-Baughan’s Whisperdown’s Tango, Rottweiler. 4. Bird & Head’s Cullumbern Roman Toga with Millermead, Bernese Mountain Dog. Attractive puppy bitch of almost 9 months. Nicely put together and of obvious type. Nicely proportioned feminine head with strength of muzzle mounted on a good neck. Fairly compact with lovely depth of body. Needs to settle in topline as she grows on but has all the essentials. Very easy stride on the move, using her good hindquarters to advantage when moving away from me.

Eileen Snelling Memorial Open Stakes: (43 27) 1. Bristow’s Denzilly Sweet Destiny for Avard. Smart, 3 year old SCWT male who stood four square, presenting a balanced and mature outline with corresponding angulation fore and aft. Scored in head which was powerful but without exaggeration. Strength to jaw, correct dentition and pleasing eye. Strong topline and good tail-set. Really came into his own on the move, with powerful reach and drive maintaining good carriage and outline throughout. I liked him a lot. 2. Zaivej’s Redgi Prado Sybella. 16 month old, Min Smooth Haired Dachshund of quality who I have judged before. Has developed so much style and showmanship since I last judged her and commanded attention today. Pleasing outline, not too long in back and body is developing very well without being too low to the ground. Very attractive head front on, with lovely kind eye and strength of muzzle. Equal angulation at shoulder and stifle which served her well on the move where she carried herself very well. 3. Silsbury’s Jadoremy Thunder Bolt Zuse, Shih Tzu.

Ric Beall (Eppwood)