• Show Date: 28/10/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Mid Herts Gundog Club

Mid Herts Gundog Club

28th October 2017

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their invitation to judge at this Premier Gundog Show. A friendly and well organised show. Thank you to the exhibitors for braving the cold, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to judge your dogs

Italian Spinone

Junior (2,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Wagh - Prottino Del Savona Pesca By Dewdahala NAF

Lovely 7 month old w/o bitch, very raw as you would expect, but loved her overall shape in profile. She has the desired squareness to her outline, sturdy yet feminine. She has the correct head planes, large protruding spongy nose, kind eye and well furnished. Her strong neck leads well into a well developed forechest and deep ribcage with correct topline, croup and set on of tail. She has a good width of thigh. Shown with a good coat texture. On the move showed a good trotting stride - BP

Post Graduate (2,1)

1. Mr Squirrell - Inostricani Annalisa

Sturdy 19 month old b/r bitch. She was not helping her handler today being rather a fidget. She has good substance all through, but totally out of coat. Her head shows the correct divergent planes, strong neck, correct topline both stood and on the move. She has good depth to the brisket, a little down in the pasterns, large feet but lacking the arch. On the move held her shape and good drive from the rear.

Open (2,0)

1. Mrs James - Sh Ch Inostricani Fiorella JW ShCM

This 3 year old w/o bitch looked an absolute picture on the stack. She has a typical outline and of sound construction. Thought her to be full of quality and very pleasing to the eye. Loved her overall size and balance, she is squarely built super substance but not overdone. Most feminine of heads, with divergent planes and leanness to the skull, lovely human like expression and well furnished. Her strong neck flows well into a gentle fall and rise to the topline. She has well boned limbs and depth all through. Shown in great coat and condition. She has that lovely ease of movement that is a joy to watch – BOB delighted to watch her take BIS4 in a fabulous group

2. Mr & Mrs Wagh - Dewdhala Figlio Di Una Pesca - RBOB

Flat Coated Retriever

Junior (3,0)

1. Mrs Taylor-Loveless - Cuillinoir Once Brewed

At just 10 months old this black dog shows lots of promise, really liked his well balanced body lines. He has a lovely flow from nose to tail. Found him surprisingly laid back for a flatcoat, but still a showman. He has the desired ‘one piece’ moulded head, good length to the foreface and lovely dark intelligent eyes. Clean neck flowed well into a firm and well held topline and tail set. Chest down to the elbow, with a well developed forechest. Ribs carried well back. He has good strength to his hindquarters with good width of thigh. Shown with a gleaming flat coat. Found his movement to be precise and powerful – BOB & BP

2. Miss Kiddell - Hameldowntor Midsummer Night’s Dream

3. Mr & Mrs Goodman - Blacklake Berkeley

Post Graduate (3,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Goodman - Blacklake Isabella

This 15 month old black bitch certainly lived up to ‘active’ part of the breed standard, she is full of confidence and had a real zest for life. Built on slightly racier lines, she is very feminine all through. She has an appealing head, which was nicely moulded with a super dark eye. Clean through the neck. She has enough depth to the brisket, with ribs carried well back. Liked her well bent stifle and well muscled hindquarters. On the move showed good drive with the ever lashing tail

Limit (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Goodman - Blacklake Cordelia

I was taken by this 4 year old black bitch, with lovely flowing lines and good balance when stacked. She has good substance yet retains the elegance. Pleasing head which is well proportioned and balanced, nicely boned limbs, feet a little flat. She has pleasing depth to the body and well developed hind quarters which showed good width of thigh. She never stopped showing and moved out with drive - RBOB

2. Tague - Wyrebeck Midnight Breeze With ronevorg

Open (2,1)

1. Tague - Wyrebeck Midnight Breeze With ronevorg

Placed 2nd in previous class, A strong and robust 3 year old black dog, who is built on stronger lines. Handler not quite getting the best of the dog today. He is of a good size, with substance and masculinity. He has the typical happy and outgoing personality. Liked his head, clean cut and balanced. He has a strong neck, lovely depth of brisket and development of forechest. Ribs carried well back, falling away a little at the croup. Well angulated hind quarters. Not quite as coordinated on the move today

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Junior (5,0)

1. Miss Powley - Danehaven Kovik

Mature up to size 15 month old dog, built on slightly heavier lines, but thought him to have a lovely balanced and powerful outline. When stood he presents a shapely silhouette, being functional and workmanlike. He has a wedge shaped skull, eyes toning well with coat, correct high ear set. His strong clean neck flowing well into a firm and well held level topline. He has good depth to the ribcage and short coupled. Liked his well angulated hindquarters. Shown with a good double coat. Moving with correct footfalls and drive

2. Mrs Foster-Brown - Stellenbosch Tiberon – BP, shortlisted in Puppy group

3. Miss Pashley - Wakaduze Wah Pen Dah Ska

Post Graduate (5,1)

1. Miss Elkin - Tollelkin Water Dancer

Much to like about this 2 year old bitch, she is so keen, alert and attentive to her handler. She has a pleasing shape on the stack, very feminine all through. Found her head to be most appealing, with good width to the backskull, wedge shaped, lovely almond shaped eye giving a kind and intelligent expression. Well boned limbs, straight forelegs onto tight feet, good depth through the body. Just at times lost the firmness to her topline. Well developed muscle tone. Moved out purposefully with a good head carriage and jaunty gait

2. Mrs Foster-Brown - Lorevy Shugar For Stellenbosch

3. Miss Pashley - Wakaduze Wah Pen Dah Ska

Open (7,1)

A lovely class to judge, with much variation

1. Miss Stevens - Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire At Tollisty JW ShCM

Happy Birthday, 3 years old today. What a very smart young dog this is. He really knows how to show himself off with confidence. One who is really nice to go over. When stood portrays the image of an active, intelligent and workmanlike dog who is at one with his handler. Loved his overall balance and construction. He has the desired clean cut skull, nicely tapering muzzle, almond eye shape with alert and keen expression. He has lovely depth all through and complimentary angles both ends. He has a pleasing bend of stifle and width of thigh. Shown in good coat and muscle tone. A pleasure to watch on the move, true and driving, with correct head and tail carriage – BOB shortlisted in group

2. Miss Powley - Danehaven Tunulic - RBOB

3. Miss Davies - Katmistsky’s Soul Dream

Clumber Spaniel

Open ( 4,1)

Super class, really liked all 3 of these exhibits, could have quite happily given each of them top honours.

1. Mrs Thorogood - Sh Ch Winhampton Over The Yardarm Of Harrifield JW ShCM

3 year old male headed this lovely line up. Liked the workmanlike outline of this dog, he is fit and muscular, but also has great substance, not carrying any excess. He outline is of a sturdy and balanced dog. His head is large and square, good stop, lovely depth to the flews. He has a strong neck which flowed well into his firm and level topline, chest is deep and well developed, with super strong boned limbs. He was a little out of coat today, but a pleasure to watch on the move, very true in all directions and powerful drive from the rear - BOB

2. Miss Hirst - Creeaark Artreyu - RBOB

3. Miss Hirst - Sh Ch Creeaark Fantastica

Sussex Spaniel

Special Yearling (1,0)

1. Mrs Moon - Deanway Sugar Plum Fairy

This 7 month old bitch has character and attitude by the spade load, she is so adorable. Very much a raw baby at the moment, but you can see it is all there. She has a lovely feminine head, with good width to the backskull and depth all through. A good length of neck, pleasing depth for her age, the ribs are carried well back. Her topline was firm both standing and on the move. She has nicely angulated hindquarters. On the move a little erratic, but so happy and outgoing - BP

Open (3,0)

1. Mrs Bowe - Sh Ch Tawnyka It’s A Puzzle For Belcam JW ShCM

Super 3 year old dog, thought him just lovely. When stood he presents an imposing and balanced outline. He is of the right size, substance and masculinity, with quality all through. The most handsome head, the backskull nicely curved, good stop, and those typical frowning eyebrows. He has a long and strong neck which flows into his well balanced body. Lovely boned limbs, with complimentary angulation fore and aft. Shown in good coat with the golden tips. Striding out well showing free and positive movement – BOB, Thrilled to see him go onto win BIS3

2. Mr & Mrs Evans - Yorkham Rocking Rudolph - RBOB

3. Ms Moon - Trevallisse Eye Of The Storm