• Show Date: 25/11/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Glenway Dymock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Pekingese Club

The Pekingese Club held an open show at Roade Village Hall, Northampton where BIS & BPIS was Jidoran Maggie; BD & RBIS, Livanda Cabrero at Clashda; and BVIS, Shasgav McDreamy at Pekesview.  

It was a great honour to judge at this open show, which turned out to be a bittersweet occasion in some ways as it was the last ever event run under the banner of this prestigious and historic club. The officers and committee made the best of the situation and offered a generous number of special prizes, and a super cake was cut to mark the occasion.  

I enjoyed judging this entry very much. Exaggeration is the watchword of the moment and naturally we do not want to see exaggerated animals in the ring as this merely plays straight into the hands of those who wish to detract from our hobby. In this respect, I was pleased to see no major eye or movement problems. Just one dog looked like he felt a bit warm in the hall but this could not be interpreted as ‘distress’. Please keep up the good work and I wish the club and the Yorkshire club all the very best as you forge ahead together, phoenix-like, as the new Sovereign Pekingese Association.

My thanks to the club for the gift of the commemorative mug and bottle of whiskey. A special mention too for my stewards Sue Addo and Peter Harwood who did a super job. There was a lovely atmosphere at the show and this must augur well for the future of the breed as you enter a new era.  

MPD (0).


PD (4): 1 Armstrong’s Bellablake For Luv Nor Money at Goldpeke, masculine 11 months b/m red, large head, wide muzzle, dark eyes, plenty of substance, shapely body, firm at elbow, moved well, overall impression very pleasing. RBD & BPD; 2 Klerks-Delucchi’s Klerkshof Desert Sky, masculine and mature 10 months silver fawn, very good large head, open nostrils. Not quite as firm in front as 1. Shapely body, moved with plenty of Peke character; 3 Blakeway’s Bellablake Limited Edition.  

JD (3, 1 absent): 1 Klerks-Delucchi’s Klerkshof Desert Storm, well grown 10 months red fawn, nice large head, super bone, well ribbed, very firm at front. Rather overcoated for my personal taste but this did not impede his movement. Carried plume well, nice bearing; 2 McNamara’s Pekehuis Super Natural for Lynbank, smaller 11 months red, nice compact body, good head proportions, lustrous eyes. Could not quite match 1 for firmness at elbow and needed to borrow some of his coat. Loved his size and general stamp.


ND (1): 1 Adair’s Naitash Oliver Masterson, well made 10 months very dark brindle, compact body, good forehand, elbows well against chest. Coat slightly flyaway. This was his first show and he was a tad reluctant to move at first but he soon got the hang of things. Should gain confidence with a bit of ringcraft training.  

PGD (3, 1): 1 Evans’ Pendenrah Reggi Reggae, glamorous black, nice outline and coat, compact body, held himself well on the move; 2 Davies & Partington-Palmer’s Klerkshof Mantovani, 16 months masculine fawn, nice outline. Front not quite as firm as 1. Good open nostrils.

LD (4, 1): 1 Addo’s Delwin’s Aint No Saint at Sankofu, b/m red whom I have done well previously, very good size, attractive head, lovely pear shaped body, very typical dignified carriage on the move, correct rolling gait in front; 2 Blakeway’s Lin-Pearl’s Naughty Boy, b/m red, very good size, lustrous eye of good shape, compact body. Could not quite match 1 for firmness of front. Not naughty at all, very well behaved in fact; 3 Evans’ Bielcee Meechu.  

OD (6, 2): 1 Lenton’s Mezrab Royal Sovereign at Clashda, red dog with nice large head, good front with firm elbows, coat fitting body properly, moved well; 2 Dixon & Penman’s Dragden Dark Wizard, black dog with lovely shapely body, attractive head, compact ribcage, moved with dignity, sensible amount of coat; 3 Walford’s Delwin’s Strictly Kosher.

MPB (2): 1 Morley & Box’s Jidoran Maggie, super 8 months black, so feminine and full of quality, wide head with features well spaced, very appealing large lustrous eyes, firm front with body well slung between her legs, good bone, picked up heavy, good ribcage for one so young, so very good to go over, held her shape well on the move. Glamorous amount of coat but not so much as to obscure her shapely outline. Quite young for top honours but I felt her overall quality could not be denied. Should go far. BB, BIS & BPIS; 2 Evans’ Hetana Dancing In The Dark at Pendenrah, smaller 8 months black/white, very feminine expression, lovely dark eyes, compact body. Not quite the bone or substance of 1 at this stage but very appealing nevertheless.  

PB (4, 1): 1 Blakeway’s Bellablake Blond Bombshell, small 9 months b/m fawn, low to ground, appealing head, compact body. Held her shape well on the move; 2 Heap’s Pekehuis No Persuasion, slightly taller 12 months red, very nice head and bone. A shade naughty on the move; 3 Wilson’s Mezrab Miracle Sunrise of Sherrldene.

JB (1): 1 Klerks-Delucchi’s Klerkshof Cassandra, 11 months grey brindle, very glamorous and feminine, super large head, good ribbing, picked up heavy, moved with typical roll. Beautifully presented as were all the dogs from this kennel.

NB (3, 1): 1 M Miracle Sunrise of S, 12 months b/m red, wide head, good substance for age, compact body. Would have preferred a smidgen more coat. Moved OK; 2 Jerrison’s Holinca Follow That Dream, slightly taller b/m red, well boned, good ribcage. Would prefer slightly less neck. Has a slightly old-fashioned look which is not exactly a fault in this breed.

PGB (5, 2): 1 Debenham’s Yingu Call Me Scarlett, very attractive small red fawn, overall pleasing type, feminine head, good ribbing. Could have a shade more bone. Compact body, moved with characteristic roll; 2 Williamson’s Shankhaiskiy Surpriz Call Me Hairy Mary, compact silver fawn, very feminine and pretty type, good head and expression. Not as firm in front as 1. Moved OK; 3 Adair’s Easterman Miss Furry Boots.

LB (5, 1 withdrawn): 1 Blakeway’s Goldpeke Tapestry Of Life at Bellablake, well balanced b/m red, pleasing head, good bone and substance, compact body, moved and showed well; 2 Evans’ Goldpeke Miss Muffett, b/m fawn brindle, another well bodied bitch, pleasing expression, good topline. Not quite as shapely as 1. Compact body, moved OK; 3 Walford’s Sankofu Heaven Sent at Pekesview.

OB (4, 2): 1 Morley & Box’s Jidoran Sox, very typical red, low to ground, loved her stamp and size, attractive head and expression, good width through the front legs, compact body, carried herself very well on the move. 2 S Heaven Sent at P, slightly taller b/m silver fawn, very nice type, feminine expression, good amount of bone and body. Not quite as low to ground as 1. Moved OK.

Veteran (8, 1): A super array of golden oldies. Pekes are real lasters and it was wonderful to see these dogs and bitches obviously enjoying strutting their stuff. 1 Walford’s Shasgav McDreamy at Pekesview, masculine 9 years b/m red fawn dog, large head, so very good to go over, deep ribcage, firm forehand, body properly slung between his legs, lovely heavy body. Easily one of the soundest movers in this entry, very typical outlook. BVIS; 2 Small’s Brentoy Titan, 13 years b/m red dog, looked wonderful for his age, super envelope shaped head, lovely lustrous eyes. In better coat than 1 but did not hold his shape quite so well on the move but I am certain allowances can be made for a grand old gentleman like this. Full credit to his owners for keeping him in such good condition; 3 Daniels’ Delwin’s Heartbeat at Danharm.

Breeders (2): 1 Morley & Box’s Jidoran Grace, well balanced bitch, quite spirited when she first came in the ring but soon settled, attractive head with dark eyes and appealing expression, facial features well spread out, good underjaw, firm front with good width, very good outline, picked up heavy. One of three top quality bitches from this kennel in the challenge. Had to bend the knee on the day to her precocious black kennelmate who rather bewitched me but I loved this one too. Very feminine and together. RBB; 2 N Oliver Masterson.  

Not Bred By Exhibitor (4): 1 Lenton’s Livanda Cabrero at Clashda, masculine and glamorous fawn dog, very typical and with a look of quality, good head, nice large round dark eyes, good finish to mouth, sturdy ribcage, short back, picked up heavy, good tail carriage, moved well. His compact body and dignified bearing appealed greatly and carried him all the way to BD & RBIS; 2 S Surpriz Call Me Hairy Mary; 3 S Heaven Sent at P.  

Members (3): 1 Adair’s Baylight Lovely Chen-Chi, glamorous particolour bitch, had been placed fourth in a competitive LB class, has all the essentials, pleasing expression, good ribbing, presented very well, moved OK. Would prefer a slightly shorter body. Carried herself with lovely regal bearing; 2 Jerrison’s Holinca Inca’s Fiery Lady, 16 months black bitch, small and compact, pleasing expression, very good amount of bone and body for her age. A bit reluctant to use her tail on the move. Very good forehand with firm elbows; 3 Wilson’s Corges Golden Amy.