• Show Date: 30/12/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Dave Mckimm Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Greenock & District Kennel Association




Thankyou to Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge SBT at this show and thankyou to my Steward who was found and volunteered to assist me at short notice.  The biggest thanks have to go to all the exhibitors and for the sporting way in which they accepted my decisions and for bringing their dogs today at this family time of the year and in unpredictable weather conditions.   

Class 84 Puppy  2(0)  - a couple of happy youngsters and a pleasure to judge  

  • 1st 368 Kargonstaffs Katana (Mr C Boyle) BPIB  .   Bk/Br boy with white patch on chest and just over 9 months old.  Head developing well with a very pleasing alert expression , dark eye , tidy ears , brisket developing nicely ,ample bone and rib for his age, correctly coupled  , neat well padded feet. Presented in good fit condition without being overdone for a youngster . Good rear angulations , moved and handled well.  Well done on your BPIB  
  • 2nd 369 Tagstane Miss Maudie  (Miss A Meikle)   Bk/Br  girl with white stripe on chest of just over 11 months old.   Lovely feminine head on this girl with  dark eyes creating a nice expression , ears ok , good underjaw , good bite , ample bone , well padded neat feet,  ok for rib and correct coupling and good rear angulation. Presented in good condition . This girl was very enthusiastic and happy to be in the ring eager to please her handler and take the opportunity to say hello. Moved and handled well just preferred the expression on my 1st place   

Class 85 Junior  1 (0) 

  • 1st  370 Elitebull Supermoon (Mrs D McCarron-Tuer)    Bk /Br boy of  just over 12 months small white patch on chest. Lovely strong head on him good cheek bumps , good dentition , tidy ears, enough underjaw  and at this young age maturing nicely with plenty of time on his side. Coming on well for rib , plenty of bone and correctly coupled . Moved ok , handler worked hard . Stood alone in class but none the less deserving of his 1st place , lost out on a place in the final line up after 3rd in Open Class coming up against much more mature competition  - well done  

Class 86 Post Grad 4 (1)   

  • 1st 372 Diamondstaff Jack ‘n’ Black  ( F & G  Campbell & Irvine) BOB   Bk / Br boy of just 23 months with a white patch on chest . I only judged this boy a few months ago and he lost out at the time on maturity but very pleasing to see what a difference a few months can make at this age . Still noted to be maturing but a very well presented quality youngster. Darkest of eyes and lovely neat rose ears really create an expression on this boy   that is hard to look past. Lovely big clean white teeth with correct bite and enough underjaw. Ample bone , lovely clean front with enough width , correctly  coupled and good rear quarters with correct angulations front and rear giving him the ability to move effortlessly around the ring hpolding a level topline when stacked and on the move . Top marks for condition and a great team , I look forward to seeing this boy getting some good results in 2018 , well done on your BOB   
  • 2nd 371 Kargonstaffs Kowalski (Mr C Boyle, Mrs K and Miss B Boyle )   Bk/Br boy of 3 ½ years with small white patch on chest. Nice head shape with defined stop ,  dark enough eye , tidy ears , nice teeth with correct bite and enough underjaw. Strong neck leading to correctly placed shoulders , well padded tight feet , pleasing front and good rear angulation. Enough rib and correctly coupled, ample bone , clean straight front. Good topline and held well on the move. Very alert at all times and in tune with his handler. All round a nice dog just being pipped on minor points on my 1st place  
  • 3rd 374 Tagstane Jean Louise  (Miss A Meikle) 

Class 87 Open  6 (3)  

  • 1st 378 Rochlawie Bonnie Lass ( Mr & Mrs W McClelland)   Black Brindle girl with white front of almost 3 years . A quality standard bitch  very pleasing to the eye that ticks all the right boxes . Clean head which is a little softer than most of my exhibits today  and most certainly feminine with well placed round dark eyes and neat rose ears , good bite and plenty of underjaw , beautiful well padded tight feet , good front and rear assembly , plenty of rib and correctly coupled all over demonstrating great balance .  She performed all her tasks with ease , good topline , held on movement, which was excellent and so was her handling , but just couldn’t help feel that today she was going through the motions and lacking a little extra sparkle allowing her to miss out in the line up (or perhaps cunning enough to get home for an early spot on the couch for Hogmanay ) , awarded RBOB  
  • 2nd 375 Ashstaff Painted Lady (Mr C Boyle, Mrs K and Miss B Boyle )  Red girl with white front and paws of just over 2 ½ years  .   Again another standard and very pretty feminine bitch with a fantastic level of fitness that is apparent to the eye and even more so when you put your hands on her. Nice clean feminine headshape  , dark eye , nice big white teeth with correct bite enough underjaw, tidy ,well padded feet, plenty of rib and correctly coupled with impressive hindquarters. Movement was excellent, good topline and held on move  and very confident along with her handling. A perhaps hated phrase but unlucky to meet 1st place today just being pipped on overall expression   
  • 3rd  370 Elitebull Supermoon (Mrs D McCarron-Tuer)