• Show Date: 24/09/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: EDWARD Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/03/2020

Duchy Canine Society

Edward Forsey (Muzoku)

I would like to thank the Duchy canine society for inviting me to judge the working group of their limit show held at the Royal Cornwall Showground.  


L (4,1a) 1. Vearncombe, Stansbury and Pilgrim, Ruption blue booty with woodbriar JW,  

 3 year old brindle bitch with a nice square outline, Broad and deep muzzle of correct proportion with undershot jaw, forward looking dark brown medium sized eyes, strong round neck, broad chest, front legs perpendicular, short smooth coat, slight sloping topline with nice underline and tuckup, good rear angulation, covered the ground well on the move.

2. Cowell’s Sandexe aka chilli pepper

O (3,1a) 1. Cowell’s Sandexe red hot feveraka chilli pepper,  2 year old fawn colour dog in good condition, Strong muzzle of good proportion with well-padded but tight lips, dark forward facing eyes giving a confident expression, wide set moderate sized ears held flat falling slightly forward, strong arched neck, lovely square outline, well-toned throughout, deep chest, slightly sloping topline, well angulated rear with well let down hocks, moved powerfully around the ring BOB. 

2. Oldfield, Tonkin and Pellow’s, Rosanyos rock’it man 


O (4,3a) 1. Capell’s, Ruzuna amazing valour in llepac, 4 year old dog in his prime, short hard black coat, correct scissor bite, head a nice blunt shaped wedge and in proportion to body, slight stop with good parallel planes for muzzle and skull, strong neck leading into a sloping topline and a correct onset of tail, front legs straight and parallel with tight compact but well arched feet, good depth of chest, moderate coupling, straight rear with good angulation and well let down hocks, nice square side profile, covered the ground with purpose on the move however the handler needs to concentrate on instruction BOB, WG2  

Great Dane

O (2) 1. Callen’s Tyak top model, lovely class to judge with two just 6 month old fawn colour sisters, correct dentition, broad deep muzzle of correct length, dark medium sized eyes, medium sized ears, long neck without loose skin, straight front with well arched toes. Good front angulation with deep chest, moderate turn of stifle, more consistent on the move with greater enthusiasm than her sister, I look forward to seeing these two again in a couple of years when they have matured BOB, WG4 and WPG2. 

2. Callen’s Tyak foto finish


O (2) 1. Spalding’s Dacfolke sisiutl, 3 year old male of good size and proportion, broad head with moderate stop, dark oval eyes, scissor bite, close fitting lips, well feathered ears fitting close to side of head, strong neck, well laid back shoulders of good length, straight construction form front and side, broad chest with depth to elbows, rump level with withers, good tuck up, covered by a long soft coat with and good mane and leg feathering. Slightly tight at rear when moving away, BOB

2. Bolsover’s Condalf Masquerade


O (2,1a) 1. Brooks, Saintlythans polly garter at frizlbach, good natured bitch, tight scissor bite, Nice square muzzle leading to a defined stop, almond shaped eyes, nice strong neck, broad chest with well sprung ribs, level topline held well on the move, short strong loin, straight in front with good bone, tight round feet, moderate rear stifle, moved true towards and away with good drive, would just like a little more height, BOB.

Siberian Husky

O (0) No entries

AVNSC Working 

O (5, 3a) 1. Davey, Chandlemore king of popover starsentinel , saw this St Bernard years ago as a raw 6 month old excitable puppy who has now matured into a substantial 3 year old adult of good substance and large bone throughout, large skull of good circumference, large broad muzzle with great depth, abrupt stop, dark medium sized eye, good sized ears lying flat, large muscular neck with good dewlap, good front angulation, legs straight with slight angle of pastern, feet large but compact, moderate turn of stifle at rear, well let down hocks moved really well at a gentle gait, BNSC, WG1     

 2. Davey, Samhaven fame and fortune, 6 month old St Bernard youngster who was full of life and energy on the day and loving every minute of his time in the ring, good muzzle of correct proportions, abrupt stop, dark friendly eyes, medium size ears, broad chest, legs straight in front with good bone, feet good size but yet to tighten, level topline, strong loin, moderate rear angulation with good bone, legs straight at rear and moved true away and back, looking forward to seeing if this youngster develops in a similar vein as 1.   

AV Working

P (1) 1. Wills, Wood, Verncombe and Hale, Jingle bell rock with ruption What a great youngster of 10 months, although young held a fantastic square outline, broad deep muzzle in balance with head, good underjaw giving that typical boxer chin and up turned nose, abrupt stop, dark medium sized eyes, head held well on a strong neck with an elegant arch, slight sloping topline, good underline, short well-muscled coupling. Good size of bone, nice turn of stifle with well let down hocks, small tight feet, true away and towards, moved with a nice ground covering stride BAVP and WPG1