• Show Date: 14/04/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lauran Wheaton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Tweedmouth Canine Society

Tweedmouth Canine Society


Thank you to the committee for asking me to judge at their well run and friendly show. Thank you to my steward for keeping everything running smoothly and thank you to the exhibitors for bringing their dogs for me to go over. All the entries had excellent temperaments and correct bite.

Class 102 Graduate (3/3)

1st 203 Barrett’s Dalamanti Ice Ruby JW ShCM, 3 year old black spotted bitch of ideal size with just the right amount of bone, powerful yet retains her elegance. Feminine head with the darkest eyes, well placed ears that she used beautifully to frame her face. Makes a lovely outline with excellent front angles. Really stuns on the move with outstanding reach, she could have done with a bigger ring to really show off in. Superb muscle tone with well-developed second thigh, she could certainly do the job and pushed the Open bitch winner all the way in the challenge.

2nd 205 Dodds & Pearson’s Dalcarla Gladys Knight, 18 month old black spotted bitch. Still very much a youngster and does need to fill out a bit more especially across the chest. Feminine head with dark eyes. Good angles front and rear, with strong hocks. Good, fluid movement but didn’t have the reach of the first placed bitch. Lovely feet. A sweet girl that just needs to mature.

3rd 204 Brewis & Haggie’s Bellili’s L’Elisir D’Amore

Class 103 Postgraduate (2/2)

Both these girls really challenged their handlers today, they were really enjoying themselves which unfortunately meant the handlers had to work extra hard to control them. Typical outgoing Dalmatian temperaments.

1st 206 Holburn’s Dallyador the Spellbinder at Glenlion, 3 year old black spotted bitch with beautiful markings and dark eye. A tall girl but retained her balance, with good depth of brisket and good rear angles. Excellent, tight cat feet. Well-muscled hinds with excellent second thigh. She needed time to settle on the move but when she did she moved well with good reach and drive.

2nd 207 Noble & Fort’s Shulune Celtic Snapdragon, 3 year old liver bitch, another who is tall for a girl but still balanced. Beautiful liver colouring with amber eye, good front angles and deep chest with plenty of heart room. Good amount of bone and great feet. She just wouldn’t settle on the move and kept pulling away from her handler which made her look as though she was crabbing.

Class 104 Open (5/7)

1st 212 Dodds & Pearson’s CH/IR CH Kelevra Classic Cliché JW ShCM, 3 year old black spotted bitch. A girl that I never truly appreciated until I put my hands on her. She makes a lovely outline as she stands but when you go over her you can feel that everything is just right, nothing is overdone in anyway. Feminine head with dark eyes, elegantly arched neck flowing into well laid shoulders. She is balanced through and through with length of shoulder equal to upper arm, well sprung ribs and strong loin. Rear angles that match the front. Flowing movement when viewed from the side and her hind feet tracking up directly behind her fronts when she moved away and back. Definitely the most balanced mover of the day. She wagged her tail the whole time and never stopped working for her handler. BOB.

2nd 209 Christie’s Jezebel the Astonishing Sophtspot (Imp NED) JW, another 3 year old black bitch. An extremely eye catching girl with the darkest of pigment. Feminine head with a wonderful expression. Made on larger lines than the first, with a lot of bone. She had the best feet of the day, not just tight and cat-like but the pads were extremely tough which would be perfect for road work behind a carriage. Excellent angles front and rear and beautifully muscled. She is a powerful mover and really enjoyed her time in the ring, just got a little bit overexcited.

3rd 211 Dodds & Pearson’s Kelevra What the Dickens ShCM