• Show Date: 02/04/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ian Sinclair Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/09/2019

Chippenham & District Canine Society

Chippenham & District Canine Society 

Sunday 2nd April 2017 

Judges Report – Ian Sinclair 

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this well organised and thoroughly enjoyable show. I would also like to thank all the exhibitors who gave me a fantastic entry not only in numbers but also quality.  

Alaskan Malamutes 

Junior 3 (0) 

1st – Mrs J Pitcher’s Marahootay Linx Under Tatkresiwok – 10 month old dog, quite mature for his age. Well balanced and moved with drive around the ring on a relatively loose lead. Nice broad head, good ear set and almond shaped eyes. Good deep chest with straight top line. BP 

2nd Mrs J Smith’s Snowshoes Spirit of Sakari – 10 month old bitch. Nice feminine head, good front and rear angulation, top line not quite straight but still young and a little more muscle should pull it all together. 

3rd Mrs J Smith’s Snowshoes Yuki Yura 

Open 3 (0) 

1st – Miss S J Fithern’s Lux CH Monikoona Isildurs Light – 2yr old boy who oozes quality and knows it. Lovely head with broad muzzle, good ear shape and placement. Front & rear angulation good and balanced. Nice thick coats in gleaming condition. Powered around the ring, light footed but with drive. BOB and great to see him go Working G1 

2nd Mrs J Smith’s Snowshoes King’s Legacy ShCM – 2yrs old dog. I did like this boy who has everything going for him. Lovely head with sweet expression, nice almond eyes, good ear carriage. Angulation correct and good bone. Movement let him down slightly and although adjusting the collar helped I would have liked to see him on a looser lead. RBOB 

3rd  – Mrs J Pitcher’s Marahootay Linx Under Tatkresiwok 


Siberian Husky 


Junior 10 (3) 

1st William’s Sibersong’s Dark Sovereign for Salazka. – 10 month old dark grey boy. Unusual colouring but looking through this is a boy with everything in the right place and well mature for his age. Lovely head with good ear carriage and almond shapes eyes. Good front & read angulation giving very well balanced movement. Just about to depart with his coat but held on long enough to see a good double coat of correct texture. All in all love this boy who should do well in the future. RBOB & BP & great to see him go PG3 

2nd Aguilera’s Sulaco Hudson – 18 month old B/W boy. Nice fox-like head, good front and rear & level top line. Well-muscled and moved light footed but with drive once he settled. 

3rd Leyland and Wooliscroft’s Shaytaan’s White Rhino. 


Graduate 12 (3) 

1st William’s Sibersong’s Dark Sovereign for Salazka. 

2nd Evans’ Eversepp Arizona at Demoneira – 2yr old boy with a lovely head. Excellent angulation front and rear, level top line, good tail carriage and correct coat. Another one who was in top physical condition only let down by unsteady movement around the ring which made it difficult to assess fully 

3rd Cunningham’s Icebex Yippee Ki Yay 


Open 8 (3) 

1st Wooliscroft’s Zarchenski Endurance – 4 year old boy with striking B&W markings in top condition. Best mover of the day for me, drove around the ring light footed but with power. A head to die for with correct almond shaped eyes, correct ear carriage. Level top line held on well balanced movement. BOB and another one to do well in the group WG4 

2nd Cunningham’s Icebex The First Avenger JW. 5 ½ yr old grey boy who I judged 3yrs ago and who I am glad to say has not lost anything in that time. Well balance with drive on the move in well-muscled condition. 

3rd Crowther’s Kobuk Midnight Stargazer ShCM