• Show Date: 25/11/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Luke Johnston Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Southport & Birkdale Kennel Association

Southport & Birkdale Kennel Association

Sunday 25th November 2017


Puppy (1)

1. Clewes & Cleaver's Shardbeck Jet Set. 10 month old dog. Fawn with white trim. Masculine enough and good size. Undoubtedly a Whippet, built on well-constructed frame with a series of graceful curves. Stands well on quality bone and neat feet. Rather unsettled today which ruined his movement. BP.

Post Graduate (9)

1. Brown's Collooney Why Eye Man at Tamelden. Red fawn/white trim dog just out of puppy. Excellent balance. Super head and dark, well-shaped eyes. Smooth to go over; well laid shoulder and return of upper arm, strong long and hindquarters. Would prefer him slightly longer in proportions, which would give him a longer stride too. Nevertheless, absolutely sound and true on the move. RBOB.

2. Ainscough's Kidaruka Forever Love. Blue brindled fawn parti. Another just out of puppy. Super bitch, feminine head, curvy outline and sound as a pound on the move. Better style and proportions than 1 but both handler and dog need more work on showmanship.

Limit (4,1a) Difficult to separate these 3.

1. Sampson's Nevedith Zufor Zayni JW ShCM. 3 year old blue brindle/white trim dog. Masculine head, long neck and good front assembly. Curvy top and underline. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Could do without so much rear angulation. Moved well.

2. Clark's Coynachie Crazy Desire. 2 year old fawn/brindle dog. Another with a good head and eye. Enough curves. Well constructed throughout. Better balance than 1 but not the proportions, needs more length which would enable him to stride out more. He was true coming and going, however. Close decision.

Open (5,1a)

1. Sampson's Koppelwell Kola Kube ShCM. 4 year old red/black brindle with white trim. Racey dog with lovely proportions. Good size and appropriate substance. Masculine head with lovely detail. Good eye and ear. OK shoulders, could do with slightly more return of upper arm and spring to pastern. Moderate hind angulation. Moves well in all directions. BOB.

2. Smith's Rivarco Jack Daniel's (imp ITA). Striking 2 year old black brindle dog. Good balance and length to height proportions. A little wide in front. Excellent profile movement. Preferred the head and refinement throughout of 1.


Junior (3)

1. Parker's Serenaker Elle's Belles. 17 month old tri bitch. Beautiful head with a melting expression. Super proportions and balance. Well filled into her frame, and what a great frame it is! Good bone and tight feet. Moved like a little trooper around the ring, holding her level topline and carrying her tail well. I thought she was a super example of the breed. BOB.

2. Caney's Springpine Tittle Tattle. 10 month old tri. Good head and sweet expression. Well balanced. Good depth of chest. Could do with a little less weight. Moved well. BP.

Limit (2)

1. 1st Junior

2. Parker's Serenaker Elle's Angel. 17 month old lemon and white. Another lovely girl from this kennel of undoubted quality. Although 3rd in Junior, I'm sure she could have done better with a more familiar handler. Unfortunately, she was much too exuberant to be able to assess her movement today.

Open (3,1a)

1. Ir Ch Serenaker Daydream. 2 year old tri bitch. Lovely bitch of good size and substance. Well proportioned head. Good eyes and leathers. Well laid shoulders and return of upper arm. Forechest well filled, good depth of chest and ribbed well back. A positive and sound mover. Doesn't quite hold her topline as well as her younger kennel mate, so had to step aside for BOB. RBOB.

2. Caney's Springpine Hot Gossip.. 3 year old tri bitch. Good body and condition. Deep chest and well sprung rib. Strong hindquarters, Sound and steady on the move.


Junior (5,2a)

1. Donnelly's Serenefol Amelia. 9 month red and white bitch. Certainly not a tall bitch but quite substantial, wouldn't like any more substance. Good head and eye. Long neck into well laid shoulders. Good fill and depth for one so young. Graceful curve to her topline. Balanced in angulation fore and aft. Very steady, sound mover. RBOB & BP.

2. Dawson's Steppdance Pintel at Stubbylee (Imp NOR). 10 month old sabled gold. Very much still a youngster, quite raw and not totally settled. Well-proportioned, masculine head. Plenty bone and good feet, hind feet slightly longer as required. Still yet to fully fill into his frame. Moved well but once settled, and perhaps in a larger ring, will move much better.

Open (2)

1. Dawnson's Stubbyless Prima Donna JW ShCM. 3 year old brindle and white. Very feminine, shapely bitch. Lovely head, eye and ear. Long neck into good front. Graceful top and underline. Good depth of chest. Balanced angulation. Could do with a little more width throughout. True and sound on the move with a lovely stride. BOB.

2. Donnelly's Donskoi Romulus. 2 year old brindle and white. OK for substance but could do with more height. Balanced in anguation. Could do with more curve in topline. Moved soundly.

Afghan Hounds

Junior (3,1a)

Two bitches who were very much of a different style and type, however both had many attributes and made for the hardest decision of the day. Both would have benefitted from a larger ring and better surface but in the end, 1 performed the best.

1. Edward's Valkor Velora. 8 month old brindle bitch. Very exotic. Up to size but still retaining femininity. Built on general proportions and has good balance. Long skull with strong underjaw, held on a long neck. Well angulated fore and aft. Level topline, prominent pin bones and good fall away to tail. Tail ringed and carried well. Moved stylishly with great carriage, reach and drive.

2. Parker's Saxonmill Jean Genie at Khatira. Tri bitch who has just turned a year. Many of the same attributes apply. As I said, a close decision ultimately decided by showmanship. I'm sure she would look like a different bitch in a large outdoor ring.

Luke Johnston