• Show Date: 14/04/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Colin Richardson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Chertsey & District Canine Society

254 class Open Show Good Friday 14th April 2017

Remaining Terriers, Group

Judge: Colin Richardson

I would like to thank the Officers & Committee of the Society for inviting me to officiate at their open show. The group winners were all strong contenders. The Manchester Terrier, Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM is a beautiful example of the breed and moved extremely well.I was pleased to see him go RBIS.  The Cesky is an old favourite of mine with so much to admire  Group 1 Ch. Felfree Rocket ShCM.  Group 2 the Cesky Terrier Vandell Sweet Song of Sametova ShCM. Group 3 the SFT Darlaur Dragon Slayer &  Group 4 the Dandie Dinmont Dainty Dandies Royal Dutch Emma foe Lenacourt.

Terrier Group Puppy: Group 1 the Cesky Terrier Shasgav Sound of Silence. 2 Darlaur Dragon Slayer. 3 Irish Terrier Holbam Celtic Warrior. 4 Cairn Terrier Trekhilli Pepperazzi.

AVNSC Terrier

Puppy (1, 0 abs)

1st & Puppy Gp 3. Bamsey’s Holbam Celtic Warrior: Nicely put together 12 month old dog with pleasing head, small eye and good earset. Scissor bite. Well laid shoulders, chest needs to drop slightly but sure that will come with maturity. Topline correct with slightly arched muscular loin. Good bend of stifle, not over angulated, with well let down hocks.

Junior (4, 1 abs)

1st Bamsey’s Holbam Celtic Miss Chief: 11 month old bitch, half sister to 2nd. Long head with flat skull. Good dentition and powerful underjaw. Dark small eye, well ser ears. Good forehand and length of rib. Topline arched over loin. Tailset good. Rear angulation correct with well let down hocks.

2nd Bannister’s Holbam Celtic Nuala: Similar remarks to 1st applies to this young lady  Sure they will change places on another day.

3rd Austin’s Viedlejetoru Rhaegal

Grad. (1, 0 abs)

1st  Bannister’s Holbam Celtic Nuala

Post Grad (2,1 abs)


Bannister’s Ho;bam Celtic Nuala

Open (3, 0 abs)

1st , Best AVNSC, Group 1 & RBIS Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM  4 year old dog  Moved well with drive. Correct wedge headshape and ear set. Large teeth and strong jaw, scissor bite. Clean well muscled neck flowing into good forehand. Correct loin and arch over loin. Rear angulation and tail set good.

2nd Hayes’s Norwich Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM

3rd Bannister’s Irish Terrier Ch Montelle Vision in Red JW ShCM

Dandie Dinmont Terriers

Puppy (1, 0abs)

1st & Puppy Gp 4  Harcourt-Morris’ Dainty Dandies River Mersey at Lenacourt:  8 month old promising puppy, who when he settles should do well. Good sized head for age with broad skull/ correct length of muzzle. Scissor bite with strong jaws. Round dark eyes, correct earset and shape, fell close to cheeks. Strong neck and good forehand. Correct body shape good tailset. Moved well.  

Grad (2, 1 abs)

1st & RBOB     Rolland’s Dandiroyal Sophie. Feminine bitch of  14 months. Good headshape and earset. Correct scissor bite  with strong underjaw. Powerful neck going into well laid back shoulders. Long body of correct outline good topline. Moved OK

Open (3, 1 abs)

1st, BOB & Gp 4 Harcourt-Morris’ Dainty Dandies Royal Dutch Emma for Lenacourt. 2 ½ year old bitch Strong head with broad skull and well domed forehead. Correct sized muzzle with black nose. Dark round eyes set wide apart. Strong jaws with scissor bite and strong teeth. Powerful neck inot excellent forehand. Long body with well sprung ribs. Good tail set. Rear angulation correct with well developed thighs. Moved well

2nd Rolland’s Dandiroyal Puddlegum.

Colin Richardson