• Show Date: 26/11/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/03/2020

Gundog Club Of North Wales


26th November 2017

Italian Spinone

Open. 1. Robert’s Hastabbi Kir Royal ShCM. I like this dog for his size and square outline. He is solid in construction, well off for bone with strong well laid shoulders and powerful quarters and has a good bend of stifle. He moves with typical Spinone gait but was close behind. BOB.


Grad. 1. Gosling’s Glasarian Amethyst. Carries a good topline and stands over plenty of ground with good height to length ratio. Has well muscled shoulders and well developed second thigh. Moves easily but close in front.

Open. 1. Gosling’s Enryb Party Act at Glasarian. Balanced head with round amber eyes, well set ears of good length but a bit short in neck. Excellent prosternum and depth of chest with decent spring of rib. Moves OK. BOB.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Limit. 1. Nelson’s Nelbakio Almost An Angel. Has a lovely head with broad skull, correct proportions, good eye and ear set. Narrow front, well developed chest but would prefer a slightly longer leg. Carries tail well and has a woolly coat with undercoat.

Open. 1. Nelson’s Gaesten Zippy Zingo at Nelbekio. Square and sturdy with a very good woolly coat with curls all over the body. Broadish skull with shorter foreface, ears well set, strong neck, good angulation and wide, strong loin. Good turn of stifle, moves well. BOB.

Sussex Spaniel

Junior. 1. Barnes’ Saxonbejayz Lucy Anne. Very wriggly 8 mth old who was hard to assess but is a good size and well ribbed back. Movement was all over the place. BOB & BPIB. Grad. 1. Repeat

Open. 1. Repeat

Field Spaniel

Grad. 1. McVitty’s Sonnetend Faith. BPIB. 2. Wheeler’s Sonnetend Careless Whisper. Litter mates both having quality in head, almond shaped eyes and long, lean muzzles. Long, strong necks, clean over shoulders and well ribbed up. The bitch has the edge at present as she is more settled and has the better front and quarters. Both are very happy souls and move on a long stride. Open. 1. Wheeler’s Tayowen Touch of Elixir. Presents a very noble and balanced picture. She has a very well chiselled head with slightly raised brows and a gentle expression. Plenty of depth with ample spring of rib and moves happily with drive. BOB.

Special Presidents Open Stakes 1. Hughes’ Glantraeth Time To Dream, Cocker

2. Beever’s Glantraeth Candy Kisses. Cocker. 1st and 2nd are litter sisters and hard to separate. Both are a very nice square type and are presented and move well. Just preferred the front movement of the winner. 3. Griggs’ Mulfield Imperial Topaz, Gold. Ret.

Special Crufts Qualified Open. 1. Wilchrimane Clickety Click to Kielderpoint. Pointer. Strong appearance, with wide quarters, well muscled with good second thigh. Would like to see more slope in pasterns. Moves well. 2. G. Amethyst. Wei. 3.Soneve Stargazer at Glansevern. Gold. Ret.

Veteran 1. H Kir Royale. 2. Coed Y Berwyn Afon Fach. WSS. 3. E. Party Act at G. Wei.

Minor Puppy. 1. Lewis & Bullock’s Trixhund Oliver Twist. Well ribbed ESS who has a very handsome head and the best of fronts. Won this class on his excellent front extension. 2. Flaherty & Reddyhough’s GSP. Isara Kurzhaar. Bordeaux. 3. Alolfrana U’Are A Diamond. Irish Set.

Puppy 1. Le Maitre’s Vannelmead Freya. WSS. Of good type, not leggy, well balanced head, won this class with her great movement and excellent tail carriage. 2. S. Faith. 3. S. Lucy Anne

Junior. 1. Burrow’s Artemida Moon Queen Dobrov House (Imp Mda). Cocker. Has a lovely square muzzle and raised brows, good front angulation and thick pads.

Grad. 1. Millington’s Carneval of Gold Duck (Imp Srb). Gold. Ret. Strongly built with plenty of dog in front. Level back with tail coming straight off. Good sweep of stifle but moves rather close in front. 2. G Amethyst

Open. 1. Beever’s Snowgate Parti over to Dandyjan. Cocker. Square outline, balanced head, well off for bone and thick pads. A bit unsettled on the move. 2. E.Party Act at G.

Brace. 1. Gosling’s Weimaraners. A well matched pair, very coordinated on the move. 2. Wheeler’s Field Spaniels


BIS Philipson’s WSS Menstonia Marksman ShCM. A lovely sort, strong and compact in body and with a very merry disposition. I particularly like his size and silky flat coat.

Res. BIS. Bullock’s ESS Trixhund Talking Obsession JW ShCM. Has the typical racy appearance and moves easily throwing the feet forward.

3rd BIS. Rowbottom’s Irish Setter Lanstara Spring Moon. A good example of the breed, racy, handsome and refined.

4th BIS Davies & Margerison’s IWS Kendrelli Jack Snipe. Fabulous coat, great ribs.


BPIS. Parry’s Golden Retriever Mitcharron Kentucky Road. Very balanced with a kind, dark eye and dense coat. I found his tail carriage exceptional; it was so good to see.

Res BPIS. Flaherty & Reddyhough’s GSP. Isara Kurzhaar Bordeaux. Noble appearance with a graceful outline.

3rd BPIS. Lewis & Bullock’s ESS Trixhund Pick Pocket. Beautiful head with a very kind almond shaped eye.

4th BIS. Le Maitre’s WSS Vannelmead Gelert. Compact with a strong muscular body.

Christine Morgan