• Show Date: 11/06/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Glenway Dymock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Hound Club Of East Anglia


P (4, 1 absent): 1 BP, BD & BOB, Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Sir Tom, 8 months brindle white trim dog, full of quality, correct size, very nice outline, long neck flowed nicely into good shoulder layback, clean bone, good sweep to stifle, effortless & typical daisy cutter action on the move, looked super going around, delighted to hear he later won RBIS & BPIS, a starry future awaits I’m sure; 2 Cox’s Elmanash Express, 7 months brindle dog, very typical, attractive head, long neck, nice outline, could step out slightly more but has all the essentials; 3 Handley’s Jothryn Golden Sun.

J (5,2a): 1 Hills’ Shimmeree Black Satin, 17 months black bitch, so typical & unexaggerated, loved her expression, good head & neck, neat ears, classical outline, stepped out OK once she got going, strong hindquarters, very feminine & a lovely size; 2 Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Peggy Sue, 16 months brindle white trim bitch, very typical & alert, attractive head & expression, nice size & type, clean bone. Not the firmness of elbow of 1. Stepped out well with very good reach; 3 Allen’s Zoraden Sweet Surprise.

PG (9,4a): 1 Handley’s Lawleymoon First Love, brindle white trim bitch, very nice type, attractive head & expression, long neck, good forehand. Could stand over slightly more ground. Stepped out with purpose; 2 Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Maggie Mae, 16 months brindle white trim bitch, very feminine & typical, loved her curvy outline. Not as sound as 1. Looked good going around; 3 Spencer’s Chelridge Lady Guinevere.

L (3,2a): 1 Nunneley’s Nimrodel Cognac, 7 years fawn white trim dog, such a classical type, very good size, long neck, good forehand, deep chest. Could stand over slightly more ground. Very unexaggerated & typical, quite sound.

OD (4): 1 Cutter & Lubin’s Wayhead Cellini for Chosovi, fawn white trim, very typical & balanced, attractive head & expression, long neck, good forehand. Could cover slightly more ground on the move. Appealed greatly for his correct size & stamp; 2 Nunneley’s Veredon Vanilla Sunset, fawn white trim, sound & typical, larger than 1, good head, neck & forehand, nice bend of stifle, stepped out OK; 3 Hall’s Blandings Fortune Cookie.

OB (5, 2a & 1 withdrawn): 1 BB & RBOB, Bass’ Blandings Treacle Tart, black brindle white trim, one I have done well for previously, so feminine & typical, full of quality, attractive outline with gentle curves, good size, clean bone, looked lovely going around, excellent front extension, she & the BOB made a handsome pair which is no surprise as they carry the same sire, what a good looking strain; 2 Hills’ Shimmeree Chantilly Lace, black, very typical & attractive, nice head, super outline with lovely curves, quite fine in bone, nice bend of stifle. Not quite as sound as 1. Looked lovely going around.


P (3,1a): 1 BP & BOB, Hills’ Zoraden Your Precious Love at Shimmeree, 11 months blue brindle bitch, built along very nice lines, attractive head of good length, strong jaw, long neck, chest well developed for age, nice curvy outline with good sweep to hindquarters, moved with nice easy action, delighted to hear she later went RBPIS; 2 RBOB, Cutter & Lubin’s Zoraden My Girl at Chosovi, strongly made black brindle bitch, litter sister to 1 & built along similar lines but not quite so feminine. Good forehand with straight foreleg, stepped out well, good front extension.

PG (3,2a): 1 Allen’s Zoraden Love Man, brindle/white dog, the third sibling from the litter, masculine outlook, well boned, chest well developed for age. Quite strong in head. Stepped out well, excellent muscle tone.

Racing/coursing (5,4a): 1 Praagh’s Spotted Cailin, black bitch, not quite sure what the purists would think as she is speckled with white which is attractive in its own way, I understand her sire is also of this unusual colour. Long head, neck & legs, deep chest. Could move with a shaded more drive. Nice bend of stifle.

O (5,4a): 1 repeat.


J (0).

PG (0).

L (2,1a): 1 BOB, Ashby & Cappelaere’s Kurriera Tamara de Lempicka, tan with some white markings, very typical & alert, feminine expression, wedgy head, ears of good shape & set, lovely outline, moved with purpose.

O (4,2a): 1 RBOB, Ashby & Cappelaere’s Lyncris Dizzy Miss Lizzy of Kurriera, well balanced bitch, attractive head & expression, long neck & legs. Looked better on the move, stepped out well; 2 Herbert’s Annatefkah Tauret at Darusmar, upstanding bitch, typical head & expression, correct amount of bone & body, deep chest. A shade too square on the move, otherwise a pleasing type.


Very much enjoyed going over your hounds. A small but quality entry.

P (2,1a): 1 BP, Walters’ Ellahyde Gypsy Rose, 8 months bitch, feminine & attractive head, loved her mascara, lovely small ears of good size & set, good forehand, deep chest for age, tail OK, nice moderate stifle. Still very much a baby, stepped out OK once she got going.

PG (3): 1 Mortimer’s Grasilva Cruggleton with Laakso, feminine bitch of pleasing size & stamp, very attractive head & expression, good mascara, deep chest. Tail could be slightly more curled. Lovely square outline which she maintained on the move, stepped out well; 2 Threadgold’s Bowerhinton Bywnans, strongly made bitch, slightly longer cast, quite eyecatching & showy, good neck, forehand & topline. Tail could be set more centrally. Moved OK; 3 Hodkinson’s Grasilva Garlieston at Thordell.

OD (4,1a): 1 BD & RBOB, Simms’ Ch Bowerhinton Broder at Elverdal, 8 years top quality dog looking half his age, lovely masculine outlook, used his ears well, typical head & expression, deep chest, square outline, good tailset, used himself well on the move; 2 Maun’s Bowerhinton Brouhaha, another typical & quality dog, pleasing head & expression, small ears, square outline held well on the move. Not quite the masculine outlook of 1 but very appealing nevertheless; 3 Gilluley & Tress’ Grasilva Little Rock avec Gilkaro.

OB (4,3a): 1 BB & BOB, Mortimer’s Laakso Allgold’s Special One, well balanced bitch of pleasing type & quality, so poised & alert, attractive head, small ears, deep chest, very typical tail curl & set, square outline maintained well on the move, free & effortless movement, looked like she could hunt for hours. Very close up to the BD but I just preferred her strength of pastern. Such a handsome pair.


P (2,1a): 1 BOB & BP, Leader’s Rosrodens Debonair, 11 months tri dog, handsome hound, quite strongly made but full of quality, gentle expression, good bone, excellent forehand, level topline, tight feet, stepped out with drive, carried stern well.

J (3,1a): 1 Longman’s Chatoyant Danae, 12 months tri bitch, very feminine, appealing expression, good forehand, clean bone. Could move with a shade more drive. Carried stern well; 2 Henningsson-Dundas’ Julemark Pandora, 17 months tan/white bitch, quite good size but somewhat unruly on the move & appeared a shade low on leg. Skull shape OK. A bit more ringcraft training may help.

PG (3,1a) 1 Leader’s Rosrodens Aphrodite, tri bitch, well balanced & athletic, nice size, good topline. Stood a bit wide in front at times. Carried stern well on the move, quite sound; 2 Vickers & Mead’s Rosroden Cherry Kisses, tri bitch, appealed greatly for type & quality but was carrying a shade too much weight. Good topline, quite square on the move, stern carried well. Dam of the BOB puppy so is passing on her qualities.

O (5,3a): 1 RBOB, Vickers & Mead’s Dialynne Cinnaman for Rosroden, lemon/white dog, very showy & together, pleasing head, loved his houndy outlook, very good forehand & bone, moved with drive & with good head & tail carriage; 2 Henningsson-Dundas’ Julemark Wanton, smaller tri bitch, working type, shapely quarters. Would prefer longer neck & more reach in front. Head OK.