• Show Date: 18/06/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/03/2020

Poole Canine Club


18TH JUNE 2017

Poole C.C. held a very well run open show in the grounds of Canford Magna Garden Centre . A garden party atmosphere prevailed all day and thankfully there was a row of open sided tents providing much needed shade for the dogs to be judged in. BIS was the delightful Tibetan Spaniel Ch. Tibbymills Kandy Kane at Tibama. She has such expressive eyes and intelligent expression and was still showing her socks off at the end of a long, hot day. RBIS was the typey Italian Spinone Inostricani Palmina del Macarica. BPIS was the simply stunning Briard Stormfield It Is What It Is who put on a show stopping performance at her first show. RBPIS was the enchanting CKCS Lanola Liberty. BVIS was the 11 yr old Sheltie Milesend Drama Queen followed by RBVIS the Siberian Husky Ch Jacalous Nephthys at Icekingdom JW.


Italian Spinone. Open. 1. Allum’s Inostricani Palmina Del Macarica. I really liked this typical girl for her size and substance. She has a classic outline and exudes breed type. She has a beautiful, feminine head with melting expression, short neck and excellent body proportions with good depth. She has very good front and rear angulation, fabulous muscle tone and condition, thick skin and excellent coat. She moves effortlessly with a relaxed trot and excellent reach and drive. BOB. I had no hesitation in awarding her Group 1 and RBIS.

Weimaraners. Post Grad.. 1. Carrington’s Edingorse Enigma. Very well balanced with good length of back. Aristocratic head with slight median line. Well set long ears, strong neck, excellent forehand, good underline and well turned stifles. Big strong bum, very well muscled and moves soundly. BOB. 2. Marsh’s Gunalt Escapade at Comorin. 3. Jefferies Silbermeer Wayward Spirit. Open. 1. Finch’s Kuantan Silverstone. Very impressive on the stack with an aristocratic outlook and haughty expression. Good for depth and spring of rib, well boned with decent feet. Excellent foreward reach. I preferred the head and stop of the overall winner. RBOB. 2. Jefferies Silbermeer Blithe Spirit. 3. Carrington’s Sireva Salix.

GSP. Open. 1. Smith’s Indijazz Young Love at Abbeyaire. Stands over plenty of ground with short back and straight front. Pretty head with raised brows, big nose, good ear set and width of skull. Decent spring of rib and well ribbed up. Tends to roach her back at times. Moves well. BOB. 2. Braine’s Kenine March to Victory Sh CM. RBOB.

Clumber Spaniels 1. Crofts Micklemess Bella Rosa. 10 yrs old and still giving it all she’s worth. Well boned and balanced with a pretty head, long, strong body and wide quarters. She was crossing in front but showed a clean pair of heels going away. BOB.

American Cockers. Grad. 1. Fear’s Wraxhill Gettysburg Address. Handsome buff with strong muzzle, low set ears and lovely crest to neck. Strong back, sloping topline, short coupled and well turned stifles. At 12 mths he could do with bigger ribs but he is strong in loin. Smooth ground covering movement but too proud of his tail for me. BOB. Open. 1. Luczynski’s Baladeva Scarlett Letters for Kanara. Black of nice size but again, too proud of her tail. Strong topline but not much slope and her head looked rather small. Good forehand and depth of brisket with decent lay back of shoulder. RBOB.

ESS. Post Grad. 1. Glass’ Riselawroad Miss Brodie. Compact and well boned with a good topline. Sadly she was throwing her back end all over the place on the move. BOB.

AVNSC. Post Grad. 1. Bradley’s Nyllaup Chilli Pepper. IWS of good type, compact body with big ribs and powerful, well angulated quarters. Long, strong muzzle, alert expression and low set ears. Dense coat with good top-knot. Moves with good rolling motion. Open. 1. Tye’s Thandiwe Last Tango of Tymora Sh CM. Field Sp. Wonderful head with strong muzzle, good chiselling and low set ears. Straight front, well off for bone, deep brisket and decent spring of rib. Wide quarters but well up to size. Moves on an unhurried stride. BOB. 2. Walker’s Malanis Pirate at Ameysford. RBOB.

AV Gundog. Puppy. 1. Byrne, Edwards and Howlett’s Konakakela Just Mean To Be Siochanna. Irish Setter. 2. White’s Lunarpet Sweet Honeysuckle. Lab. 3. Mullins’ Heathclare Duckies. Irish Setter. Grad. 1. Cardiff’s Prosperity Girl Scout. Pointer. 2. Hoban’s Meadowleigh Romantic Quest. Lab. 3. Healey’s Thornywait Jillaroo for Marsabit. Goldie. Open. 1. Cardiff’s Prosperity Va Va Voom JW, Sh CM. Pointer. 2. Finch’s Kuantan Silverstone. Weimie. 3. Maple’s Siochanna Celtic Sapphire. Irish Setter. Veteran. 1. Cotton’s Winterwell Miss Tified. GSP. 2. Blackley and Salero’s Sh Ch Glenntree Ruby Slippers JW Sh CM. Cocker. 3. Braine’s Kenine March to Victory Sh CM. GSP.

Gundog Group. Adults. 1. Italian Spinone. 2. Rutherford’s Irish Setter Devacott Temptation to Clonageera. Striking outline, commands attention and moves with verve. 3. Kew’s Cocker Withiflor Wheels on Fire at Wylyeview. Square appearance and merry on the move. 4. Futcher’s Gordon Setter Flaxheath McLaren Sh CM. Very good type. Puppy Group. 1. Birkenshaw’s Cocker Gilcar Rumour Has it. What a sweetie, so sound and confident. 2. Prangle’s irish Setter Heathclare American Dollar. Racy in outline and moves well. 3. Baker & Judd’s Lab Harpitts Rumour Has It. Strongly built. 4. Taylor’s Goldie Pandreft Lola. Very sound.

Christine Morgan