• Show Date: 05/03/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Coventry & District Gundog Society

Coventry & District Gundog Society

5th March 2017

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee of Coventry & District Gundog, for their kind invitation to judge at this super show. I have to say a huge thank you to all the judges for putting through some superb dogs through to the BIS. To the exhibitors for the pleasure of your dogs. It was a shame there are not more places that can be awarded. Several lovely dogs just missing out on the shortlist. And to my steward, who kept me in good order all day.

Clumber Spaniels

Junior (4,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Newsham - Anbrook Burma Star At Brazenhill

17 month old dog, and one who catches your attention. Thought him to be a very smart, with a lovely outline when stood. He definitely gives the impression of strength all through. His head has good balance, with a good square backskull, deep stop and deep flews, along with a clean tight eye giving a kind expression. Super depth to the ribcage and forechest, stong and firm topline, well boned legs onto tight feet. Having a well bent stifle and good width of thigh. Strode out on the move - BOB

2. Mrs Grant - Tweedsmuir Chenoa At Windfly

Post Graduate (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Rudbach - Micklemess Making Music At Clumbadane

Pleasing 16 month old dog, built on slightly lighter lines than the BOB, but found him to be very balanced in outline and sound on the move. He is all male without being overdone, with a happy outgoing demeanor. Masculine head, with a good stop, and tight eyes. Strong neck flowing into a well held topline. Enough depth, good hindquarters. Moving out with an easy action

Spanish Water Dogs

Graduate (7,3)

1. Donaldson & Palumbo - Prizelands You’re The One For Me For Rainethyme

This is certainly one to watch for the future, at only 15 months old, he certainly catches the eye with his natural presence. He is all male, solidly built and rustic. Such a lovely head, well proportioned showing strength yet elegant. Well developed through the body, chest well let down. Straight well boned forelegs. Shown in super coat, lovely woolly textured curls. Moving with purpose and drive. Today not as precise behind as BOB, pleased to award him RBOB is this quality entry

2. Rutherford & Hodgson-Rutherford Rayaragua Ria (Imp Esp)

3. Mrs Carr - Carbonnie Dona Roxanna

Open (10,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Walker - Valentisimo’s Tizi

Just love the balance and construction of this 2 year old bitch. She is rustic and workmanlike. Her outline when stood in profile is typical and an absolute picture. Beautiful head, correct parallel planes, flat skull and with a kind dark eye. Strong muscular neck flows into her firm and level topline. Correctly angulated fore and aft, with good width of thigh. Shown with firm musculature and a coat of good texture and curl. Loved her on the move, at one with her handler and showing the brisk gait and drive from the rear – BOB, delighted to award her with RBIS

2. Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Hodgkinson Ir Sh Ch Burta Marinero Tesoro At Chanderhill ShCM (Imp)

3. H & G Wiseman - Valentisimo’s Olli Dante

Bracco Italiano

Graduate (5,3)

1. Mrs Critchley - Sazmallin Dollywagon Pike

2 year old bitch, who showed good balance when stood. Having the correct body proportions, being almost square. Her head has the desire length and divergent planes, with good depth to the flews, dark eye and well placed ears. She has good depth to the brisket and forechest, good length to pasterns, but a little down on them today. Hindquarters are well angulated and in good muscle tone. On the move showed to be true fore and aft and good drive in profile - BOB

2. Mr & Mrs Goode - Owlspoint King Of Trouble - BP

Open (1,0)

1. Mrs Godsmark - Gunsyn Areli At Finola

Upstanding 4 year old dog. He is long and narrow through the head, lean cheeks with divergent planes. Strong muscular neck flowing into his topline, which has the slight slope and raise. Chest well let down, nicely boned limbs. Super muscle tone to the hind quarters. In profile moved with drive, today not as positive as BOB coming and going - RBOB

Large Munsterlander

Graduate (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Weare - Kamaze Revolution

Much to like about this 14 month old dog, being a bit of a handful, but that just added to his charm. Liked him for his overall balance, size and masculinity. He is certainly developing along the right lines. Found him to have a pleasing head, with the slightly rounded skull and good length to the foreface. Super dark eye giving a kind expression. He has good depth for his age, and has well boned limbs and nice tight feet. Holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Shown in good muscle tone. Moving with purpose and drive

2. Mr, Mrs & Miss Foreman - Celtaur Aquarius Lake

Open (3,1)

1. Dowden & Raggett - Chontelle Summer Solstice

Mature 2 year old dog, upstanding and alert. This dog has a natural presence about him and lots of character. He is well proportioned in outline, functional and workmanlike. Handsome head, of good length and clean cut. He has a muscular neck showing the slight arch flowing well into his topline. Good width to the chest with straight well boned forelegs and strong pasterns. Moderate in the hindquarters, but well muscled. Moving out with a long stride - BOB

2. Mrs Ward - Incadar Illuminare For Gemlorien - RBOB


Graduate (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Speck - Sarscottah Astro (GLP)

This GLP dog is coming up 2 years of age, and proving to be a bit of a handful for his handler. Loved his energetic zest for life. When stood gives the impression of sturdy workmanlike dog, who is well boned. Typical noble head, with a lovely dark eye and a hint of mischief! Firm topline and good depth and forechest. Not quite as settled on the move as he could be, but showed to cover the ground well - RBOB

Open (1,0)

1. Ms Moss - Arany’s Greta (GLP)

Thought that this 3 year old solid brown GLP bitch was just lovely. She has super substance all through yet the elegance giving an overall picture of being a smart, clean and sound. She is lovely to go over. Her head is balanced and feminine, with a dark eyes. Strong muscular neck flowing well into a firm well held topline. Brisket to the elbow and well defined forechest. Particularly pleasing is her width of thigh and muscle tone. A pleasure to watch on the move, sound and coordinated at one with her handler - BOB

AV Import Register

Graduate (1,0)

1. Mrs Walker - Nantiderri Dancing Daisy To Baikel (Korthal Griffon)

This 17 month old bitch has a lovely outline when stood, unfortunately seeming to feel a little unsettled today. Liked her overall size and profile. A pleasing head, with good furnishings, neck of good length, correct spring to the ribs. She is nicely angulated fore and aft. Movement was a little erratic in the class. Much more settle when doing her lap of honour before BIS, showing her ground covering action

AV Veteran Dog (10,8)

1. Ms Halliday - Sh Ch Yennadon The Druid JW (Gordon Setter)

This 9 year old Gordon Setter, seemed to have the idea he was only 9 months old showing lots of spirit and fun, which is lovely to see. He holds an impressive outline when stood, having strength and bone, but not overdone. He has such a kind expression, when he as not being daft! The skull having good depth, good stop and well placed ears. His long neck flowing well into his topline and correctly set on tail. Body deep through. Shown in lovely coat and condition - BV

2. Miss Booth - Kirwilldale Beethoven (Irish Setter)

AV Veteran Bitch (9,8)

1. Mr & Mrs Gardiner - Kilnrae Gretel (GSP)

Wow, this 13 year old GSP bitch is certainly in fine fettle for her age. Yes, she is showing signs of aging in her fading coat colour, but she is shapely and can certainly move. When stood she has a compact outline with graceful lines. Pleasing head with dark eye, good depth to the chest, firm topline, and good rear angulation. It is on the move she comes alive, so true with her footfall and super drive. A real credit to her owner.

Minor Puppy Stakes (13, 11)

1. Mrs Graham - Bitcon Secret With Nyliram (Flatcoat)

What a sweetie this 7 month old Flatcoat bitch is, not fazed at all and showing like an old pro. Very feminine all through and showing the typical outgoing temperament. Liked her flowing lines when stood. She has a pleasing one piece head, with a dark eye. For her age she has good depth through the body and a good forechest. A little loose in front at the moment, her hind quarters have good width to the thigh and a good bend of stifle. Moved with good drive

2. Schoneville & Derry - Hawklawn Khamsin (English Setter)

Puppy Stakes (17, 12)

1. Mrs Dale - Arany’s Balatino With Laurelset (HV)

A very shapely 10 month old Vizsla bitch. So much to like, and not overdone in any department. She has a robustness about her and is workmanlike. Her head shows the correct proportions and intelligent expression. Good depth to the brisket and forechest, firm topline both standing and on the move. Straight forelegs and strong pasterns. Moved out with purpose and being true fore and aft.

2. Mr & Mrs Bambrook - Marshwiggle Shakespeare At Ravoakar (Lab)

3. Mrs Matthews - Millpoint Simply Bootifull With Sonham (Pointer)

AV Minor Puppy (11,7)

1. Mrs Graham - Bitcon Secret With Nyliram (Flatcoat)

See Minor Puppy Stakes winner

2. Miss Affleck - Pabiaga’s Hotel California (SWD)

3. Mrs Angus - Indijazz Against All Odds (GSP)

AV Puppy (3,2)

1. Mrs Dale - Arany’s Balatino With Laurelset (HV)

See puppy stakes winner

AV Junior (10, 3)

1. Mrs Thomas - Claramand Ziggy Ziggy JW (Cocker)

This 16 month old orange roan dog shows himself off with confidence and style. Liked him for his overall size and outline when stood. In profile showing to be square and compact. He has a lovely head and expression, gentle and kind. His clean neck flows into a firm topline and correctly set on tail. Well boned legs onto tight cat like feet. Put down in good coat and condition. Moving with drive and precision

2. Watts & Lawrence - Oakmarsh Chestnut (Chesapeake Bay)

3. Mrs Lane-Ridyard - Kulawand Final Quest (Golden Ret)

AV Yearling (9 6)

1. Mrs Lane-Ridyard - Kulawand Kodbreaker JW (Flatcoat)

Today being a little high spirited, but oh so nice. I was rather taken with this 21 month old Flatcoat bitch, loved her zest for life. Liked her typical outline and sound construction, looked a picture on the stack. Having good substance all through, but not overdone. Pleasing head, super depth, firm topline and that ever wagging tail. Moving out well

2. Thomas & Taylor - Knabynnus Aurora Borealis (GSP)

3. Gardiner & Bambrook - Kulawand Kookaburra for Svenjak (Flatcoat)

AV Post Graduate (9,3)

1. Mr & Mrs Evans - Yorkham Rocking Rudolph (Sussex)

At just 2 years old, this Sussex dog still has some maturing to do, but what a lovely outline he has. There is no mistaking his masculinity, he has a lovely head, with the typical frown, and tight eye. Strong muscular neck flowing well into his super firm topline. Stong bone and well angulated hind quarters. Moved out purposefully.

2. Miss Booth - Jennison Tribute (Irish Setter)

3. Havery Major & Bambrook - Linjor Sessile Oak At Ravoakar ShCM (Lab)

AV Open (16, 10)

1. Thomas & Upton - Bowdonia Seraphina JW ShCM (WSS)

Lovely 2 year old bitch, when stood she has a clean and smart outline, nothing is overdone. Liked her overall size and balance. She has a super head and expression, with those pleading eyes. Well developed through the body, straight well boned front onto tight feet. Shows good width of thigh. A sound and happy mover

2. Lane & Lane-Ridyard - Kulawand Konquistador JW (Flatcoat)

3. Caldwell & McDowell - Bowdonia Only The Brave For Cerysan (WSS)

Brace (7, 4)

1. Watts & Lawrence - Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

A well balance pair of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, moving in harmony with their handler

2. Ms Halliday - Gordon Setters

3. Ms Davey - Sussex Spaniels

AV Field Trial.Working (4,2)

1. Mrs Hogsbjerg - Wessex Sultan Of Rufriver (Lab)

Dark yellow Labrador dog, coming up 4 years old. What a lovely dog he is, so gentle and calm yet so willing to please. He was shown is superb muscular condition. He has a masculine head with good width to the backskull and length to the foreface, coupled with a kind expression. His neck is strong and very muscular. Standing on well boned legs, leaner through the body, moderated rear angulation. Moving with power and precision

2. Ms halliday - Yennadon Reiss (Gordon Setter

Best In Show

Mrs Bowe - Sh Ch Tawnyka It’s A Puzzle For Belcam JW ShCM

Just loved this Sussex Spaniel dog, who is coming up 3 years old and into his best. Today he definitely put his best foot forward to take the top spot in this superb group, and quite the charmer! A quality exhibit of excellent type. For me he is of the correct size, substance and masculinity, but nothing is overdone. On the move he is just so true fore and aft, holding a firm level topline and ever wagging tail

Reserve Best In Show

Mr & Mrs Walker - Valentisimo’s Tizi

This 2 year old SWD bitch, just oozes breed type and of super quality. She is of the correct size and has the desired rustic appearance. This coupled with a lovely brisk true gait gained her RBIS

Group 3

Mahon & Newton - Curlabull New York Jet

Super 3 year old CCR, who has a natural presence about him, and oh so smart. He is a strong and upstanding dog yet having a hint of elegance and grace. Typical masculine wedge head, body showing good depth and strength, holding a firm topline, both stood and on the move. Shown to perfection and in super coat and condition

Group 4

Mrs Thomas - Claramand Ziggy Ziggy JW

What a little cracker this 16 month old cocker is, lovely from any angle. Just loved his head, so masculine and well chiselled, with a dark eye. Clean through the neck and flowing well into his firm topline. Good depth and the desired compact body. Straight well boned legs, and well angulated hindquarters. Shown in super coat and moving like a dream, so true and merry

Best Puppy In Show

Mr & Mrs Weller - Ravensett Giselle At Juldeane

On entering the ring I was taken with this 11 month old orange belton English Setter bitch. She has such grace and elegance, yet her construction is correct and functional. Beautiful head, with good chiselling, length and the soft gentle expression. She is well developed in the body with a good forechest and spring to the rib. Holding a firm topline and well set on tail. On the move she just flowed with a good head carriage and keeping the level topline.

Reserve Best Puppy In Show

Titovets & Eremin - Macdreams Trent From Cashel Vale

Workmanlike and confident 10 month old NSDTR. This young dog was alert, active and at one with his handler. Liked his overall balance and construction. Correct wedge shaped head and keen expression. Good depth of brisket, firm topline, and well angulated hindquarters. Came alive on the move showing a lovely springy action and so true

Puppy Group 3

Miss Ellis - Soellis Fannie Annie

9 month old GSP bitch, thought her to have beautiful lines and balance on the stack. Her shapely silhouette shows her to be short backed yet standing over plenty of ground. Liked her feminine head, flowing nicely from nose to tail. Well boned limbs, with good depth and spring to the ribs. Strength in her backend which she used to power round the ring

Puppy Group 4

Mrs Bailiss - Tissalian Hi Jack

A lovely 8 month old yellow Labrador dog, what a cracking youngster, who is showing lots of promise. So balanced when stood for one so young. He has a super head, with good length to the foreface and a kind dark eye. His strong neck flows well into his well held topline. Liked his depth to the brisket and spring to the ribs. Good bone onto tight feet. Shown in good coat. Moving out with precise footfall