• Show Date: 17/09/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Karen Powney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Sheringham & District Kennel Association

Sheringham & District Open Show

17th September 2017

Judge :- Karen Powney

Thank you to the show committee for inviting me to judge some of my favorite breeds. After a 4 hour journey, I had a great day and had the best of the weather and had finished before it started to rain. Thank you to all the exhibitors for allowing me to go over your lovely dogs. My camera unfortunatly ran out of battery power and I had forgotten the spare.

Swedish Vallhund

Special Yearling (1,0)

1st Miss Amon's Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme (B) 20 months old – what a little stunner, I really like this little girl who while she has a lot to come, everything is already on its way, and in the right place, this is a long lived breed who can take quite a few years to reach full maturity so not being finished at this age is not an issue. Great movement and lovely head shape, ears correct and angulation front and rear good. Tail carried well on the move. RBOB but only just a little more maturity and she would have had best of breed. Was great to hear she won the Pastoral Group Res BOB challenge.

Limit – no entries

Open (2,0)

1st Miss Amon's Ch Swed/Fin CH Svedala Billy Busvader at Pepperthyme (Imp Swe)  (D) 6 ½ years old – Lovely Boy showing slight signs of ageing but can still move with the best of them and holds his top line on the move. Good head, eyes and ears. Correct forchest and rib. Well proportioned and lovely dark overlay to his coat. Bob tailed. He presents a full pic. BOB just on maturity.

2nd Miss Amon's Ned CH Onderan de Gele Berg Ylra at Pepperthyme (Imp Ned) (B) 10 years old – Lovely girl who belies her age, a little fine in bone and head but still with an overall good shape and angulation. Correct coat texture but lacking her dark overlay now and markings not as strong as 1st. Lovely tight feet and full tail.

English Setter

Special Yearling (1,0)

1st Whiting & Grants Silmanhurst Thompson Brook at Ormstiga Ir Jun CH (D) 23 months old – Raw young lad who seems to enjoy still being a puppy, up to top height but needs to fill out and spring his rib, his movement is still a little eratic and he overtracks when moved too fast. Good head and lovely dark eye. Will mature in time.

Limit (3,0)

1st Mrs Cook's Pernickety Etiquette (B) 2yo – Lovely Blue Belton who moved well and has a lovely head and expression, good tight feet and good bone lovely angulation, pleased to give her BOB and see her go group 3.

2nd Mr D Ridsdill Tattersett Burnt Sugar (B) 2yo – Lovely orange belton with good movment good tight feet and enough bone, pretty head.

Open (3,0)

1st Whiting & Grant's IrShCH Albadora Make a Stand at Ormstiga CW14/16 (D) 6yo– A lovely orange boy who I have liked from afar for a while he outmoved the rest of the class today has lovely tight feet, good head and reach of neck, a slightly overshot jaw but not too bad. Flowing coat and overall presents a great outline both stood and on the move. RBOB

2nd Mr Ridsill's Koolunga Maggie May (B) 8yo – This lovely orange girl is just showing her age a little, can still keep her topline on the move, correct front assembly and melting expresion, would have liked to see her in her prime when younger.

3rd Mrs Cook's ShCH Moorbrook Uptown Flirt at Pernickity ShCM (B) 9yo – another veteran who I would have loved to see in her younger days, such a lovely head and melting expresion correctly angulated all round but muscle tone now letting her down a little coat in great condition for her age and great to see her out and about when so many have retired or are no longer with us.


Puppy (5,0)

1st Miss Wilton-Clark's Shalfleet Sir Tom (D) 11 months – This beautiful Brindle with white points boy was top of a class I think most of which could have swapped placed on another day, some just giving a little in maturity but what a hard decision. He has good correct movement nothing over exagerated, gorgeos little rosebud ears and correct feet. Angulation both fore and behind very good and a lovely slight rise, over his loin where it should be. BP

2nd Miss & Mrs Welch's Elbryden Minding (B) 11 months – dark Brindle litlle girl, sweet correct little bitch with a lot to like, needs to mature a little. Lovely ears and eyes good overall proportions and very balanced. Moved well.

3rd Mr Copsey's Shardbeck Exclusive to Ronchanelli (B) 8months – Sweet fawn Bitch who was giving a lot in maturity to the winner, good head and ears but looked a little long and was stood too streached out making her shape incorrect. Good chest and front assembly.

Junior – no entries

Post Graduate (5,0)

1st – Ms Seimet, Ms Day & Ms Johnsen's Plumcreek Go Forth Yankee Girl to Sejoda (Imp USA) (B) 5yo – A brindle with white points beautiful Bitch. Head, ears and eyes correct, slight rise over the loin enough bone but not course, correct slightly sloping pasterns which was missing in some today and such a joy to watch on the move.  Pleased to award her RBOB

2nd Mrs Bartlett's Shalfleet Sweet Like Sugar (B) 22 months – a young brindle with white points bitch who has not finished maturing yet. Lovely outline correct overall shape and moved well.

3rd Mrs Wilton-clark's Shalfleet Peggy Sue (B) 19 months – Lighter in frame than first two but lovely overall outline and movement

Open (7,1)

1st Mrs Peacock's Linalkin Meadow Lark JW ShCM 7yo – not showing her age anywhere, ears not her fortune but the rest of the head is good, good reach of neck and lay of shoulder, very fit,  correct action coming, going and in profile correct angulation , lovely overall shape, well angulated front and rear a pleasure to  award her BOB

2nd Mrs Welch's Elbryden Maybe (B) 2yo – good head and reach of neck, correct pasterns and well angulated front and rear. Outmoved by winner today but she will continue to mature.

JHA 6-11 years (5.1)

All of the handlers in all age groups today could have done with listening a little more to instructions and many lost out by doing some sort of cone shape instead of the asked for triangle (they have corners), and the adults as always need to watch the juniors.

1st Ruth McGrath-Wells aged 11 – good little handler but still needs to listen to instructions and carry them out properly, restacks and messes with the dog a little too much but kind and attentive to her dog showing promise for the future.

2nd Harry Sobkowiak aged 11 – another good little handler who just needs to polish things like corners and strait lines, and not panic.Good with dog and showing teeth but loses attention when not his turn.

3rd Isabella Arkell aged 8 – A little younger than the competition but practice will see her improve with age I am sure, good with the dog