• Show Date: 28/10/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Penny Roberts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/04/2019

Japanese Shiba Inu Club Of Great Britain

Japanese Shiba Inu Club of Great Britain – Breed Open Show, 28th October 2017

This appointment was a real highlight of my judging year and I had been looking forward to it since I received the invitation. Thank you to the committee for a great show. I would like to thank exhibitors for the lovely entry – both in numbers and in quality – and for the happy, relaxed atmosphere in and around the ring. My main winners came from both ends of the age spectrum and it was so good to see such promising puppies, the stars of tomorrow, and super veterans maintaining real condition and soundness. Love the Shiba attitude and temperaments were wonderful throughout.

Puppy Dog (3). A lovely class to start the show.

1. Dunhill-Hall’s Vormund Sinister. Wow – what a super baby! Confident, happy 7 month black and tan with an air about him and showing like a trooper. Lovely head with small, thick well placed ears and lovely eye shape, good cheeks, together giving super expression. Good arch of neck and lovely ‘H’ front. Correct moderate angulation and overall proportions with good length of leg. Nothing overdone. Super sound on the move. Obviously a lot still to come, but could not be denied top honours today. BD/BP/RBIS

2. Ritchie’s Dundalk Ludo Bagman. Very nice puppy, not as confident at 1, but sure that will come with experience. Attractive blunt wedge head with well-developed cheeks, ears good for size and set. Liked his proportions with good short loin. In very good coat. Not quite as free on the move as 1.

3. Bryans’ Marilouvale’s Marine Max.

Junior Dog (1)

1. Bryans’ Shiamaru Busey At Marilouvale. Substantial youngster, just out of puppy. Loved his front and overall correct proportions – presented a lovely picture. Super quality coat in lovely condition. Very sound on the move. Liked this young man a lot.

Novice Dog (1)

1. Burroughs’ Burwen The Archangel. A lot to like here, with a very good outline and correct front; good bone and nice tight feet. Would have liked a little more refinement in head. Lacking concentration which gave his handler a challenge, but moved well.

Post Graduate Dog (3,1)

1. Watson & Watson-Bryans’ Marilouvale’s Mischief Maker. Another that impressed. Good ears and eyes – so important to give the right expression. H front, balanced angles, neat bone and good feet, and good length of leg. On the move he was very sound. Very nice!

2. Burroughs’ Burwen The Archangel. (as before)

Limit Dog (3,2)

1. Bostock & Armstrong’s Just Take My Heart To Ruthdales (imp Ita). Loved the head on this boy – good wedge, neat ears and good cheeks, super pigment. Lovely straight front and in super coat, well presented. Would have like a little more length of leg to balance body. Moved out well.

Open Dog (6,1) Some nice boys here!

1. Roskells’ Rahima Marshall Mathers JW. Liked the balance of this shaded red that made such an attractive picture standing. Super head, good ears, dark eyes, full cheeks, strong neck and super body. Lovely front, moderate angulation, well bodied. Good bone and feet. Correct coat presented so well. Very sound on the move with neat foot placement and good side gait. RBD.

2. Watsons’ Calicelesti Reaperman. Close up to 1 although very different! Larger male, attractive white coat with those distinctive red ears – so striking. Coat at the in-between stage, but well presented. Not quite the classic head of one, but a very attractive male, ears thick and well set and good eye shape. Good for neck and loved his leg length and overall proportions. Very sound on the move.

3. Craig & Jones Amolka Dennis The Menace

Veteran Dog (5,2) Quality veterans.

1. Richie Dundalk Harry Potter. Lovely fit 8yo red male. Good head with correct ears and eye, nice in neck and overall body condition, correct angulation and in super overall condition; and of good breed type. As with several exhibits, coat on the blow, but presented well. Scored particularly in his movement – sound in all directions. A really nice boy.

2. Watson & Watson-Bryans Ch Hoshi No Shunkou Go Nankaiseisou. Handsome 10yo black and tan with lovely head, cheeks, everything contributing to correct expression. Loved his outline and presented so well. Side gait very good, but not as strong in rear as 1.

3. Best-Rawlings & Rawlings’ Vormund De Vinci Von Wollsteiner.

Best Dog: Vormund Sinister

Reserve Best Dog: Rahima Marshall Mathers JW

Best Puppy Dog: Vormund Sinister

Puppy Bitch (5,2)

1. Ritchie’s Rynard Suzie Que. Very feminine baby – just 6 months. Pretty in head and of nice overall proportions. Coat of rich red which was in lovely condition. At the moment a little ‘bum high’ but a lovely puppy. So sound, moved really well. BOSPIS

2. Bryans’ Demishstar Ritoko At Marilouvale (RAF/NAF). Larger pup, 7 month shaded red. Heavier all through than 1. Pretty in head with super expression. Really liked her front and correct body proportions. Moved well.

3. Motherdales’ Amivike’s Affair Of The Heart

Junior Bitch (4,2)

1. Bryans’ Shimaru Aurora Beautiful Soul At Marilouvale. Scored here on balance, ‘moderation’ and soundness of movement. Liked her head with good eye shape and sweet expression. Would prefer slightly smaller ear, but a pretty girl. Shown in super quality coat. Very nice.

2. Best-Rawlings’ Trixwood Goldeneye. Slightly smaller bitch with the cheekiest of expressions. Very pretty in head with neat ears, correctly set. Good for overall balance. Unfortunately not settled on the move

Novice Bitch (2,1)

1. Motherdales’ Amivike’s Affair Of The Heart. Was 3rd in Puppy class when she was not moving happily. Very pretty black and tan with good head - lovely ears and correct eye. Overall very nice balanced outline. First class coat with good clear marking. Nicely made and moved better here.

Post Graduate Bitch (3,1)

1. Watson & Watson-Bryans’ Marilouvale’s Mercedes. Light red bitch of good proportions. Very attractive head with good ear set and well developed cheeks. Lovely straight front and good moderate angulation. Sound on the move. RBB

2. Craig & Jones Amolka Titchy Strider. Smaller bitch with lovely body shape, good bone and feet. Moved well.

Limit Bitch (4)

1. Ritchie’s Dundalk Hermione. Very pretty with a look of mischief. Pale red bitch with lovely outline. Good head with neat ears, nice eye shape and well developed cheeks. Moved well.

2. Best-Rawlings’ Casakura Precious Rhapsody Among Trixwood. Preferred the head of this bitch, very pretty and the best of ears! Good straight front and correct body proportions. Played her handler up on the move.

3. Watson & Watson-Bryans’ Marilouvale’s Making Mayhem

Open Bitch (6) Very diverse class for type.

1. Fitzakerly’s Bearpark Dragon Heart. Really nice shaded red of good size and proportions. Lovely H front and correct moderate angulation. Feminine head with hooded ears. Correct for bone and good leg length. Moved out well.

2. Hickson’s Caliceslesti Bang Tidy At NatLou. Very nice bitch, just preferred the head of 1, but this bitch has elegance. Good straight front and correct proportions. Moved well.

3. Best-Rawlings’ Trixwood Dancin In My Dreams

Veteran Bitch (4)

1. Fitzakerly’s Ch Bearpark Babushka. A super bitch wearing her 10.5 years very lightly indeed. Lovely for breed type with good head and neck, correct front and rear angulation, and presenting a beautifully balanced outline. Shaded red coat in lovely condition. Super sound on the move. BB and BIS/BVIS.

2. Best-Rawlings’ Ch/Ir Ch Trixwood Addicted To Love. A charmer! Very pretty in head with lovely eye. Super type. Overall balance good and shown in quality coat of good colour. Today was just out moved by 1.

3. Cooper’s Vormund I’m Luella At Perivale

Best Bitch: Ch Bearpark Babushka

Reserve Best Bitch: Marilouvale’s Mercedes

Best Puppy Bitch: Rynard Suzie Que

Best In Show: Ch Bearpark Babushka

Reserve Best In Show: Vormund Sinister

Best Opposite Sex In Show: Vormund Sinister

Best Puppy In Show: Vormund Sinister

Reserve Best Puppy In Show: Rynard Suzie Que

Best Veteran In Show: Bearpark Babushka