• Show Date: 16/09/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Claire Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/10/2019

Four Counties Beagle Club

Four Counties Beagle Club Open Show – 16th September 2017 

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge my first breed Open Show and I would also like to thank the exhibitors for bringing me some lovely hounds to judge. I had some difficult decisions to make in some classes but these were accepted with grace, of which dog showing is all about. With thanks to my two stewards who kept the day flowing nicely. 

MPD (1) 1. Vickers & Mead’s Canowindra Gainsborough To Rosroden, 7mths tri dog, good length of neck and correct ear set, slightly long in body but moved well for his age, showing good hindquarters already, a promising youngster. BPD. Just preferred rear movement to award him BPIS. JD (4) 1. Hunt & Norris’ Cliffmere Mindful of Shercroft, a good strong head on this 17mth dog, would like to see a bit more length in neck, showing good muscle tone throughout and good depth in ribs. Good angulations allowing him to excel in movement. 2. Dawson & Goodall’s Rundle Pursuit, liked the head and length of neck on this tri dog, finer mould than one throughout, seeing good drive from him, pushed hard for 1st. 3 Leader’s Rosrodens Debonair. ND (3) 1. Vickers & Mead’s Canowindra Gainsborough To Rosroden 2. Dawson & Goodall’s Rundle Pursuit. 3. Leader’s Rosrodens Debonair. GD (1) 1. Hunt & Norris’ Cliffmere Mindful of Shercroft. PGD (1) 1. Hunt & Norris’ Cliffmere Mindful of Shercroft. LD (2) 1. Lewis’ Fallowfield Chad, lovely showmanship from this TnW dog, good outline when stacked, pleasing head flowing to a good length of neck, topline held at all times, nicely balanced giving good driving action around the ring, pushed BD dog hard for top honours RBD. 2. Davies’ Stormpasture Trumps Image, Open marked tri, larger mould than one with a stronger head, looked very smart when stacked and showing good muscle tone, good reach and driver on this dog but just lacked the sparkle of one. OD (2) 1. Hunts & Noris’ Shercroft Apollo JW, liked the movement coming and going on this TnW dog, has a slightly heavier head than I prefer but showing very good muscle tone which he used to his advantage. Nice short and compact hound, pushed for RBD. 2. Lewis’ Tesoros and Shea Manor Do You Think Im Sexy at Fallowfield, tri dog, longer in loin than one, found his head more pleasing and good neck length than one. Good angulations when stacked, would like to see this dog move in a bigger ring to see his reach and drive excel. VD (2) 1. Bailey’s CH Newlin Victor of Selenko JW ShCM, at 10yrs young this TnW dog who deserves his title, he has a  good head with pleasing expression and dark eye, correct length of neck which flows onto good strong front, showing good muscle tone throughout for his age. This dog does suit the larger ring but so sound on the move in all directions could not deny him BD, RBIS & BVIS. A credit to his owner. 2. Hunts & Noris’ CH Shercroft Finders JW ShCM, tri dog nearly 8yrs, another nice veteran to go over and enjoying his day out, just preferred balance and outline of one but still has lovely movement coming and going. PB (1) 1. Precey’s Detrick Once In A Blue Moon, I judged this youngster in July and my previous critique still stands on this 9mths tri bitch, stacks lovely with nice feminine head and correct ear set, good angulation throughout with level topline held. She is maturing nicely, would like to see stronger rear movement when going away. JB (9,3) Toughest class of the day, close decision between the top two. 1. Hill’s Cliffmere Merriment Von Dapperdawg, lovely TnW bitch with a lot to like, best mover of the class, nice front with tight feet. Good shoulders and depth of chest, lovely rear angulation. Maturing nicely. 2. Dawson’s, Goodall’s & Harrison’s Rundle Going for Gold, another promising TnW youngster , topline held at all times, good length of neck, a tad heavy upfront which just unbalanced her slightly at times, longer in body than one, stacked and handled very well, handler got the best out of this dog. 3. Precey’s Detrick Once In A Blue Moon. NB (6,1) 1. Dawson’s & Goodall’s Rundle Eclispe, another nice bitch from this kennel, well put together with a lot to like, pleasing head, she is maturing nicely, need to fill out a bit, good angulation throughout, moved out well, giving handler a hard time but could still see her virtues on the move. 2. Butters’ & Theoblad’s Orchivale Merry Go Round of Breskar, this tri bitch does have her moments but not on this day, showed very well, longer cast than one but with lovely length of neck and a nice feminine head, solid topline held throughout and showing good muscle tone. Good reach and drive on the bitch. 3. Macdonlad’s & Gray’s Dotlun Musicbox GB (4) 1. Deans’ Gempeni Ballet JW ShCM evenly balanced tri bitch with good arch of neck and level topline when stacked, nicely presented, moved well going away a bit erratic coming towards, not quite settled. 2. Dawson’s, Goodall’s & Harrison’s Rundle Going for Gold. 3. Precey’s Detrick Once In A Blue Moon. PG (6,1) 1. Hunt’s, Norris’ & Carmichael’s Shercroft Arina, TnW mottle with a lot to like, lovely to go over, with a sweet feminine expression, neat front and correct angulation throughout, best mover in the class. Pushed hard for RBB. 2. Vickers & Mead’s Rosroden Cherry Kisses, well put together tri bitch who pushed hard for 1st place, was slightly unsettled on the move but a lot to like, nice balanced outline with a lovely length of neck, good front movement and showing drive. 3. Hartland’s Franjean Check Me Out at Fairleedale (Imp POL). MLB (1) 1. Hartland’s Newlin Inkspot at Fairleedale, Open marked tri bitch with pleasing head, good length of neck, nice tight feet but nails slightly too long, nice shape overall, not quite settled today. LB (5,2) 1. Deans’ Gempeni Flower Girl JW ShCM, dam to my GB winner and another with a lot to like, you can see where my GB winner gets her virtues from. Sound movement, shows lovely drive from well muscle hindquarters. 2. Bailey’s Newlin Kismet for Salenko, tri bitch well-muscled, I’ve seen this bitch being a bit difficult before but not today worked well with her handler, pushed hard for 1st, nice overall picture with feminine head, good front, good rear quarters giving drive round the ring. OB Very close between these top two 1. Lewis’ Fallowfield Grace, just loved this TnW bitch, would have happily taken her home, soft feminine expression with good length of neck flowing onto level topline held at all times, nice balance to this bitch with sound front and rear movement, correct ear set and tail set and nice tight feet finished of a lovely picture and a joy to go over, could not deny her BB & BIS 2. Alexander’s Stormpasture Trump Hand at Bethnor, open marked tri bitch of good quality, shown in lovely condition today with correct angulation all round and with good muscle tone allowing to show her free flowing movement, well deserved RBB today VB 1. Lewis’ CH Fallowfield Diamonte, 7yrs old TnW and can still give the youngsters a run for their money, just loved the overall shape and balance of this bitch, another veteran worthy of her title, in great condition today, lovely reach of neck with pleasing head, nice shape to hindquarters giving her drive, shame to meet VD in such good form. 2. Dean’s IR CH Baterhound Bouquet for Gempeni JW ShCM, larger mould than one with good solid front and level topline, excellent muscle tone for her age, just preferred balance of one. 

Claire Jones (Clairdale)