• Show Date: 30/07/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Luke Johnston Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

York Canine Association

York Canine Association - 30/07/17

Critique for Afghan Hounds, Dachshunds (M/L/H, M/S/H, M/W/H, L/H, S/H, W/H), Salukis & Whippets

Class 1 Afghan Hound Junior (1)

1. Rhazmakh Tyme N Tyde. 13 month old brindle bitch. Well proportioned, feminine head. Super front construction and balanced hindquarters. Well filled out for age. Low set tail with ring. Moved with a springy gait and very sound and true for age. RBOB.

Class 2 Afghan Hound Open (1)

1. Bondor A Golden Age over Rhazmakh JW. 2 year old brindle bitch. Such an exotic, stylish bitch. Loved her head, of the correct proportions, absolutely feminine but with plenty strength to underjaw. Well proportioned and balanced body. Fantastic construction throughout. Level topline and correct fall-away after prominent hip bones. Ring tail. Silky coat. Floated around the ring with a style of high order. BOB.

Class 3 Miniature Long Haired Dachshund Open (0)

Class 4 Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund Open (3)

1. Kathington Just By Chance. Sweet little 6 month red bitch. Compact and well bodied for age. Good head with dark almond shaped eyes. Best constructed in the class. Good shoulders and return of upper arm. Well sprung ribcage. Strong hindquarters. Moved well. BOB. BP.

2. Ayla Starlight. 9 month old chocolate bitch. Although older, not as well bodied or together as the winner. Good head and front construction. Well angulated behind. Moved well. RBOB.

Class 5 Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund (3,1)

1. Molloney Tatler Mit Gioia. 5 year old brindle bitch. Lovely head and expression. Plenty forechest. Level topline. Balanced in angulation. Powered around the ring on the move. BOB.

2. Clearview Badgerhunter for Eastriding (Imp ZAF). 15 month old brindle dog. Most attractive head with a keen expression. Well constructed throughout. Needs to body up and fill his frame however. Moved very soundly.

Class 6 Saluki Open (5,3)

1. Ir Ch Fernlark Nardini at Daandazi JW ShCM Ir JCh. 8 year old, elegant, black fringed red bitch. Beautiful head with just the right width to skull, added with her dark pigment and beautifully feathered ears, made a very pretty picture. Good shoulder and return of upper arm. Ribcage was well sprung and carried far back. Still holding a good topline and a wonderful underline for age. Moved very well in profile. BOB.

2. Fernlark Snow Grouse at Daandazi JW ShCM. 4 year old cream bitch. I have seen this bitch look so much better, today she wasn't sound on her front. Lovely head; good proportions, dark pigment and strong underjaw. Long neck into good lay of shoulder, could do with more return of upper arm. Good spring to ribcage and strong loin. Moderate hindqtrs.

Class 7 Long Haired Dachshund Open (0)

Class 8 Smooth Haired Dachshund Open (5,3)

1. Sirius Rising. 22 month old black and tan dog. A stallion of a dog but certainly wouldn't want anymore of him. Masculine head carried proudly on the move. Plenty forechest with prominent sternum. Strong hindquarters. Moved well. BOB.

2. Demorgran Tania. 10 month chocolate bitch. Although a puppy, she was well developed and bodied for age. A better constructed animal than 1 but was very reluctant on the move. RBOB. BP.

Class 9 Wire Haired Dachshund Open (2)

1. Ambiesque Aperitif. 12 month old brindle bitch. Very elegant and stylish. Enough forechest, plenty spring of rib but could be longer in ribcage. Super front construction. Strong bone and neat feet. Super jacket. Moved with attitude and very soundly. BOB.

2. Brumberhill Bueno. 6 month old brindle. Another bitch with the same look about her, not surprising that she has the same sire as 1. Beautiful head. Understandably lacking the body and maturity of the winner but just as sound and stylish on the move. RBOB. BP.

Class 10 Whippet Puppy (7,2)

1. Starkindler Stella Light of Demerlay. 9 month old lemon/black brindle bitch. She is really my cup of tea, elegant, stylish, curves everywhere, a real 'mover' and puts on an eager performance. To go into more detail, she had a well proportioned head with beautiful dark pigment and neat ears, on a long slightly arched neck. Well angulated fore and aft. Developing in body as one should as a puppy. Bladed bone and the neatest of feet. Fine coat. Moving sound and true at all angles. A class act! RBOB. BP.

2. Citycroft Venezia with Elleonia. 6 month old fawn w/t bitch. Sweet head and expression. Very shapely body with a lovely curvy top and underline. Would prefer more return of upper arm. Moved and showed well for one so young.

Class 11 Whippet Junior (8,5)

1. Tarward Jaguar. 16 month old fawn and white. Handsome head with the softest of expressions. Very much an honest Whippet dog, well constructed, curvy, moving soundly and has no exaggerations. He could not be denied the class win however, it is a dog 'show' and I would have liked him to put a little more enthusiasm into his own 'show' on the day.

2. Collooney Move Over Darling. 12 month fawn with white trim. Good head, and with his shade of light 'rosey' fawn, contrasted by his dark pigment, made a very attractive picture. Long neck into well laid back shoulders, with plenty return and length of upper arm to match. Well bodied and muscled. Can be forgiven due to his age for now but he needs to settle down on the move.

Class 12 Whippet Post Graduate (12,5)

1. Moving Magic at Anndonmill. 2 year old red/black brindle bitch. Very stylish and racey, combining length with plenty curves. Feminine head with a sweet expression. Long neck, shapely top and underline. Well angulated fore and aft. My notes particularly mention her springy pasterns. Super profile movement and showmanship won her the class.

2. Inglemarch Idyllic Dream. 23 month old fawn with white trim. Pretty head. Well constructed and balanced throughout. Very curvy underline with just the right amount of tuck up. Another who impressed on profile movement. I preferred the refinement and femininity of 1.

Class 13 Whippet Open (14,3) The heavens opened right at the end of this class so with no wet weather (for the dogs, not myself), I did not make any notes.

1. Denmanwood Decision ShCM. Fawn white trim. Good head on a strong neck, into decent front construction. She has curves in all the right places but no exaggerations. There are things I would change about this bitch stacked but she comes alive on the move. So sound & true and highly impressive in profile. She put on a stellar performance, the rain spurring her on if anything, to take the class and eventually BOB.

2. Elmanash Allegra. Lightly brindled with a lot of white trim. Very well balanced and developed throughout. I knew she would be up there in this class upon my first glance but I was disappointed in her muscular condition, and ultimately, she could not match the winner on movement today. Nevertheless, a very nice bitch who coped with the conditions well.

Luke Johnston