• Show Date: 30/12/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lorraine Ames Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Trent Boxer Club


Special Event

I was truly honoured to be asked to judge the special event and would like to thank the committee for a lovely day and especially the excellent stewards who kept everything running smoothly. I was delighted with the quality of the youngsters on show today, plenty of promise and some tough decisions.

A) SPD 6-8 months 5(4)

1. Payne & Flintoff’s Boxania Spice Guy at Birleyvale, super B/W male combining substance with elegance, presenting a balanced outline with good angulation front and rear, well-laid shoulders, good topline which he held well on the move for his age, super head, very expressive eyes, clean skull, well-padded muzzle of correct proportions, excellent mouth, moved very well and sympathetically handed to advantage. Seriously considered in the challenge, close decision.

2. Carter’s Susancar Omar Goodness, B/W raw baby just as he should be, smaller in stature but compact and I felt beautifully proportioned, balanced outline, good angles, well filled in front, good topline, another super head with mischievous expression, clean skull, moved well.

B) SPD 8-10 months 1(1)

1. Littlewood & Bowler’s Olleyville James Dean, masculine B/W male, another balanced outline with good topline and a well-muscled rear, tight feet, well filled in front, strong head, with a well-padded muzzle and good mouth, moved well, attractive dog.

C) SPD 10-12 months 2(2)

1. Johnson’s Frankolina Goldfinger at Sonshoby, B/W, loved this male for his substance and excellent round bone, tight feet, super neck and outline but still retaining elegance, clean, well-filled front, complimented by strong rear, good driving action, super topline and correct tailset, his head is definitely male, strong with well-padded muzzle, excellent mouth. BPD

2. Beardsell & Van Beck’s Newlaithe Diddle On, B/W, compact male, sharp outline, good front and rear, balanced throughout, clean in profile, good topline, attractive head, correctly proportioned with clean skull, moved well.

D) SPB 6-8 months 7(4)

Super class,

1. Drinkwater’s Sulez Scrumptious, aptly named, cracking dark B/W bitch full of quality, in excellent, hard condition, balanced profile, super reach of neck, stood well over her front, which was clean from all angles, well-laid shoulders, very tight cat feet, hammy rear with lovely short hocks, pretty, balanced head, good mouth, exhibited correct reach and drive, a pleasure to watch on the move, could not be denied BPB, BSP and best special overall, loved her.

2. Carter’s Susancar Blaise A’trail, R/W bitch, compact, square, balanced outline, good front and rear, good topline, the prettiest of heads, clean and chiselled, adored her mischievous expression, another lovely baby.

E) SPB 8-10 months 1(1)

1. Pynegar & Loasby’s Berwynfa Wizza Dora, Brindle bitch, balanced outline with good substance, good front, well-angulated rear, good reach of neck, clean head, just needs to tighten.

F) SPB 10-12 Months 2(0)

G) SJD 12-15 Months 0(0)

H) SJD 15-18 months 2(1)

1. Loasby’s Sashbob Le Sorcerer, stylish B/W dog, with good, clean front and feet, strong neck, with good reach, balanced head with kind expression, shorter cast preferred, BSJD

I) SJB 12-15 months 3(3)

1. McCarthy & Gething’s Sunvalley Careless Heart at Jeddhi, attractive B/W bitch combining substance with elegance, well-laid shoulders, good topline, strong rear, good feet, well-filled, clean front, mischievous expression, from dark, correctly-shaped eyes, blocky muzzle of pleasing proportions to clean skull, moved well, just oozed character, liked her a lot, BSJB and BSJ.

2. Roberts’ Joru Sealed With A Kiss for Galacticos, B/W bitch of quality, close decision, really splitting hairs here, strong, compact and square, super topline and front, complimented by well-angulated rear, tight feet, another lovely, balanced head, well-padded muzzle, dark eye, good lip placement and lovely expression, moved well, two excellent bitches, just preferred the outline of 1 today.

J) SJB 15-18 months 2(1)

1. Beardsell & Van Beck’s Lanfrese Suits Newlaithe dark B/W bitch with the best of outlines, stylish with substance, true front, well-filled with clean shoulders, excellent tight feet, well-angulated rear, head is very clean with kind expression, moved well.

Lorraine Ames