• Show Date: 13/08/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Dave Mckimm Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Preston & District Canine Society




Thankyou to the club for presenting me with the opportunity of my first judging appointment . A  very nervous and daunting prospect which was made much easier with the help of Claire, my well  experienced and able Steward who kept me on the right path. Being pleased to survive this  appointment without suffering a meltdown my day was made even better with the success of my  BOB and BPIB in the Group . The biggest thanks have to go to all the exhibitors that brought their  dogs today and for the sporting way in which they accepted my decisions . 

Puppy 4(0) 

  • 1st Harley’s Choice ( H Axe) BPIB  Bk/Br boy of 11 months old . A very smart puppy that won his class with confidence. Strong  head , nicely developing cheek bumps and well defined stop , lovely dark well placed eyes ,  ears tidy . Correct bite , straight front , good bone and well padded tight feet, good amount of  rib and close coupled, short back and good rear quarters which were correctly angulated.  Topline good and maintained on moving . BPIB and went on to secure a TPG2 . I was very  impressed with the relationship he has with his young handler who certainly got the best out  of him. 
  • 2nd Tegumen Little Miss Sparkle (Mr S Tighe)  Bk/Br girl of 10 months old . Nice head with well placed eye, prefer a little darker , ears still  settling , good bite , straight front , ample rib and close coupled, moved ok but had a  tendency to gaze up at her handler when stacked spoiling her side profile, just generally  preferred the all round package of my 1st place 
  • 3rd Thunderstaff Midnight Magic (Miss L Parr) 

Junior 5 (1) 

  • 1st Beckash Black Ice (Mr D & Mrs M Southall)  Bk /Br girl of 17 months . Very pretty girl with a pleasing head , dark eye , tidy ears giving a  nice expression and keen and alert throughout her class. Good bite. Good front with ample  bone, good amount of rib , close coupled , nice tuck up , good rear quarters with correct  angulation completing the picture to give her good balance and a pleasing view from all  angles. Moved well holding her topline . Presented in good condition and handled well. Won  this class and unfortunately came up against some tough competition in her later class ruling  her out of the challenge but plenty of time on her side 
  • 2nd Joemikeste Amor Dei (Mr S & Mrs A Hardley)  13 months old boy , mostly white with red markings on head . Larger stronger type boy with  good balance for size. Pleasing clean head , tidy ears and dark eye , good expression . Good  bite . Straight front and well off for bone , tidy feet , good amount of rib , close coupled ,  strong rear quarters. Good topline which he held well on movement which I noted was one of  the best movers of the day and had the upper hand on a lot of other exhibits gaining him his  place in this class. Presented in good condition and handled well 
  • 3rd Shadow of Esme (Mrs PM Poplawska) 

Post Grad 6 (0) 

  • 1st Diamondstaff Jack ‘n’ Black (Miss F Campbell & Mr G Irvine)  Bk / Br boy of 18 months with a white patch on chest . Quality youngster that I found hard to  take my eye off in this class. Keen and alert at all times with a lovely clean head , neat rose  ears , and lovely dark eyes which had a real sparkle to them as he enjoyed his time in the ring  and creating a super expression . Good bite. Very clean straight front with enough bone and  neat well padded feet , ample rib and short coupled, good tuck up . Moved well putting his  nicely developing hindquarters to good use, holding his topline and in tune with his handler .  Presented to me in A1 condition and it is plain to see that his owner puts the work into him .  Challenged my Open winner hard but lost out on maturity , awarded RBOB 
  • 2nd Chiswellstaff Jean Genie (Mr C & Miss N Mudd)  Bk/Br girl of 17 months with a white patch on chest . A very pretty , smart well balanced bitch  and looks good from all angles . Well shaped clean and feminine head , dark eye , neat ears  completing the package to give a lovely expression . Correct bite . Good front , enough bone  and again lovely neat well padded feet . ample rib and close coupled , good tuck up , moved  well maintaining her topline . Presented in very good condition , showed well but the  deciding factor for me was just a little less wired than my 1st place who was going to be a  tough one to beat today . Handled very well 
  • 3rd Beckash Black Ice (Mr D & Mrs M Southall) 

Open 2 (1) 

  • 1st Bellarouge Adonis @ Fergiestaffs JW (Mr A & Mrs L Mayren) BOB  Red and White Pied Boy of over 2 years . Stood alone in class . A boy I have seen develop and  mature from a puppy in his first shows that just takes everything in his stride with an often  seemingly laid back attitude but always with one eye on the ball . A very clean and undeniably  striking boy with a lovely head housing a great set of teeth with correct bite , neat ears , dark  eye , good underjaw , ample bone , well padded neat feet , correct angulations front and back  . Plenty of rib and close coupled leading to a solid back end that he used exceptionally today  and in great sync for best movement of the day . Excellent condition and handled well .  Pleased to award BOB , going on into group and achieving TG1.