• Show Date: 05/03/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Clare Robinson-Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Folkestone Hythe & District Canine Society

Folkestone, Hythe & District Canine Society – Open Show

Sunday 5th March 2017

Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

My sincere thanks to the society for inviting me to judge Staffordshire Bull Terriers at their Open Show and also to Valerie, my ring steward, who very capably assisted me throughout my duties.

Thank you to all of the exhibitors for your entries and for allowing me the privilege of going over your dogs.  Also, thank you to the spectators who turned up to show their support and to everyone for accepting my decisions in such a sporting manner, it was an extremely enjoyable day for me.

The quality of the dogs was generally very good and I did not see any poor mouths but I did notice that teeth seemed to be a little bit on the small side which is the opposite of what the breed standard asks for.  Also, some of the feet could have been tighter and neater and such feet were generally accompanied by longer nails, something that can, and should, be easily rectified.  A couple of the exhibits were very muscular and lean and though I do not like to see an unfit dog, I do prefer a dog with a covering of flesh between its skin and the muscles and bones underneath.

JUNIOR D/B 1 (0)

1.    Shipp & Hammond’s – Hammystaff Hanky Panky With Idyllicstaff (Jodel’s Fernando – Hammystaff Heavenly). 8 ½ month old top size red dog who is very well developed for his age in every area.  Good, strong head with correct skull to muzzle ratio.  Lovely dark eyes set correctly.  Correct scissor bite. The beginnings of good cheek muscle development which is exactly what I would expect for a dog of this age. Neat, well-placed ears which enhanced his expression beautifully when he could be coaxed to use them.  Plenty of bone with a nice wide, straight front.  Neat well-padded feet with the blackest of nails.  Good spring of rib with nice taper into the loins.  Tail set and carriage correct.  Nice bend of stifle.  Shown in lovely condition – muscular and fit without being overdone.  Moved OK for a youngster and though he was the only puppy present, he was well-deserving of being my Best Puppy In Breed and then went on to take Puppy Group 1!!  Fantastic result, well done.


1.    Lee’s – Leebee’s Precious JW (Dazmarnic I’ll Ave Arf X Hammystaff Seventh Heaven Via Leebee).  2 year old white and red pied bitch.  Good head shape with dark eyes and a pleasing expression.  Neat, well-placed ears that she uses to good effect.  Correct scissor bite. Muscular neck.  Wide, straight front and sufficient bone.  Well-padded feet though would prefer them to be a little neater.  Enough depth of brisket and forechest, which gave her the edge over my 2nd place in this class today.  Good rib and taper to loins.  Correct tail set and carriage.  Moved well and good topline while stacked and moving. Shown in nice condition and pushed hard for RBOB, who is this bitch’s mother, just preferred the more compact outline of her mother today.

2.    O’Sullivan’s – Hammystaff Lucky Lottie (CH Kronsaters Lycktraff X Hammystaff Haniel).  White and red pied bitch of almost 2 years old.  This bitch has very similar attributes to my 1st place with a good head and dark eyes, correct scissor bite and well-placed ears.  Strong, muscular neck.  Good front and ample bone.  Nice spring of rib and good taper into loins.  Level topline held stacked and on the move and she moved well.  Just preferred the stronger forechest and depth of brisket on my first placed bitch.

OPEN D/B 8 (2)

1.    Winwood, Tunnah & Kerry’s - Nerotoro Dark Element JW (Jecanibo’s Ki-Adi-Mundi X CH Cursus Summer Storm JW).  2 year old black brindle dog who fits the breed standard very well.  Keen, alert expression, nice tidy, neat ears that are placed and carried well.  Good, strong skull with correct depth and muzzle ratio.  Dark eyes and dark eye rims, distinct stop and good development of cheek muscles.  Correct scissor bite with lovely big teeth.  Strong, muscular neck, enough width of front and sufficient bone. Straight front, strong pasterns and shown up on his toes. Neat, tight, well-padded feet with short, black nails.  Nice spring of rib and enough brisket with the correct taper into light loins. Close-coupled and correct length of back. Good muscle development, nice bend of stifle, tail of correct length, set and carriage.  Moved well front and back and held his level topline while stacked and on the move.  Looked good from all angles, shown in lovely condition without being overdone in any way.  Very pleased to award Best Of Breed and then delighted that he went on to take Terrier Group 2!!  Well done.

2.    Lee’s – Hammystaff Seventh Heaven Via Leebee (Blazinstaff Light My Fire JW ShCM X Hammystaff Heavenly). Striking red and white bitch of almost 5 years old. Nice head shape and lovely dark eyes. Ears placed and carried OK, though not as tidy as my first place.  Strong neck and wide, straight front, though feet not as neat as my first placed dog.  Plenty of bone and substance with a good depth of brisket and forechest which, for me, gave her the edge over the other exhibits presented today.  Great spring of rib, not too long in the back and a level topline.  There was a taper into her loins but not as shapely as my first placed dog. Tail set and carriage correct.  Moved well when viewed from front or back.  Lost out to my first place due to overall condition on the day but still worthy of my Reserve Best Of Breed.

3.    Ashburner’s – Jodanzac Joyful Event (Stormfire London Pride X Miss Cherie At Jodanzac).  A stunning mahogany brindle bitch of just over 3 years of age who I have just had to mention.  Beautiful head, lovely neat ears placed and carried well.  Correct scissor bite and though I would prefer a darker eye she still has the most beautiful expression.  Neat, tight feet.  Great spring of rib with good bone and balance and lovely taper into light loins.  She was just a little bit too much all over for me today but very well balanced nonetheless, a lovely girl that I would be happy to own myself.

Clare Robinson-Cox (HAMASON)