• Show Date: 29/05/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Luke Johnston Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

South West Hound Club

South West Hound Club

29th May 2017

Salukis and Pharaoh Hounds

Thanks to SWHC for the invitation, my steward Rachel Wray and the exhibitors for entering.

Saluki Special Yearling D/B (2 entries)

1. Williams' Al Zubeyda Lena at Kasaque JW (Imp). 18 months old, cream bitch who I judged as a puppy and awarded well. Such a pretty bitch with beautiful dark pigment. Would prefer more underjaw. She is so well constructed throughout and displays a typical outline, both standing and moving, where she covers the ground so well with light and lifting action. RBOB.

2. Edwards' Khadin Kinzeer Al Djiibaajah (Imp). 17 month old, dark cream dog. Quite mature for his age; good infill of forechest, deep brisket and well ribbed back. Would prefer slightly less width to skull. Moved well.

Saluki Post Graduate D/B (4 entries, 1 absent)

1. Williams' Kasaque Salaama. Grizzle. A very elegant bitch with a beautiful head and wonderful expression. Well developed and constructed throughout with particularly great width to thigh. Balance in angulation fore and aft. Moved out with more enthusiasm than the last time I judged her; lovely light action and very true coming and going.

2. Yardley's Bryn'm Wild Rose at Manarah (Imp). Grizzle. Ultra feminine bitch with the most elegant outline. Beautiful expression. Moved around the ring with a light and lifting stride but lost out to the winner on the out and back.

3. Edwards' El-Ubaids United Pasion (Imp)

Saluki Open D/B (4 entries, 2 absent)

1. Goulden's Fernlark By Design JW. Quite a stunning cream dog! Masculine head with the most beautiful expression. His almost black pigment created a striking contrast to his almost white coat. Long neck into fantastic shoulders, well laid back and angulated. Long upper arm with super return. Bladed bone and good Saluki feet. Well developed body. Plenty of angulation behind which he used to his advantage. It was a pure delight to watch him move, light, lifting and covering the ground with absolute ease yet still so accurate on the out and back. Easily BOB, a pleasure. BOB.

2. Layton-Smith's Velourias Viva Vivienne. A really lovely grizzle bitch, second in this class was no disgrace. Correct head with just the right width to skull, beautiful far-seeing expression. She was very well balanced and proportioned. Moved very soundly but could just not match the winner today.

Pharaoh Hound Open B (3 entries, 2 absent)

1. Dodd's Ta Skonju Miss Mtarfa at Anadeia. 11 month old. Good sized bitch of correct proportions. Beautiful head, oval eye with keen expression. Elbows tucked in, straight forelegs and strong pasterns on well knuckled feet. Moderately balanced angulation. Well developed for her age. Moved soundly. Just needs to settle into herself, especially on the move. BOB.

Luke Johnston