• Show Date: 29/12/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paulette D'Arcy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Luton Canine Association

Luton Open Show 29th December 2018

Pomeranian Judge : Paulette D'Arcy (Paavali)

Thank you to Luton Canine Association for my invitation to judge Pomeranians, to my lovely ring steward Vicky and to all the exhibitors who gave me a good entry of dogs to judge.

I was very impressed with the quality of my winners and would say they were a joy to go over.

Puppy Dog/Bitch (2-1a) - 1st C D Holman’s, Altina’s Manhattan. A very pretty, correctly sized, 9 month old, orange shaded sable, entire dog. Lovely mouth and dentition, with an almond eye, both of which had correct black pigment, closed fontanel, small ears, short coupled, high set perfectly straight tail with plumb which combined with his coat were both correct and presented beautifully making a perfect ball when standing. Moved with aplomb BPIB.

Junior Dog/Bitch (4-1a) - 1st T K Berrington’s Kamis Tin Tin at Altina (Imp Rus) 17 month old clear orange entire dog. Perfectly sized, very pretty head with lovely almond shaped eyes, nice stop, closed fontanel, small ears, lovely body, short back, great tail set high and straight and moved with precision and style that I expected from his nice construction. 2nd C D Holman’s Kamis Teona At Altina (Imp) 3rd C D Holman’s Espalain Angelo at Altina (Imp Rus)

Graduate Dog/Bitch (6-3a) - 1st T K Berrington’s Brooklyn At Sarasate, 21 month old orange shaded sable, pretty and nicely sized entire dog. Lovely eyes, perfect stop, tiny ears perfectly set, closed fontanel, nice mouth & dentition, lovely spring of rib, short back, moved out and back both straight and true, coat in great condition, correct and presented beautifully RBOB. 2nd R Reddit & B William’s Breezlyn Miss Taro. 3rd L C Brown’s Take Me Easy Life Fire At Altina.

Open Dog/Bitch (3-2a) - 1st C D Holman’s CH Kamis Mystical Legend Of Brooklyn At Altina JW (Imp Rus) 4 ½ year old entire dog. My notes start with “Just a Joy”. He stood alone in this class but there is no denying this dog is very worthy of his champion status. An orange shaded sable entire dog who is as gorgeous as he is correct. His perfect mouth, lovely eyes, tiny ears, great stop, dark pigment, dense correct double coat, short neck, lovely spring of rib, short back, straight tail set high, perfect angulation and conformation are just the start, he then moves freely with precision and aplomb making him just the perfect picture. Just loved him. BOB

Paulette D’Arcy (Paavali)