• Show Date: 22/07/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/03/2020

London Cocker Spaniel Society


Open Show: 22nd July, 2017.

Main Show: Mrs C. Morgan.


Class 1 Special Puppy;


Class 2 Special Novice:

1 Cory and Brown’s Ottigi Scheherazade. Lovely headed black of a nice size with good bone and substance. Excellent front angulation, neat thick pads and strong level topline.

2 Kew’s Lujesa Starman at Wylyeview. Handsome well balanced head with a kind dark eye. Moved steadily but didn’t have the drive of 1. 3 Lockwood’s Zakova Firedancer

Class 3 Special Post Graduate: 2 very merry and happy girls. Both black.

1 Mace’s Cachel Moviestar for Fonesse, JW. Very pretty head, dark eyes with tight rims, low set ears and clean in back skull. Moderate neck, good angulation, straight front, strong round bum. In lovely coat and condition.

2 Hutching’s Beechtops Majestic. Heavier in skull than the winner but nevertheless appealing. Moderate neck and clean over neck and shoulders. She was a real fidget but clearly enjoying herself as her tail never stopped wagging.

Class 4 Special Open:

1 Kew’s Withiflor Wheels on Fire at Wylyeview. I really liked this gorgeous b/t bitch and considered her for top honours. She presents a square picture, is well boned and a lovely size. Her front angulation is excellent with plenty of dog in front, well sprung ribs, deep brisket, strong loin and good tail set. Her quarters are wide, well rounded and muscular. She is very animated and merry on the move and presented in gleaming coat. Unlucky to meet the boys today.


Class 5 Special Puppy:

1 Wildman’s Reemif Midnight Blue for Chanmalo. Solid and sturdy 10 mths blue roan dog. He has a square muzzle and clear stop with beautiful chiselling under his bright eyes. His forechest is well developed and his ribs well sprung with a firm short loin. His quarters are well rounded with a good turn of stifle and he puts them to good use on the move. I loved his tail carriage! Presented and handled so very well. BPIS.

Class 6 Special Novice:

1 Kidd’s Freestone Twist of Aniseed. o/r bitch from a finer mould. Pretty head with a kind, bright eye but could use more stop. Carries a level topline as she moves steadily with lashing tail.

Class 7 Special Post Graduate:

1 Crowley’s Ashalon Red White N’ Blue. Masculine head although a tad strong in skull for me. Good front angulation but needs more bend of stifle to complete the picture. Moved OK but a touch close fore and aft. I preferred his altogether more robustness to that of 2. Attrill’s Jorlaykee Luna Moon at Merrysprings. Bitch of nice size with a pretty eye, clean in backskull and with big ribs. Needs more strength in muzzle.

Class 8 Special Open:

1 Burnet’s Charmwen the Sorcerer. Light b/r with big ribs and a strong level topline. Well-developed forechest and square in outline. Well balanced head with rounded skull. Moved well and had better foot fall than 2. Harris’ Chalkhill Solitaire. Attractive dark blue, good ribs and deep brisket. Presents a square profile. Preferred the tail set of the winner and ideally needs tighter eye rims.


Class 9 Veteran:

1 Hutching’s Cascadia I Chico at Beechtops. 11 ½ yr old golden dog showing his socks off. Masculine head with nice chiselling, straight front and good spring of rib. On the stack he tended to slope his topline but held it level on the move. Preferred his length of neck to that of 2 who sadly would not stay for a critique. 2 Lockwood’s Zakova Rose Gold

Class 10 Minor Puppy Dog:

1 Pilkington’s Molkara Faustus at Brimbeck. As expected at this age his head needs to break and he was rather loose in eye rim but still very promising. His ears are well set and fine, moderate neck, plenty of forechest and a strong topline. Lovely firm, cat like feet. Moved well but rather proud of his tail.

Class 11 Minor Puppy Bitch: This was a lovely class with quite some depth of quality. It was satisfying to compare such strong merits.

1 Garrard’s Clavaire Blue Ivy. She was the most collected both on the stack and on the move. Dark b/r of fabulous breed type. Gorgeous balanced head with square muzzle and clear stop, Sturdy throughout and very Cockery. I loved her typical bustling movement and look at me attitude. BMPIS.

2 Dicker’s Dykere Meant to Be Lovely b/w presenting a square outline, chiselled head with low set ears, clean in neck and shoulders and good tail set. Doesn’t have the quarters of the winner but surely these will develop. Good ground covering movement. 3 Crisp’s Challowdown Loopy Lou with Genevieve

Class 12 Puppy Dog:

1 Wildman’s Reemif Midnight Blue for Chanmalo. 2 Binza’s Cachel Hearthrob Good type but carrying a bit too much weight today. I loved his dark eyes with their intelligent expression. Very animated on the move.

Class 13 Puppy Bitch:

1 Binza’s Lujesa I Have a Dream. Squarely built b&t with very clear markings. Well off for bone, merry and sturdy. Ample spring of rib and short strong loin. Lovely mover.

Class 14 Junior:

1 Carpenter’s Zakova Top Kat. Well this young black dog was right up my street. Square, square, square. Great substance and style without being overdone and still very workmanlike. His head is exquisite yet masculine, balanced muzzle to skull, strong neck, well laid shoulders and return of upper arm. Big ribs, big bum, short hocks. The very best of firm, thickly padded, cat-like feet. His shiny black coat is silky to the touch and he is very well presented. Moves with a typical bustling and merry action. BIS. 2 Binza’s Cachel Hearthrob. 3 Hutching’s Beechtops Golden Ticket

Class 15 Maiden:


Class 16 Tyro:

1 Kidd’s Freestone Twist of Aniseed,

Class 17 Graduate: An excellent class.

1 Carpenter’s Zakova Top Kat. 2 Cassidy’s Manchela Hugo Boss JW ShCM. I really liked this dog and he was very unlucky to come up against the winner. He is outstanding for type and is another one with fabulous feet. His head and expression are so appealing, his neck strong and fits smoothly into well laid shoulders. Plenty of heart and lung room, well rounded quarters. Strong mover. 3 Hutson’s Stobytill Shake Ya Booty

Class 18 Special Beginners:

1 Lockwood’s Zakova Firedancer. Pretty headed golden bitch, moderate neck and well laid shoulders, well spring ribs, moderate rear angulation. Moved well. 2 Attrill’s Jorlaykee Luna Moon at Merrysprings

Class 19 Open Dog:

1 Bel/Lux Ch Lynwater Belgian Chocolate JW Sh CM BW15. I judged this dog as a youngster so it was satisfying to now judge the finished article. Cobby and sturdy with an ever wagging tail there is no mistaking his gender or type. He is very well boned, has tight feet, straight front, excellent angulation, big ribs and well rounded quarters. His masculine head has a square finish to muzzle and his eye rims are tight. Well off for coat which is flat and silky. Moves with drive and is very busy. In the challenge he was very distracted by a bitch and did his best to spoil his chances. His clever handler got top side of him to take RBIS.

Class 20 Open Bitch:

1 Hutson’s Carmelfair Tarrarrah at Stobytill. Cobby enough with good ribs but needs more bone for my preference. Moves happily.

Christine Morgan