• Show Date: 02/12/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ray McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Exonian Canine Association

Exonian CS – 2nd December 2017

What lovely BIS and BPIS line-ups. Thank you to the other judges for putting through such quality.

BEST IN SHOW. Sales’ Redoak One Step Beyond at Rugarry IR JCH – 2 ½ yr Dogue De Bordeaux. What a super young man. This breed is described as powerful, stocky, athletic and imposing. This boy ticks them all. Super size and outline, large broad head, pronounced stop, nice eye and well set and closely held ears. Correct lipline creating that characteristic upturned ‘V’. Short strong neck through to broad deep front, well laid shoulders, strong bone and good feet. Deep ribs back to a short strong loin. Good angles to the rear and correct topline. On the move this boy is a joy to watch, free flowing with powerful drive. Very close between him and the Borzoi but his attitude won the day.

RES BEST IN SHOW Pinkerton’s Coverdales Volcanus at Menigma – Borzoi. Lovely balanced outline. Long lean head of good proportions, dark eye and nice small ears. Neck flows into well laid shoulders over deep ribs of good shape. Lovely underline with good tuck up, correct topline, slight arch through to wide, well muscled rear quarters. On the move showing graceful elegance one expects from this breed, true coming & going, and a driving effortless profile gait. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Prout’s Amarige Armani Diamonds at Furzeland – Samoyed. Full critique in the breed but this young man stood out in the breed and set the bar for the pastoral group that none of the others could reach. Excels for type and movement, lost out to the mature dogs in the BIS lineup but was a worthy BPIS winner.

RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Quest’s Lilileian Louis Vuitton (Imp Fin) – Tibetan Spaniel. Impressed by his shape, balance and maturity. Lovely head shape with good proportions and nice eyes. Well made forequarters with plenty of forechest. Lovely body proportions, well angulated rear, in good coat with a lovely full tail. So positive, true and self assured on the move.

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW. Stansbury & Pilgrim’s Ch Woodbriar Luciano JW ShCM– Doberman. What a lovely boy. Realised when writing my critiques that I judged this young man a few years back before he gained his title. Loved him then and still do. Owned the big ring on the move to win through in a lovely veteran line-up. Full critique under Champions Stakes.

RESERVE BEST VETERAN IN SHOW Rutland & Jones’ Sh Ch Khamsynn Carry On Camping JW – Weimaraner. This graceful elegant B pushed hard. Loved her outline and shape. Correct body proportions with feminine head of good length. Well made and well muscled fore quarters, correct depth of chest and ribbed back to a short deep loin. Muscular rear with well turned stifle. Effortless mover with good reach and drive.

BEST RESERVE BEST OF BREED IN SHOW Pile’s Tarkaswell Dr Zhivago at Moleschamber ShCM – Border Terrier. Super 4yr dog. Loved his head with dark eye and well set ears. Well made and with nice harsh coat. Lovely level topline & well set tail. True sound mover with a brisk action and plenty of attitude.  

Shetland Sheepdog (Bitches)
Special Yearling (4,1) 1st Waldron’s Lavika Good Times Love her size feminine with good shape. Needs to fill in in the cheeks. Nice ears when she uses them. Well made fore and aft, in good coat and a steady mover. BPB 2nd Dunn’s Balidorn Rose Bush at Shelleary 3rd. Wood’s Malaroc Rainydaze
Post Graduate (4,0) 1st Mitchell & Fiddock’s Karmindale Secret Lova at Lowenek. 3yr Tri. Feminine head of good shape with lovely ears nice length of neck to well made front. Good outline and pleasing rear. In good coat and moved well, true coming and going. RBB 2nd Rodwell’s Mendipmist Miss Moneypenny 3rd Crawford’s Emmaview Lily Of The Valley Res Waldron’s Frecia Beautiful Lady Open (8,1) 1st Mitchell & Fiddock’s Lowenek Calypso This 7yr B headed up a close class. Petite and of good shape with nice head, dark eye and best ears. Well made fore and aft. Moves nicely. BB 2nd Hirst’s Sundark Tsarina 3rd Hirst’s Sundark Simply A Star Res Mitchell & Fiddock’s Condruean Nyst at Lowenek

Border Collie
Post Graduate (4,0) 1st Birchall’s Monjuca Perfect Bliss Liked this 13mth B for her type and outline. Feminine head of good proportions although ears could be better. Well made front with good forechest and level topline. Good rear well muscled. True collie movement with correct head and tail carriage. 2nd Garland’s Tonkory Royal
Open (4,0) 1st Garland’s Tonkory Doyle JW ShCM 5yr D. Masculine all through, good head with distinct stop and dark eye. Good neck and shoulders, deep chest. Well made rear with good muscle. Level topline, moved well. BOB 2nd Davis’ Kinaway I Am Sir Matt for Jacamalis ShCM Bearded Collie Open (4,0) 1st Webb’s Megamaree Just Amazing JW 2yr D. Young boy of good size and shape. Nice head, good neck and lovely shoulders. Good depth of chest, level topline and correct tail carriage. Best mover with good reach and drive. BOB 2nd McCawley & Charlesworth’s Beardievle Maid In Heaven for Brimblebec 10yr B. Nicely made mature B of different shape to 1. Well made, carrying a good coat and moves well but didn’t quite have the reach and drive of the winner. RBOB 3rd McCawley & Charlesworth’s Brimblebec Blueberry Pie  

Post Graduate (4,0) 1st Prout’s Amarige Armani Diamonds at Furzeland WOW, what a stunner. Took my eye and set the bench mark for the day. Excels in type, conformation and movement. Presents a balanced picture, super head with dark eye and contrasting black lips, nose and ear. Well made fore and hind quarters, lovely straight front both standing and on the move. Super rear used well on the move giving a free gait. Lovely coat completing the picture. Only 10mths but surely has a very bright future. BOB, BP, Group 1, Puppy Group 1 and Best Puppy in Show. 2nd Meakin & Turner’s Plyushka Gypsy Luna Star Another quality youngster. 14mth B, feminine head of correct shape and proportions, well made and presenting a good shape. Another good mover. RBOB
Open (4,0) 1st Meakin & Turner’s Sarnoushka Penny Lane at Plyushka ShCM 3yr B. Liked her shape, pleasing head, would prefer a slightly shorter muzzle. Well made fore and aft. Correct depth and spring of rib, good coat and best mover in the class. 2nd Spong’s Icemount Ky Krysta Bleu 3rd Prout’s Furzeland Devon Warrior Res Parker’s Icemount Ky Luck Be A Lady

Polish Lowland
Open (4,0) 1st Burdett-Coutts’ Dewiza Kontekst at Chrevle (Imp Pol) 6yr B. Liked this B for her size and shape. Good head with dark eye and nice ears. Well laid shoulders with good forechest, deep well sprung ribs. Nice rear and moved well. BOB 2nd Burdett-Coutts’ Dobrany Dorianblue Odyssi 2yr D. Bigger all over than 1 but of good shape and well balanced. Well made fore and aft. Less forechest than 1. Moved well. RBOB

German Shepherd Dog
Open (4,0) 1st Penn & Foster’s Chalksville Cool Running over Jandeburn ShCM Heading up a nice class this 2yr D ticked all the boxes. Lovely outline, masculine all through and giving an appearance or power. Love his head, good proportions and shape, nice eyes and good ears. Strong neck to well laid shoulders. Good forechest, ribs deep and well sprung. Firm level back with correct tailset and carriage. Broad, powerful, well muscled rear. What a super mover, sound at any speed with powerful trot. Even in a small ring he moved well but really showed what he can do in the group. BOB & Group 2 2nd Stephens’ Brightmeadow Kiss The Girls Only 9mths but what a stunner. Presenting a similar outline to my winner with many of the same attributes only not the maturity. Super outline and a gorgeous head. He is still young and ears are a bit wayward at times and he needs to strengthen behind but they will come. Super front, correct topline and powerful rear. One for the future. RBOB, BP and Puppy Group 2 3rd Shaw’s Astradine Kornishman Res Patterson’s Figynberg Ffion

Pyranean Mountain Dog
Open (8,4) 1st Spier’s Ch Belshanmish Yellow River Super 3yr D. Just what I was looking for. Good size & exudes power. Broad head with nice curves to the skull, nice eye and strong muzzle but would like less stop. Well made front with good forechest and deep ribs. Broad muscular rear. Best mover, not close behind, straight front and steady in profile. BOB 2nd Downes’ Rivergroves All The Right Moves II at Belshanmish (Imp UAS) 18mth D. Nice youngster with pleasing head and lovely ears. Well put together but chest needs to drop. Another good mover. RBOB 3rd Thorne’s Belshanmish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay Res Downs’ Belshanmish Orange Crush  

Belgium Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)
Post Graduate (3,1) 2 nice babies, brother and sister 1st Harris’ Hawksflight Aramis for Tolnedra 7mth. Lovely head with dark eye and mask. Better ears that his sister. Well made fore and aft with a good outline and shape. Lovely mover. RBOB & BP 2nd Ainsworth & Mackie’s Hawksflight Milady De Winta Litter sister, Very good in head and body, moved a little close behind today. Open (1,0) 1st Snell’s Ch Hawksflight Just Made For Me 5yr & What a lovely B. Pleasing head and mask with dark eye. Nice neck through to well laid shoulders, enough forechest and good depth & spring of rib. Nicely angled rear and correct topline. True brisk movement. BOB & Group 4

Belgium Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)
Open (7,3) A nice class and very close between 1 & 2 1st Randall’s Xanova Secret Tulip 15mth B of lovely shape with correct head and eye. Good ear set and carriage. Well made fore and aft. Nice bone and neat feet. Level topline Best mover. BOB 2nd Lock’s Kasyka’s Yess (Imp NLD) 2yr D, another good example with super head and ears. Dark eye. Well made fore and aft. Correct movement, just a little closer behind today. RBOB 3rd O’Neill’s Nadjarah’s Lush (Imp) Res O’Neill’s Milyentor Grand Token

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)
Open (2,0) 1st Lee’s Balletcor Godric Gryffindor for Horcrux 11mth D getting the better of his sire today. Very smart youngster with pleasing wedge shaped head. Lovely ears. Super front assembly with good bone and feet. Well sprung, deep ribs through loin to a well angulated rear. Preferred his length of body and coat. Free active mover from all angles. Would prefer a better tail carriage. BOB & BP 2nd Lee’s Balletcor Morning Symphony at Amenbury Ir Jun Ch ShCM 5yr D. Different to his son. Shorter in muzzle and back but just as well made in front and behind. Another good mover though. RBOB

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)
Open (4,3) A close class with a nice trio of exhibits 1st Burgoyne & Goddard’s Waterdeep Ranger One 13mth D won through today. Lovely head and ears, nicely erect with good width. Nice eye and very attentive. Well made front assembly with good forechest, deep well sprung ribs. Liked his length and overall balance. Correct topline and best mover. BOB 2nd Siviter’s Rubegud Takin The Mick ShCM 2yr D. Another nice example, correct head, well made front with forechest and deep ribs. Not quite the length and outline of my winner and lacked the same rear dive on the move. RBOB 3rd Burgoyne & Goddard’s Swanpool Armarni

Open (2,0) 1st Jacobs-Pearce’s Salieri Heaven Knows at Arundall. 2yr Black B. Lovely Feminine B of good size and shape. Good head with dark eyes. Good length of neck to well laid shoulders and level topline. Ribbed back to short loin. Well angulated rear. Steady and effortless on the move, true fore and aft. Left her coat at home. BOB 2nd De Boo’s Nouvion Hadar with Helyroso. 2½yr Dark Fawn D. Masculine throughout. Nice head although eye could be darker, lovely body proportions, correct angles front and rear and a lovely topline. Not as clean coming & going as my winner. RBOB

Hungarian Puli
Open (2,0) 1st Szczopanski’s Ch Catsun Cinnabar at Tremodeus Loved this compact 2yr B, feminine in head and an inquisitive expression under all that coat. Well made fore and aft, deep well sprung ribs to short loin. Good cords to floor. Love her short clean stride with very little rise. Beautiful. BOB 2nd Szczopanski’s Catsun Chilli Pepper at Tremodeus 4yr B build on larger lines. Feminine head and well made. Good overall shape. Correct short stride but a little less economical with more rise and fall. RBOB

AVNSC Pastoral
Post Graduate (2,1) 1st Beeney’s Coneypark Black Sabbath. 15mth Smooth Collie. Nice young man, masculine head of good shape, ears set well apart and used well. Good front assembly, deep chest and well sprung ribs, level back. Good depth to loin with well angled rear. A little close coming toward but nice rear and profile movement. RBAVNSC
Open (3,2) 1st Beeney’s Brackenhaye When We Dance. 22mth Smooth Collie. Really like this 22mth B. Lovely feminine head with correct planes, shallow stop and well placed ears. Super forehand, level back and well muscled, well angulated rear. Neat feet. Lovely true mover from all sides. BAVNSC

AV Pastoral Puppy (6,4) 1st Lee’s Balletcor Godric Gryffindor for Horcrux Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) 2nd Ainsworth & Mackie’s Hawksflight Milady De Winta (BSD Tervueren) Veteran (17,8) 1st Szczopanski’s Catsun Coraleclipse.10yr Hungarian Puli. What a lovely girl, liked her outline, well made with lovely forehand, well sprung ribs, level topline and nice rear. Good coat with nice cords to floor. Straight true mover with good drive. 2nd Alder & Haste’s Jakanshe Harvest Time with Aussiame ShCM (Australian Shepherd) 3rd Cooper’s Elbereth Kippis to Pavoskas ShCM (Finnish Lapphund) 4th Mitchell & Fiddock’s Lowenk Calypso (Shetland Sheepdog)

Pastoral Group
GP1 Prout’s Amarige Armani Diamonds at Furzeland. (Samoyed)
GP2 Penn & Foster’s Chalksville Cool Running over Jandeburn ShCM. (German Shepherd Dog)
GP3 Szczopanski’s Ch Catsun Cinnabar at Tremodeus (Puli)
GP4 Snell’s Ch Hawksflight Just Made For Me (BSD Tervueren)

Pastoral Puppy Group
PGP1 Prout’s Amarige Armani Diamonds at Furzeland. (Samoyed)
PGP2 Stephens’ Brightmeadow Kiss The Girls. (German Shepherd Dog)
PGP3 Lee’s Balletcor Godric Gryffindor for Horcrux. (Welsh Corgi (Pembroke))
PGP4 Critchlow’s Glenchess Kiuru over Pavoskas. (Finnish Lapphund)   Best of Reserve Best of Breed Pastoral 1st Stephens’ Brightmeadow Kiss The Girls. (German Shepherd Dog)

AV Champion Stakes 1st Stansbury & Pilgrim’s Ch Woodbriar Luciano JW ShCM (Dobermann). Heading up a lovely class this boy had that little extra something to stand out. Quality throughout. Good length of head, lovely arch to neck flowing into a super front assembly. Straight topline of correct gentle slope, deep well-sprung ribs to a short strong loin. Well muscled rear. Lovely neat feet. True on the move with a free driving gait. Pleased to see he had also won Working Veteran and later I gave him BVIS 2nd Brown’s Ch Densown Sunrise (Pomeranian) 3rd Quest’s Ch Chenrezi Troublemaker JW ShCM (Tibetan Spaniel) 4th Quest’s Ch Chenrezi Summer Breeze JW ShCM (Tibetan Spaniel)

AV Special Veteran (Over 10yrs) 1st Mitchell & Fiddock’s Belthorne Echo Of Grace at Lowenek (Shetland Sheepdog) 11yr B. Lovely B of good size and type. Super head and ears with nice eye. Best mover. 2nd Baguely & Attwood’s Sh Ch Kylowen Gerrans ShCM IR Vet Ch (Welsh Springer Spaniel) 3rd Partridge’s Sh Ch Kerrydown My Guy JW ShCM (Irish Setter) 4th Blackford’s Amblelight Parhelia (Welsh Springer Spaniel)

AV Graduate Stakes 1st Warren’s Neerodan Just In Time (English Toy Terrier) Headed up a big class. Loved his attitude with his clean outline, correct wedge shaped head and correct ‘candle-flame’ ears. Straight front, deep chest, good underline and well angulated rear. Liked him on the move, sassy and confident with good drive and correct reach. 2nd Blackford’s Amblelight Galatea (Welsh Springer Spaniel) 3rd Matthews’ Millpoint Simply Bootifull with Sonham (Pointer) 4th Dear’s Diamonddax Hooray Henry (Miniature Smooth Dachshund)

Ray McDonald (Judge)