• Show Date: 24/09/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Michael Veal Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Pollard Canine Society

Thank you for inviting me to judge at your show.  I was made to feel very welcome and was ably assisted by excellent stewards.  I stood in for two judges; my best wishes for their respective recoveries.   


Junior (2, 0) 1. Bamforth’s Temptress Ice Warrior For Bellamiabam, 9 months dog. I now see that he is the litter brother to 2, and at this stage he is further on.  Broad, masculine head with good stop and muzzle, oval eyes, broad jaw with good dentition.  Strong build with good bone, straight forelegs, shoulders well laid, chest deep, well ribbed for age. A free mover, I am sure these ingredients will come together with maturity.  RBOB.  2. Bamforth’s Temptress Rockabye For Bellamiabam. 

Graduate (1, 1) 

Open (2, 1) 1. Bamforth’s Redlous Semtex Avec Bellamiabam, 3 year old dog, and all male.  Fantastic  well developed head, with a strong, short muzzle and jaw, and a good bite.  Good wrinkles to forehead but not overdone, oval eyes and a pleasing matter of fact expression.  Good bone to legs with tight feet.  Body strong right through, with a deep chest and well sprung ribs.  Strong coupling helps his topline, which he holds well on the move.  Another free mover, he achieves drive from behind and a good extension of foreleg in profile.  Pleased to award him BOB and to hear he was later awarded Group 4.   


Special Puppy Black (1, 0) 1. Brown’s Draxpark Hot Tip, 8½ months dog.  He has many nice attributes but needs time to draw them together.  Masculine head of good proportions, parallel head planes, and a dark eye giving a typical expression.  Good dentition.  His shoulders are well laid with decent return of upper arm and a good forechest.  Good topline and rear angulation.  He will doubtless deepen and broaden somewhat as he matures.  Harsh, well presented coat.  Good natured and unfazed by the busy environment.  His cheerful temperament shone through in his movement, which is what one wants from a puppy, but there was good reach and drive when seen in profile all the same.  Will watch him with interest.  BP. 

Special Junior Black (0) 

Special Graduate Black (0) 

Special Open Black (3, 0) Three quality, well presented dogs made it a tough call.  1. Healey’s Philoma Honey Ryder, 4½ years bitch.  For me, she scored for absolute soundness and balance, with everything in moderation.  Composed in temperament.  She has a feminine head of decent length and equal proportions, with a flat skull and parallel plane to foreface.  A dark eye and neat ears set off the pleasing expression.  Good bite.  Good length of neck flows into a slightly sloping topline.  Shoulders well laid and return of upper arm.  Good bone to legs and neat feet.  Short loin, the strongest of rears and moderate rear angulation.  Harsh jacket.  She moved accurately out, back and in profile, with reach and drive, retaining her topline.  Pleased to award her BOB, and to hear she was later awarded Group 3.  2. Whitney’s Primavista’s Got The Look, 2 years bitch.  She certainly does have the look; a pleasure to go over, she has real femininity and class, in particular through the head and neck.  Head of good length and proportions, with parallel planes and good dark eye and earset.  Good mouth.  The decent length of neck flows into the topline, with good shoulders.  Nice bone to legs with neat feet.  Good rib.  Rear is well muscled and angulated.  Not quite the sense of purpose of 1, but well coupled and an easy mover, displaying reach and drive.  RBOB.  3. Brown’s Foxwood’s Backtrack. 

Special Junior Pepper & Salt (0) 

Special Graduate Pepper & Salt (1, 0) 1. Watmough & Allen’s Lucavale Washington At Andmaura, 2 years dog.  A strong head of good proportions and a dark eye.  Good dentition.  Square body and good bone.  Well presented, banded coat.  Moved reasonably well in front and in profile.  Special Open Pepper & Salt (2, 0) 1. Watmough & Allen’s Lucavale Washington At Andmaura.  2. Brown’s Honoring Major v d Telgthoeve (IMP NLD). 

Open (3, 1) 1. Healey’s Philoma Honey Ryder.  2. Watmough & Allen’s Lucavale Washington At Andmaura.     


Puppy (0) 

Junior (2, 2) 

Graduate (0) 

Open (2, 0) 1. Beardall’s Gainsfield’s Valentina, 19 months p/s bitch.  Nice compact size, with a feminine head of even proportions and dark eye.  Good dentition.  Well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm.  Straight legs and neat feet.  Slightly longer cast than 2, but she has a good topline and strong loin, which, together with good rear angulation, allows her to move soundly in all directions with a free gait, which earnt her BOB.  2. Dursley’s Wellingley Won To Please ShCM, 6 years p/s male.  All in proportion, he has a short body which makes him square in outline.  His head is a strength, with a good planes, dark eye, good earset and teeth.  His arched neck flows into his topline.  Nice shoulder placement and some forechest, decent rib, short loin and good rear angulation.  Moved with some drive.  Well presented coat finishes the picture.  RBOB.   


Puppy (0) 

Junior (1, 0) 1. Lamb’s Dalpetro Diamond.  Black spotted 15 months bitch.  For me, she scored in overall balance and elegance.  She has a feminine head of equal proportions, with a dark eye and good dentition.  Her reasonably long neck is set into clean forequarters, with well laid shoulder and return of upper arm.  Good legs and neat feet.  Good rib and topline, clean quarters with a decent turn of stifle, and nice tailset.  Moved out freely with purpose, and whilst there was some youthful enthusiasm, she moved soundly and rhythmically.  BOB.   

Graduate (3, 1) 1. Lamb’s Dalpetro Diamond.  2. Lamb’s Dalpetro Digby. 

Open (2, 1) 1. Donnelly’s Tamilanda Berry Ice Lily.  Black spotted 3 years dog.  A nice, composed demeanour.  Another balanced animal, with everything in proportion.  He has a refined but masculine head, with a dark eye and good bite.  Good bone to legs.  Strong through the loin and hindquarters.  He moved smoothly and accurately in all directions.  RBOB.