• Show Date: 09/09/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Meaylee Lewis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/06/2019

North Devon Canine Association

North Devon Canine Association Open Show 2017

Golden Retriever Critiques 

I'd like to thank both the committee for appointing me to judge for the first time, and my exhibitors for trusting me to judge their dogs and respecting my decisions. I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. 

Puppy, 2(0) 

 1st SCOTT, Trebell yTruck Driver, this 11 month old dog held his level topline throughout this class. He had a well chiselled skull and developed stop for his age, a good length tail and he moved with good drive, BPIB. 2nd BOND, Trebell Trolley Dolly.

Special Yearling, 6(2)

 1st FENN, Chalksville Barregarrow At Jandeburn JW, A youngster who is one to watch in the future, he had a masculine head with dark eyes, eye rims and pigment. He held a level top line, has a good tail set and length of tail. Powerful mover, yet stable, mover, RBOB. 2nd ELLIS, Tenfield Sparkling Sea.

Post Graduate, 6(3)

 1st ELLIS, Tenfield Sparkling Sea. This 12 month old, very feminine, bitch looked very mature for her age today. She carried her level top line throughout all of her classes. She has well bent stifles, a well defined stop and a good length tail. She also had round and cat-like feet, BOS. 2nd, JENKINS Trebell Triumphant.

Open Dog, 8(4)

 1st FENN, Willsbrook The Hairy Biker At Jandeburn ShCM. This dog really did it for me on the day. He held his level topline thought out the class, he had a good tail set and a well bent stifle. He always looked happy to be in the ring wagging his tail and had a smile on his masculine head which was well chiselled. He also moved straight in front and rear with purpose. I truly could not fault this dog on the day, BOB, Gundog Group 1. 2nd, JENKINS Trebell Triumphant.

Open Bitch, 5(2)

1st, ELLIS Tenfield Sparkling Sea. 2nd, ELLIS Goldleigh Midnight Skye.

Meaylee Lewis