• Show Date: 21/10/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mike Wildman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

North Western Poodle Club

My thanks to the officers and committee of this great Northern Poodle Club for the invitation to judge this my first breed club at this level and to the exhibitors for their entry's and presenting the poodles in first class order for me to judge.  


Class 1 - Special Open - Pet Trim - 6 Entries (1 Absent)  


1st Fury's Ch Somanic style by design at Clanese  

Commanding standard dog a new one to me and no surprise to see he carried his title. Upstanding black male of quality with balance and sporting his lamb trim with excellent outline. Refined but masculine head lengthy neck well placed shoulders and correct front assembly in great body condition standing proud on excellent well boned legs with tight well knuckled feet good in top line with well placed and carried tail moved true with drive from well muscled rear quarters with excellent carriage and shape in profile he was RBIS.  


2nd Law's Ch Karamouche Simon Sez  

Another black this one a toy with all the attributes of a champion loved his outline fine head correct width of back skull well placed leathers compact body with excellent rib and body condition he too pleased well on the floor displaying good carriage and drive when moving.  


Class 2 - Special Open Veteran - 2 Entries (1 Absent ) 


1st Law's Ch Karamouche Kaptivating  

And captivating she was what a Show girl if there was a personality prize she'd of won it, adorable expression on this 8 year old so square and balanced solid in body and condition pleasing shape both ends crisp well tailored cut down jacket she was so exuberant up and down and was moving a tad wide she was just full of her self and so charming to watch. A very worth champion indeed. BVIS  


Poodles - Standard  


Class 3 - Minor Puppy Dog -  1 Entry  


1st Gadsby & Lynn's  

Afterglow horse power This white is completely square and balanced and all in proportion for 6 months he has good detail to head correct eye all body parts merged together correctly with nothing exaggerated about him at all lovely in body excellent substance standing on the best of feet very precise up and back and covered the ground in profile correct set on and carriage of tail very much all together for his age one with a good future ahead.  


Class 4 - Puppy Dog - 2 Entries  


1st Gadsby & Lynns  

Afterglow Dark horse Litter brother to horse power, black a little taller and more forward in development just now but they are very much taken from the same mould shape and outline wise he two is of lovely type has a head to die for. Has the top line with tail set And carriage so desired in a poodle, moving soundly and in tune with handler for his young age. A very exciting pair of siblings whom should both reach stardom in the near future. BOS  


2nd Aiken's Tazziemin thistle McEwan at Arkangeis  

Another black and an upstanding male of substance and overall balance and conformationally well put together. at the top end of this class dense crisp textured quality jacket. Unfortunate he didn't collect himself on the move showing immaturity and gay tail carriage  


Class 5 - Junior Dog - 1 Entry (1 Absent)  


Class 6 – Post Graduate Dog - 1 Entry (1 Absent) 


Class 7 - Open Dog - 2 Entries (1 Absent)  


1st Wades Afterglow pop idle for Kamarri JW  

Stunning white in superb trim. So commanding in stance lean Long head well developed chin wicked eye excellent pigment fabulous to go over so balanced and strong in body correctly angulated both ends with straight well set tail he was sound but just refused to go forward on the go around not a fan of the floor, I was so disappointed for his handler because he looked fantastic today.  


Class 8 - Minor Puppy Bitch - 1 Entry  


1st Kendall's Kamarri Betty Davis to Magin  

Another black sired by afterglow Tyrone power as were the brothers earlier she took my eye as she elegantly stepped into the ring she is so refined and pretty stylish up on leg excellent scope and shapely outline with the most beautiful face superb correct angulation in coat of excellent texture and in good trim. So positive and poodley on the move loved her she just had to be Best of breed standard and best standard puppy with res BPIS. Can't wait to see her progress.  


Class 9 - Puppy Bitch - 1 Entry (1 Absent) 


Class 10 - Junior - No Entries  


Class 11 - Post Graduate Bitch - 3 Entries (2 Absent) 


1st Gleaves Christamae Field of Dreams  

Stylish black very square and balanced pleasing outline would prefer more body and rib she has correct topline and is well angulated moves with drive but closer than desired.  


Open Bitch - 1 Entry (1 Absent)  


Poodles - Miniature  


Class 13 - Minor Puppy Dog - 1 Entry (1 Absent) 


Class 14 - Puppy Dog – 1 Entry  


1st Coulter & Moores Sonorous Pride 'n' Prejudice at Coolaulin  

Black with good outline well up on the leg but in size had straight front with balanced angulation in good body and condition moved soundly would of like more animation.  


Class 15 -16 No Entries  


Class 17 - Open Dog 

Hunters Minarets worth the wait  

Masculine black who has presence, pleased in head and eye carries good body and substance. Correct neck set on well laid shoulder compact and well bodied, Dense well-tailored jacket. He is very sound, would have liked him to show better carriage on the move. Best dog  


Class 18-20 No Entries  


Class 21 - Post Graduate Bitch - 2 Entries (1 Absent)  


1st Hall & Spoors Mystic gem at Darmistic  

Silver with correct eye and expression very balanced in profile with good height to length ratios would like more depth and Finnish to body she moved well but lacked a little in drive.  


Class 22 - Open Bitch - 1 Entry  


1st Hall'harwood & Spoors  

Minarets here's lookin at you at Dramistic  

Stunning exhibit and one I've had the pleasure to judge before in a BIS line up she really commands attention for type and soundness is lovely to go over and is put down immaculate she has lovely short back and that desired dip excellent rear quarters moves with drive and accurate foot fall all together with poodle charm and carriage I see since she has gained her title and is so deserving of it she was a close runner for RBIS today but gave way to the charming standard male. 


Poodles - Toy  


Class 23 Minor Puppy Dog – 1 Entry (1 Absent)  


Class 24 Puppy Dog - 2 Entries 


1st Isherwood & Lynn's Afterglow Aloysius what an impact this toy made on me he is an absolute star and could be any size as he epitomises the standard so well, he is quite outstanding his head is a dream with fine work and chiselling his eye is correct giving him an expression to die for gentle but wicked he is super in body very sturdy and compact stands true on excellent legs and correct feet ideal for size and substance reachy neck with front assembly in balance with his rear there is nothing I would change on him I couldn't believe his movement and carriage totally in tune, he has so much style and character with unbelievable reach and drive for a dog of this size he simply is a top class poodle and with presentation to Finnish the picture off perfectly congratulations to the skilled breeders and handler of this beautiful toy. Best toy, BIS,BPIS.  


2nd Grant & Murphys Afterglow Americano litter brother to 1 another quality exhibit and no disgrace to stand 2nd hear what a litter this combination has produced they are so similar for type I just preferred the head and movement on 1 but otherwise there is little else separating them. Hope this boy gains his title  


Class 25 - Junior - No Entries  


Class 26 – Post Graduate Dog - 1 Entry  


1st Laws Karamouche Colin the shots  

Stunning boy shown in excellent condition liked his fine head correct eye he is balanced in outline and carries himself proudly with reach and drive is correct size with amply bone and substance presented all the attributes of a top class poodle.  


Class 27 - Open Dog – 1 Entry  

Furey & Lynn's Ch Afterglow Route sixty six  

This dog is breath-taking and has wonderful presence and charm beautiful head and expression he is excellent in body and in balance front and rear his jacket correct in texture and is presented to perfection he is well off for body and rib short and compact and is well conditioned very sound and extrovert with bags of style holds his outline at all times.  


Class 28 - Minor Puppy Bitch - 1 Entry  


1st Isherwood & Knorre's smart connection stagedoor drama  

A super star in the making she is delightful in all aspects so well put together with so much quality to like displaying sound movement with excellent carriage in profile she really covered the ground with accuracy never putting a foot wrong she is of lovely type and so feminine with maturity and finish will trouble the best.  


Class 29 - Puppy Bitch  

1st Furey's New Chapter  

Black, Most promising exhibit who is of lovely type she pleased in outline has a pretty head and eye has good body under her wealth of coat which was expertly tailored with good structure and body combined pleased in forehand angulation with rear to balance sound mover with typical carriage.  


Class 30-  Junior Bitch - 1 Entry  


1st Andrews Cloonkeen Li Moges white appealed in head with dark pigment, of good size and type, pleased in body well made and generous in rib. well muscled rear which she used well would prefer her tail set on higher it detracted in her outline in profile movement, she had good reach and rear drive.  


Class 31 – Post Graduate Bitch - 1 Entry (1 Absent)  


Class 32 - Open Bitch - 4 Entries (4 Absent)