• Show Date: 01/05/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lauran Wheaton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Banbury & District Canine Association

Banbury and District Canine Society

1st May 2017


Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge and to my extremely efficient steward for your help.

Thank you to all the exhibitors for entering their dogs. All entries had the correct scissor bite and temperaments were excellent.

Class 85 Junior (3/3)

1st 204 Dalstorm Eternal Promise, 14 month old beautiful liver bitch. Feminine head with rich liver pigment, amber eye and strong muzzle. On the stand she made a lovely outline with excellent angles front and back. Strong arched neck, into well laid shoulders. Plenty of bone, down to fantastic cat feet. Chest to the elbows and well sprung ribs allowing for plenty of heart room. At the back she has well defined second thighs, good turn of stifle with very strong hocks. Then she moves; fabulous free flowing, rhythmic movement that I could watch all day. Tracking up perfectly fore and aft, powerful yet still retaining her elegance. Wonderful temperament, she never stopped working for her handler. RBOB.

2nd Maddidalli Echo’s Hot Spot, 10 month old striking liver dog. So confident and flashy, a real show boy. Nice head shape with amber eye, used his ears well to frame his face. Plenty of bone and excellent feet with well manicured nails. A very powerful boy with good rear angles, giving him plenty of drive on the move. Very strong hocks and well developed muscle. Extremely well schooled for one so young. BPIB and delighted to see him get Puppy Group 2.

3rd Dalcross Destiny’s Child

Class 86 Postgraduate (5/6)

1st Daymadals in the Mood JW, beautifully spotted black bitch. The darkest of pigment with gorgeous dark eyes. She is on the larger end of the scale but very well proportioned and maintains her femininity. Loved her head and such a soft, intelligent expression. Strong neck with well laid shoulders, superb forechest and ribs giving her excellent heart room. Superb bone with good, tight feet. Strong back into correct tail set. Her movement is outstanding, she powers around the ring with such smooth action. Well muscled throughout which adds to her impressive outline, both on the move and whilst standing. A really honest bitch who could easily do the miles behind a carriage. BOB and Group 4.

2nd Dalstorm Eternal Promise, first in Junior, just lost out to a finished bitch as I feel she still has a bit of maturing to do.

3rd Shydally’s Dahlia

Class 87 Open (4/5)

1st Dalstorm Eternal Promise, first Junior.

2nd Offordale Anastasia avec Millbelle JW, eye-catching black spotted bitch. Beautiful outline, feminine but has great substance. Fabulous head with dark eye and well set ears which she uses to her advantage. Elegant neck into good shoulders. Fabulous front, not too wide, fits nicely with her well sprung ribs. Straight legs into lovely, tight cat feet. Strong topline with correct tailset. Well conditioned throughout and she oozed confidence on the stand. Unfortunately she had trouble with the floor today and was very bouncy which meant that she lost out to the first placed bitch on movement.

3rd Hermella Vintage Rose at Dalstorm

Lauran Wheaton