• Show Date: 19/11/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Camberley & District Canine Society

Welsh Corgi - Cardigan: 

What a cracking entry of quality dogs. Many thanks to the exhibitors for their support. How nice to see the breed use the whole ring to move around rather than cut corners. Great dogs with lovely personalities. A very enjoyable appointment. 

Y (1) 1 Lovell's Liebehund Jakku JW. An absolutely superb 12 month old bitch who has it all! Delightful  foxy head with flat skull. Great head planes. Lovely eye shape and set. Super ears for size, shape and set. Well proportioned skull to muzzle. Very foxy and feminine. Kind expression. Just looks at you and makes you go 'wow'! Strong muscular neck set into good shoulders. Upper arm correct. Elbows close to sides. Good width and depth to chest for age. Could perhaps have slightly longer ribcage, but shows no weakness at all through the loins which are firm and well muscled. Lovely rear angulation and straight hocks. Good tail set and carriage. Lovely fox brush. Oozes quality all through. Movement was free, active and stylish. Jacket of great texture. Looked like she could do a job of work with ease. One I would expect to see as a Champion of the future. BOB. 

PG (2) 1 Lovell's Liebehund Forest Moon. Coming along nicely, and like previous winner, has a delightful outline. Graceful curves, yet masculine. Masculine head with typical expression. Good eyes for shape and set. Ok for colour. Head is well proportioned. Muzzle tapers nicely. Ears firm, of good size and shape and not overdone for set. Neck ok. Good angles fore and aft. Chest ok for depth and breadth for age. Strong topline. Tail set on ok. Good fox brush. Moved very well in profile and very straight up and back when he settled. Scored over second for me in overall type and construction. 2 Lovell, Stevens & Symes-Morris' Liebehund Lucy Locket. This bitch had a nice outline. Head displays typical attributes of the breed, but could perhaps be a little foxier in shape and slightly more feminine. Good firm body. Balanced in angles but not quite so good in upper arm as the winner. Shoulders ok. Forechest was acceptable. Good depth of chest with enough daylight underneath. Well proportioned. Moved soundly, but not quite the freedom on action of first. Well handled. 

O (1) 1 Lovell's Liebehund Miss Muffett. Another nice bitch who was put together very well indeed and very workmanlike. Head well proportioned with good head planes. Muzzle tapers nicely. Good eyes for shape and set. Ears correct for shape, size and set - though not keen on showing off her assets! Feminine enough without weakness. Foxy enough in shape. Lovely outline with no jarring edges. Muscular neck of correct length. Good angles fore and aft. Bone good. Front legs typical. Good forechest. Chest good for depth could perhaps have slightly longer ribcage. Firm hotline. Excellent tail set. Lovely foxbrush. Another super mover from all angles. For me the overall type, construction and stylish side gait of the yearling bitch won the day today for BOB. Lacking some underfoot on the day.