• Show Date: 11/11/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Italian Greyhound Club

Italian greyhound club open show, Nov 11th 2017, judge - GAVIN ROBERTSON

 A lovely friendly well run show with very sporting exhibitors. I was pleased with my principle winners and felt the bitches were a littler stronger throughout. 



Well balanced 9yd old, lean skull, neat ears, good front with deep chest, tight hare feet. Slightly levels off in topline but very sound in firm condition


Slightly stronger in skull with prominent stop. Good size and proportions with correct length of rib Preferred rear movement on winner, 


1)HENLEY- NEWILL GOLD LIGHTENING AT TURIGNER, eye catching baby, good skull, moderate stop, neat ears. Up to size but nicely balanced, ribs extending well back with moderate angles. A little steep in croup,Positive mover 

2)CARR- WILLAKYME OBERON, Raw youngster who needs to settle but has a lovely shape and balance, pleasing head, neat ears, topline a little flat, ok rear, just needs to settle in front.


1). AMSEL-TAMISKENE RHUMBA, lovely dog with a clean curvy outline, skull lean and of good length with slight stop, fine ears. Eye is a little full. Lean neck with super front assembly, tight feet, balanced throughout, lovely type with excellent movement. RBD


Slightly taller and rangier dog than 1, needs to mature in chest and body. Masculine balanced skull, moderate rear angulation. Topline ok, Very immature throughout.


1)TATE- KEELINDEE RED RUM, mixed class. Winner is a finely built balanced dog, correct length of skull, dark oval eye, fine ears. Curvy outline which he holds well on the move with typical movement.

2)MELLIS-LAMOYE EDWARD LE BEAR JW, nicely proportioned dog, a little stronger in skull than 1. Neat ears. Would prefer better front assembly.ribs of good length with moderate balanced rear quarters.


1)TAYLOR-MOSTAHBULL LUCKY LEXUS, masculine head of good length, well placed neat ears. Lean neck with a moderate front. Holds topline well, excellent skin and condition. Moderate rear angles but a little close in rear movement.


1)WATSON-CHRISFORD DIVINE COMEDY, lovely balanced typey dog with a clean curvy balanced outline, detailed head piece, still needs to drop in chest but has good attributes. Sound positive mover.

2)VINCENT-TAMISKENE LAST TANGO IN CHELANIS, another nicely balanced dog, slightly larger mould than winner. Dark expressive eye, slight stop. Lean neck, front nicely under body, muscular angular rear, sound mover but a little hesitant moving.


1)HENSHALL- GEMOLLI THE MAGICIAN, nice class to judge, quality dog with a long skull and muzzle, ears neat and well laid back, curvy outline with deep chest, good feet, positive mover, just a bit steep in croup.

2)BRYAN/WHEELER- RANVELI BLUE PETER, good proportions throughout, has good length to head with flat skull, well placed rose ears, moderate angles, graceful and elegant throughout. Also a little steep in croup, just preferred front assembly on winner.


1)PALMER- RILLOBY SHINE A LIGHT OVER ROCKIGGY, Very honest unexaggerated dog with a clean elegant curvy outline, head is masculine but not overdone with a flat skull and correct proportions.dark expressive eye, neat rose like ears. Front assembly is moderate with balance, good high stepping front with slight arch over loin.holding his topline on the move. Nice type shown in firm condition with supple glossy coat. BD

2)HENSHALL- GEMOLLI THE SORCERER, another nicely balanced dog with many virtues,fine muzzle of good length, bright eyes, front nicely under body with straight forelegs. Deep chest with ribs extending well back. Brisk positive moment, a little steep in croup. Also in lovely condition.


1)AMSEL- Ch. ARTMEIS KAALIYA, lovely bitch who still is shapely and elegant. Feminine head, neat well placed ears, correct body proportions with moderate angles, looks super for age and still is bright and positive on the move, nice type.

2)KNIGHT-AELARO VISION IN VELVET, also a good example of the breed with a clean balanced outline,long lean skull, ok front. Well angled rear with low set hocks which she uses on the move, lots to like about her.


1)WALKER- CRESTIES TOO HOT TO HANDLE FOR IONADIVA, stood alone but really liked her, correct shape and proportions, dark full eyes with slight stop and flat skull. Curvy outline with very light graceful movement, fine skin , lovely type with lots of potential. BPIS


1)BRICK-LABORGHINI FIRE N BRIMSTONE, feminine head, neat well placed ears, dark eye, lean graceful neck with moderate angles. Levels off in backline on the move a little but a promising youngster when she settles down.

2)RAY- GIGI ETOILE MEILLEURE, only 9mths with lots to develop. Long skull, muzzle a bit weak, straight forelegs with good feet. Needs to settle in topline, fine skin, super temperament but just needs to settle.


1)BIRD-TAMISKENE VIENNESE WALTZ, really likes this girl with her curvey balanced outline, feminine head piece, ears a little large, big expressive eyes, really nice front assembly, holds hr shape at all times with ground covering movement, nice breed type.RBB

2)FRENCH-KEELINDEE SUPER MOON,just out of puppy, nicely proportioned throughout, good skull, neat ears, large eye with dark pigment. Moderate angles front and back, needs a little more confidence, not as free flowing as winner.


1)KNIGHT-SHADEDMOON LA BELLE EPOQUE AT AELARO, flat skull with good width between ears. Needs to develop in muzzle and under eye. Pleasing body shape with nice leg length. Positive mover, fine skin in lovely conditon. Backline could be better on the move


1)RIGHTON-KENTIXEN ABRACADABRA, skull of fair length, high set neat ears. Good straight forelegs with tight feet. Strong rear, nice type but not settled to show herself off.

2)RAY-MIGNON ETOILE BLEUE, finer build than 1, would prefer a little more strength in foreface. Good size and shape. Moderate topline. Firm muscle tone. Hocks a little weak.


1)PALMER-LITTLEBRITON SHADES OF BLUE, lovely balanced bitch, free from exaggeration, super temperament, balanced skull with feminine expression, large eye, nicely made front,elegant throughout holding her clean curvey outline at all times.

2)FRENCH-KEELINDEE LITTLE FAUVE, similar head to winner with neat high set ears,lean neck, preferred the front on winner.good top-line with gentle slope of croup.slightly raised trot on the move.


1)AMSEL- ARTMEIS ME MYSELF AND I, a slightly challenging class with a mix of shapes and sizes. I liked this bitches overall balance, moderate angles. Slightly strong in skull for me, high set ears, deep chest with ribs well set back. Straight front, neat feet, positive movement and really uses her rear.

2)KNIGHT- AELARO DARK DESIRE, ultra feminine bitch with a clean curvey outline, lots to like about her with type and quality throughout, lovely skin and coat. Just preferred the rear on 1, close decision on 2 nice bitches.


1)RUTTER-CHRISFORD HELLO, when this bitch entered the ring she took my eye instantly, has quality, style and oozes breed type throughout. Detailed head piece, Elegant curvy bitch with a good front assembly, super proportions, where she comes into her own is on the move, her silhouette with the correct propulsion from behind giving her true ground covering movement. I felt she was a class act today and had hesitation awarding her BIS. Loved her.

2)RISHWORTH-ARTMEIS ANASTASIYA, I also very much admired this bitch and has many attributes.her skull is of good length.she has expressive dark eyes, neat well placed ears, tip top conditon with a muscular rear. Holds her topline well but she really wasn’t that settled and gave her handler a tough time on the move. Nice type and balance who im sure has done and will do well.