• Show Date: 26/11/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Howarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Stroud & District Canine Society

Stroud and District CS  

26th November 2017 

Gundog Group 


From a strong group, I chose Jones Irish Setter Gwendariff Nutmeg ShCM as my winner. Group two was Bradley’s IWS Nyllaup Chilli Pepper, Group 3 went to Flint’s Pointer Casilex Cognac and Group 4 was Matthew’s Cocker Sonham Sapphire Blue. 

Best Puppy in Group went to the Gordon Setter Harker’s Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick. Followed by Group 2 Philo’s Pointer Fydal Caprio at Salmonmist, Group 3 was Harvey Major’s Lab Linjor Portofino and group 4 was Jackson Haines’ Golden Ret Leighsham In The Summertime 

Irish Setters 

Puppy (3) 

1 Phillips and Condron’s Covarney Summer Breeze 7 months, good lean head with dark eyes. Straight in front. Correct feet. Balanced body for her age Plenty of rear angulation. Steadier on the move than her sister. 

2 Hemstead’s Covarney Summer Lovin among Flameview 

3 Mugford’s Lynwood Abracadabra 

Junior (3,2 abs) 

1 Wiggins’ Tremonisha Fuchsia Just 12 months, pleasing head with good ear placement. Neck of good length leading in to well laid shoulders. Straight front with enough width.  Good rear angulation. Needs to settle on the move.  

Post Grad (9, 3) 

1 Jones’ Gwendariff Nutmeg Sh CM This three-year-old took my eye and eventually ended up as my group winner. Lovely head with kind expression and dark eyes. Clean neck of good length. Well developed ribcage giving depth. Firm short couplings. Well-turned stifles without any exaggeration. Moved well holding her topline and covering the ring easily. Best of Breed Group 1. 

2 Davies’ Tarandell Wispa’s Desire 

3 Gilks’ Danwish The Lion King 

Open (3,1) 

1 Gilks Suteresett Mr Uppity Good honest dog all through. Mature at 6 and looked well. Correct in front and clean in neck. He has a firm topline and is in good coat of rich colour.  

2 Andrews’ Millcroft Moon Riot 


Puppy (3,1) 

1 Philo’s Fydal Caprio at Salmonmist Super puppy with lots to like. Good head with plenty of shape for this age. Good eyes and correct bite. Straight front with good bone and decent feet. Balanced in body with good rear angulation and strength over the quarters. Needed a larger ring to show movement off to his best. Puppy Group 2.  

2 Wilkins’ Wilchrimane Cherry Flip with Lottieboo 

Junior (5,2) 

1 Flint’s Casilex Cognac At 14 months looked really well. Lovely head with kind eyes. Clean reachy neck with good layback of shoulders. Straight front with good feet, He has a balanced body and is strong over the quarters with well-turned stifles. He moved well and won Best of Breed and Group 3. 

2 Philo’s Fydal Caprio at Salmonmist 

3 Guy and Lowe’s Blueyonda Peaches at Carofel 

Post Grad (5,1) 

1 Lowe’s Lowsmoor Shiralee JW Feminine and balanced, she moved the best in this class today. Different type to the previous winners. She has a lot to like about her. Straight in front and balanced in body with firmness over her loins. She has a good tailset and used her tail well on the move.  

2 Matthews’ Millpoint Simply Bootifull with Sonham 

3 Guy and Lowe’s Blueyonda Peaches at Carofel 

Open (5,2) 

1 Flint’s Wynbury Golden Chalice by Fleurfield Another nice one. Pleasing in head with kind eyes and a feminine expression. She is good in front and has good length of ribs and short couplings. Good rear angulation and super back feet. She moved well.  

2 Tannahill’s Wynbury Walter Jack JW 

3 Stilgoe and Oliver’s Asterope Lightening Star Via Teisgol JW 

American Cockers 

Open (3,1) 

1 Luczynski’s Baladeva Scarlet Letters for Kanara Lovely black with super temperament. Pretty head with plenty of shape. Presented a good picture standing in full coat and well turned out. Just edged this class and Best of Breed on her positive movement.  

2 Fear’s Wraxhill Gettysburg Address 

Cocker Spaniels 

Puppy (1) 

1 Clinton’s Haradwater Shall we dance with Oramiss Attractive light blue almost 12 months. Dark in eye with good ear placement. Good in front with well angulated shoulders. Good turn of stifle. She needs to settle on the move but should come on nicely. 

Post grad (4,2) 

1 Moutrey’s Sunzo Songstar Liked the head on this 18 month red. She is pretty and correct in head with good stop. She has a good front with good length of neck. Plenty of rear angulation and her hocks are well let down. She moved well and was presented in full coat.  

2 Fear’s Majestyka Winning Streak 

Open (5,1) 

1 Matthew’s Sonham Sapphire Blue Lovely type and moving well She has a feminine head with good shape and low set ears. She is cobby in body with good ribs and short couplings. Nothing over done here. Best of Breed and Group 4.  

2 Edgington’s Uxendel Scotsman 

3 Moutrey’s Sunzo Sonatina 

Hungarian Vizsla 

Junior (2) 

1 Priestley’s Silvestre Jolene 13 months and good overall shape. She has a correctly balanced head and well angulated quarters. In good coat condition. Won on her movement here, should do well when she gains a bit more confidence.  

2 Challis’ Vizslanya Eritrea 

Post Grad (1) 

1 Challis’ Viszlanya Dunaviz Correct head with enough stop. Clean neck of good length. Stright, well boned front, good length of rib. Quarters are strong with a good turn of stifle. Moved well to take Best of Breed 

Open (3,1) 

1 Gibbons Sivestre Blazing Saddles Well built but still balanced. Good head with correct eye colour. Good reach of neck. I liked his colour. Shown in good condition.  

2 Challis’ Highforce Future Legend for Vizslanya 

Flatcoated Retrievers 

Junior (3) 

1 May’s Lussac Vintage Lace Full of life. Nice head with good neck and shoulders. Elbows nicely tucked in. Good length of body and enough depth giving correct balance. Good rear angulation. In good coat. Should mature nicely.  

2 Trotter’s Lussac Vill I An 

3 Bishop’s Lyneholme Painted Lady 

Post Grad (4,1) 

1 Pingree’s Castlerock Burning Love to Heatheridge Bigger dog in super coat. Good head with good length to his muzzle. Straight in front with good width of body. Correct topline with good tail set. Strong quarters with good angulation. The best mover in this class showing a happy disposition at the same time. Best of Breed. 

2 Lussac Vintage Lace 

3 Lussac Vill I An 

Open (2,1) 

1 Bishop’s Lyneholme Nettle. At seven still maintains an outgoing temperament. Good in head with dark eyes. Well angulated quarters. Moved well. Not in her best coat today.  

AV Gundog NSC 

Puppy (6) A good class.  

1 Harker’s Gordon Setter, Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick Super pup of just 6 months. Full of quality. He is correct in head, strong but not overdone and this will improve with age. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Good ribs for his age and firm across the loins. Strong quarters. Moved with enthusiasm I later awarded him Best Puppy in Group. I will watch his career with interest. 

2 Lewin’s Hungarian WH VIszla Vynesbrook Caribbean Red 

3 Fleming’s Italian Spinone Chandhally Cockney Rebel 

Junior (1) 

1 Whitfields WSS Glenbrows Heart to Heart 216 months and good overall make and shape. Good head with typical expression. Correct ear set. Good clean reachy neck, straight in front. Good length of ribs.  

Post Grad (6,3) 

1 Bradley’s IWS Nyllaup Chilli Pepper I really liked this 2-year-old. Good head with alert expression. Correct front with straight legs and tidy feet. Good length of back leads to well turned stifles. Moved well to take Best NSC and Group 2.  

2 Fleming’s Italian Spinone Chandhally Limon Cino 

3 Gasher’s Sussex Megamooch Turbo Ted 

Open (8,4) 

1 Challis Italian Spinone Sh Ch/ Int Ch Redrue Cherriecola to Chandhally Mature with a quality head good eyes and correct ear placement. Straight in front. Good length of body. Well angulated quarters. Nothing exaggerated here. Moved steadily.  

2 Powell and Tatum’s Weimaraner Weltguist Amy 

3 Powell’s Weimaraner Parhelis Dante 

AV Gundog Veteran (2,1) 

1 Wilkins Pointer Tafakis Sun Princess 8Years old b/w. Well-shaped head with clean neck and good shoulders. Balanced body with firm couplings and decent topline. Plenty of rear angulation. Liked her neat feet.  

AV Gundog Special Veteran (1) 

1 Powell’s Weimaraner Madreliath’s Renata Good headed 10 year old. She has a good front and is balanced in body with firm topline and good length of ribs. Strong over her quarters with a good bend of stifle. Moved really well showing herself to advantage. 


Jane Howarth