• Show Date: 26/07/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Minehead & District Canine Society

Minehead & District Canine Society

26th July 2017

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge at this super show, what a lovely backdrop of Dunster Castle. What a pity it was such dreadful rain first thing in the morning, giving a high absentee rate in the classes. But it turned out to be a super day for showing, and thank you to the exhibitors for braving the early morning gloom it was a pleasure to judge your dogs.


Junior (5,1)

1. Mrs Kent - Trewinnard Piccadilly

15 month old pale yellow bitch, much to like about this youngster, she is still needing to fill her frame but has all the essentials. Lovely feminine head, with a dark eye and pigmentation, good length to the foreface. Her neck is of a good length and cleanly flows into well placed shoulders. She has a little more length, but her chest is well let down, and she has good bone. Her hindquarters show good width of thigh and bend of stifle. Shown in good coat. Moving out true from all angles

2. Mr Wilcox - Donamick Every Day

3. Mr & Mrs Kennett - Magnavalleys Cornishman

Graduate (4,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Kennett - Magnavalleys Paint It Black

Black bitch and at 22 months old shows good maturity through the body. She is happy and outgoing, showing herself off to advantage. She has a pleasing head and expression, with good balance to the backskull and foreface. Her strong neck flows into a firm and well held topline. She has a good spring to the ribs, which are well let down, slightly shorter on the leg, but well coupled and with strong hindquarters. Moving out well and at one with her handler.

2. Mr Wilox - Donamick Rave On

Post Graduate (5,0)

1. Mrs Mills - Lemas Sweeney Tod

Mature 4 year old yellow dog, he is strongly built with a lovely outline when stood. He is a real eye catcher, combining substance, type and showmanship. Masculine head, with a good width to the backsull, well placed ears, clean through the cheeks, all giving a kind expression. His body has the desired depth and barrel rib along with a well developed forechest. Keeping a level topline both stood and on the move, with the ever wagging tail. In good coat. Lovely hindquarters, which he use well on the move to drive around the ring - RBOB

2. Mr Wilcox - Donamick Lets Dance

3. Miss Farrar - Henissy All That Jazz JW

Open (9,3)

1. Mrs Mills - Lemas Crackling Rosie

2 year old yellow bitch. I was very much taken by this bitch, showing all the virtues. She has lovely body lines when stood, with substance, bone and breed type, but nothing is overdone. Loved her balance and construction having strength yet workmanlike. Feminine head, with a soft and intelligent expression. She has strength to her clean neck, well placed shoulders, straight forelimbs onto tight feet. Her body is short coupled and with a good rib. Well developed hindquarters and a well bent stifle. Not in the best of coats today. Moving out with reach and drive – BOB & Gp4

2. Mr Wilcox - Donamick China Girl

3. Mrs Evans - Radigan Iris Of Tara

Golden Retrievers

Graduate (12,10)

1. Mrs Giltsoff - Endllion Spinnaker

22 month old dog, lots to like about this youngster, everything just right for his age and nothing is overdone. He has a lovely head, with good width to the backskull and a good length of foreface, a dark kind eye, to give a lovely expression. His neck is of a good length and flows well into his topline. Liked his depth and forechest along with well boned limbs. Good spring to the ribs, a shade longer in loin. Pleasing hindquarter which showed a good width of thigh and bend of stifle. Moving at one with his handler with a good length of stride - RBOB

2. A Callow - Cassatess No Can Doodle

Post Graduate (3,2)

1. Mrs Royale - Lamyate Lord Of The Manor

3 year old male, liked his overall size and balance when stood. He has a good height to length ratio with good substance. Pleasing masculine head, being well proportioned and with a gentle expression. Good depth and spring to the ribcage, ribs carried well back and short coupled. Holding a firm and level topline. Well boned limbs and shown in good coat. Not quite as tidy on the move as winners, but showed good drive

Open Dog (6,4)

1. Mrs Healey - Coynebarn Golden Tweed

Mature male coming up 4 years old. Liked his overall size, substance and masculinity. Appealing head, which is well proportioned, with dark eye and pigmentation, to give a soft expression. Moderate length of neck, deep chest with well developed forechest, lovely spring to the ribs. Forelegs having super bone, onto tight feet. Well developed hindquarters. Good dense coat. Moving well in profile, a little closer behind, retaining his shape, and a good tail carriage.

2. Mr & Mrs Johnson - Devonivy Diamond Cut By Niallgold

Open Bitch (7,5)

1. Mrs Armitage - Warrentor Plum Duff Of Nakuru

3 year old cream bitch. She has a pleasing symmetrical outline on the stack and lovely lines throughout. Thought her to have good balance and body proportions. Very feminine head, with a melting expression, clean neck of good length flowing well into her well held topline. Well developed forequarters, showing depth to the brisket and a good forechest. The ribs are carried well back and she is short coupled. She has balanced angulation fore and aft. Moving steadily, but true and correct footfalls - BOB

2. S & M Lewis - Seruilia Steppin Stones Among Fairwinds