• Show Date: 29/12/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Luton Canine Association

Luton Canine Association

30th December 2017

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington

Thank you to the committee for their kind invitation to judge at this prestigious show. I had some really super dogs to judge, it was a great pleasure, so thank you to the exhibitors for making the effort after all the Christmas excess!! Also to my ring steward, Kirsty for keeping the ring in order

Irish Setter

Puppy (9,3)

1. Mrs Jones - Gwendariff Chilli Powder

10 month old bitch who showed herself off with confidence. Lots to like about this youngster, she has lovely balance and construction. Such a feminine head, which is well proportioned, correct gentle dark eye. Her neck is of good length and flows well into a firm gently sloping topline. Brisket is down to the elbow and her outline has the desired raciness. Nicely angulated hindquarters. Coat is of a rich gleaming chestnut. In profile on the move she shows good reach and drive, just needing to tighten a little in front, with the ever lashing tail – BP, delighted to watch her take RBPIS (Overall for the 2 days)

2. Mr & Mrs Taylor - Alchriset A Taste Of Honey

3. Miss Box - Fernstart Galway Girl

Junior (2,2)

Graduate (5,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Taylor - Danaway Goody Two Shoes

Very elegant 4 year old bitch, holding lovely body lines when stood, her silhouette is shapely and racy but she has a pleasing amount of substance. She has an appealing head, most feminine with a soft expression. Her long clean neck flowing well into her well held topline. She has a pleasing depth to the ribcage, which is carried well back. Hindquarters show a nice bend of stifle. All coming together on the move, going with purpose and drive - BOB

2. Miss Box - Fernstart Birdsong - RBOB

3. Mr & Mrs Nicolls - Romarne Under Orders JW

Open (2,2)

Large Munsterlander

Puppy (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Day - Waldo Vom Busshof Mit Alfriston (Imp Deu)

A rather distracted 7 month old dog, providing his handler with a bit of a challenge. Thought him to have well balanced body lines, with everything in the right place for his age. He has a handsome head piece with good length, lovely dark eye with a kind, if a little mischievous expression. Strong neck, he has enough depth for his age, good length to the ribcage, with a good width of thigh. Not the easiest to assess on the move, but there were glimpses of free flowing movement - BP

Junior (1,0)

1. Miss Shemming - Quilesta Just Captivating

Just out of puppy, this 13 month old bitch, showed herself off with confidence and working well with her handler. Still a little raw all through, but she has a pleasing outline on the stack. She has good length to the foreface, and slight rounding to the backskull, combined with a kind dark eye giving a feminine and appealing head. Just needing to drop a little still in brisket. Liked her hindquarters, nicely muscled. In profile movement shows a good free flowing stride - RBOB

Open (3,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Waters - Tarkanya Lytas llewellyn

WOW, at nearly 12 years young this dog is looking fabulous. When stood this dog gives the impression of strength and power. Liked him for his size, substance and masculinity. He has a lovely head, only a hint of grey at the edges of the muzzle, with a well proportioned backskull to foreface. Good depth to the ribs, standing on well boned legs onto well rounded feet. Hindquarters well muscled with a good width of thigh and bend to the stifle. Moving out well and purposefully - BOB

2. Mr & Mrs Day - Raycris Constantin At Alfriston


Puppy (7,1)

1. Ms Carrington - Carringdale Fenestra

Impressive 11 month old yellow bitch, she was oh so naughty but oh so nice! When stood she has a lovely outline, she has strength all through yet remaining feminine. Thought her to be well proportioned, nothing is overdone and carrying the right amount of weight. She has a lovely head, good width to the backskull, and length to the foreface, dark eye with a keen and alert expression. Liked her flow from nose to tail, her neck has good strength, with a well developed forechest and correct barrel ribs, she kept a firm topline using her otter tail well. Pleasing hindquarters which she used to give good drive on the move - BP

2. Mr & Mrs McLellan - Loumar Kiawah For Saranden

3. Mrs King - Linthwaite Indiana

Junior (3,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Gore - Chadfrith Casa Mila

14 month old chocolate bitch, much to appreciate about this young bitch. She is well developed through the body, with good bone and substance. She has an alert and intelligent expression, strong clean neck which flowed well into her shoulders. Liked her depth of brisket and well developed forechest, the ribs are well sprung, a tad longer in loin. Moving out with a controlled and easy action, being true fore and aft. Shown in a rich colour and of good texture. At one with and attentive to her handler

2. Mrs King - Linthwaite Excalibur

3. Ms Carrington - Carringdale Rio

Special Yearling (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Bambrook - Marshwiggle Shakespeare At Ravoakar JW

Upstanding 17 month old yellow dog. He certainly gives the impression of strength and he is all dog. He has a super ring presence and oozes confidence and keenness. Liked him for his overall balance and construction. He is solid and sturdy yet fit and muscular. Pleasing head, strong neck, lovely depth and barrel shape to the ribs, short coupled. Carried his tail a little higher both stood and on the move. Super hindquarters, with good of thigh and bend of stifle. Moved out with purpose

2. O’Dell & Bills - Vetybonbetty Chocolate Box

Post Graduate (10,4)

1. Ms Scutcher - Winsleywood Wild Anise JW

Just loved this 2 year old bitch, she has femininity in spade loads but also has enough substance and strength. When stood she has such a clean and appealing outline. Her head is just lovely, so well balanced with a good length to the foreface and clean cheeked. She flows from nose to tail, with a firm topline, good barrel ribs and well developed forechest. Moderately boned and as fit as a fiddle, looking like she could do a day’s work. Showing good drive and reach on the move. So close up in the challenge - RBOB

2. Mr & Mrs McLellan - Timouron Sioux For Saranden

3. Mrs Sadler - Beautiful Ella Firestorm

Open (9,3)

1. Mr & Mrs McLellan - Saranden Rock Your Baby

Cracking 2 year old yellow bitch, an absolute picture on the stack, she has lovely balance and construction, combining strength with athleticism. Liked her overall size and substance, she is not overdone in anyway and carrying the correct amount of body condition. Thought her to have an appealing head, very attentive to her handler. Her neck is strong and muscular, and has a good deep barrel chest. Keeping her firm topline when stood and on the move, finished off with a good otter tail. She has strength to her hindquarters and standing on well boned limbs and tight feet. Moving in total harmony with her handler, and being so true from all angles which clinched her BOB in tough competition

2. Mrs Burroughs - Annakay Dancing On Ice

3. Mrs Elliott - Winsleywod Wild Joker Of Lyndham

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Puppy (3,0)

1. Miss Waller - Isfryn Lady Godiva At Fireglow

A lovely class of puppies all litter mates, and not much to separate them, I am sure they will all change places many times. Today, at 9 months old felt that this bitch gave her all and showed her socks off. An impressive puppy showing lots of character. Found her to be well developed for her age, with a pleasing head and gentle expression. A neck of good length, which flows well into her topline. She has enough depth for her age, standing on good legs and feet. Liked her well bent stifle and width of thigh. Clinching the class as she moved out soundly and with good drive - BP

2. Mrs Cooper - Isfryn Lady Grey

3. Ms Smith - Isfryn Peeping Tom

Junior (4,1)

1. Mrs Caldwell - Hillpark Queen Bee For Cerysan

Compact and elegant 14 month old bitch. Lots to like about this youngster, she is clean in outline, feminine, yet sturdy and workmanlike. Thought her to have a quality feminine head, with the slight dome to the back skull, chiselling and lovely dark expressive eyes. She has enough depth through the body, with a good spring to the ribs. Shown in good condition and moves out with ease and at one with her handler.

2. Mrs Elliott - Bichere Essex Skipper

3. Ms Smith - Isfryn Peeping Tom

Graduate (5,0)

1. Mrs Caldwell - Hillpark Queen Bee For Cerysan

Repeat of Junior

2. Mrs Woodward - Sarabande Billie Jean At Hinxwood (AI)

3. Mrs Charles - Stagarth A Kind Of Magic

Open (4,1)

1. Thomas & Upton - Sh Ch Bowdonia Seraphina JW ShCM

Just loved this 2 year old bitch, who headed a nice class. She looked an absolute picture on the stack, there is so much to like and nothing is overdone. She is really nice to go over and get your hands on. Liked her for her overall balance and construction, very smart yet workmanlike. Quality head with and appealing expression, her clean neck is of a good length and flows well into a firm topline. Forechest and ribcage is well developed and down to the elbow. She has a good width of thigh and well bent stifles. A pleasure to watch on the move, true from all angles and covering plenty of ground. BOB – Gp1 – RBIS (Day2)

2. Ms Thomas - Bowdonia Anastasia JW

3. Caldwell & McDowell - Bowdonia Only The Brave For Cerysan

Any Variety Gundog

Puppy (19,10)

1. Mrs Hutson - Stobytill Hippy Shake (cocker)

Delightful 7 month old b/r cocker bitch, a quality puppy showing lots of promise. Liked her for her overall body proportions, square and cobby, lovely spring to the ribs, well boned limbs, and a melting expression. Moving out in a typical happy cocker fashion. Delighted to watch her go onto win Puppy Group 4

2. Mrs Cooper - Isfryn Lady Grey (Welsh Springer)

3. Mr Watson - Oakswarren Eclipse (H Vizsla)

Junior (7,4)

1. Miss Clifford - Serci After Dark At Shadow Amor Of Chamford (Imp Serb) (Cocker)

Well presented 17 month old b/r cocker dog. He has a pleasing outline on the stack, being well proportioned and balanced. He has an elegant head with good chiselling and a dark eye. Well boned limbs and tight feet. Lovely deep and well sprung ribs. Holding a firm and level topline standing and on the move. At one with his handler on the move, showing good drive

2. Powney & Hill - Sabisabi Sioux Takoda (Am Cocker)

3. Pilkington & Ellis - Molkara Faustus At Brimbeck (Cocker)

Graduate (20,7)

1. Caldwell & McDowell - Bowdonia Only The Brave For Cerysan (Welsh Springer)

Happy 3rd birthday to this happy and outgoing Welsh Springer dog. Loved his zest for life, showing the typical merry and active temperament. He has a pleasing masculine head, with such a kind expression. Good depth through the body, well boned limbs, firm topline and in good muscle tone. Moving out with purpose and style

2. Mrs Moon - Deanway Storm In A Teacup (Sussex)

3. Mr & Mrs Kerr - Ravensett Golden Charm (English Setter)

Open (18,9)

1. Mrs Thorogood - Sh Ch Winhampton Over The Yardarm Of Harrifield JW ShCM (Clumber)

Solid and sturdy 3 year old Clumber Spaniel dog. Impressed by this dog he has size, substance and masculinity. Showing good balance and body lines. His head is all male, strong thick neck, good depth throughout, hold a firm topline both standing and on the move. He has strength in his rear end which he used to power around the ring with effortless drive.

2. Ms Roberts - Fanmatrix Oh What A Night (Pointer)

3. Mr & Mrs Broadbent - Hallbent October Toccata ShCM (Flatcoat)