• Show Date: 17/12/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/03/2020

Oakengates & District Canine Society


17th December 2018


PG. 1. Ward’s Courtdown Fair Maid Of Devon. Pretty head with square finish to foreface, soft expression, good forehand with plenty of depth and spring of rib, wide and powerful hindquarters. Finely textured coat of good colour but not carrying much feathering. Moves freely.

Open. 1. Walker’s Sh Ch/IR Sh Ch Vanders Va Voom Avec Wroxham. A fine example of the breed oozes quality and breed type. His head is classic with dark round eyes, strong neck, very clean over neck and shoulders, super forehand with legs well under, sinewy, oval bone, muscular throughout with well developed quarters. Has very neat feet. Moves well. BOB.

2. Hart’s Gilliegrae Swift N’Chic. Taller and rangier than the winner but he has the loveliest head with such a kind eye, good stop and well set ears.

3. Ward’s Sh Sh Ballakinnish Mischief Making Copperwhite JW


Jun. 1. Scholes’ Rossgilde Sea Lady. Sufficently broad head with fine chiselling and lovely dark brown eyes. Has excellent balance with good bone and super front angulation placing her legs well under her body. Carries a level topline, is well ribbed back with strong loin and well muscled quarters. Dense waterproof coat. Smooth front movement with a long stride. BOB.

2. Loverock & Eddies’ Thornywait Mama Mia. A very happy puppy with a kind and friendly temperament as demonstrated by her ever wagging tail. Has a very pretty head and a great sweep of stifle. BPIB.

3. Whitfield’s Amberdella Miracle Dancer

PG. 1. R. Sea Lady

2. Hill’s Tamniarn Forget Me Not Sandaula JW. Finer than the winner and rather proud of her tail on the move but has good width to chest, is well ribbed back and has round, cat like feet.

3. Tomlinson’s Linirgor Thunderball at Kirstenglen

Open 1. R. Sea Lady

2. Scholes’ Goldenhicks Churchill at Rossgilde JW. Good type but so proud of his tail. Has great bone and substance, big ribs, strong loin and a very handsome head.

3. Loverock and Waldren-Smith’s Lovissa Space Dust.

Retriever (Labrador)

Jn. 1. Ellis & Matulla’s Dolwen Ebony Claire. Hard coat and great tail action, attractive head with flat skull and good ear set. I found her rather short and steep in upper arm but has big ribs and strong loin.

PG. 1. Le Maitre’s Vannelmead Weather Girl. Presents an impressive, well balanced outline and stands over good ground. Clean cut head with well defined stop and expressive eyes. Moves OK.

2. Le Maitre’s Oakhouse On The Road Again to Vannelmead. She was overweight and rather matronly but her head is good with a soft expression. She has plenty of depth and barrel ribs, a harsh coat and a great tail action.

3. D. Ebony Claire

Open. 1. Felton-Page’s Marshwiggle Mr Carson JW. Clean cut head with powerful jaw and wide nostrils. Powerful neck, well laid shoulders, plenty of heart and lung room and broad chest. Good leg length to body proportions. Thick tail carried in line with the back. The handler needs to listen to instructions and concentrate on her handling but despite this I made him BOB.

2. Dodd’s Bonnieburns Bubblegum at Carriegame. Shorter in upper arm than the winner but carries a strong, level topline, has wide quarters, compact feet and a harsh coat.

3. O. On The Road Again


PG. 1. Clinton’s Haradwater Shall We Dance with Oramiss (IMP). Square in outline with good length and return of upper arm. Well developed skull with good chiselling, long low set ears, level topline, good spring of rib and well padded feet. Carries tail well on the move.

2. Davies’ Kerriglow Game of Thrones. Rangier than the winner and a tad too long in neck but has a good head with square finish to muzzle and a full, dark eye. Short, wide and firm loin with very well padded feet. High tail carriage detracts. BPIB.

Open. 1. Davies’ Kerriglow Together with Joaldy. A picture of Cockery bustle with a lively tail action carried on a level with the back. Strong, compact body, legs well boned. Big ribs, deep brisket, well rounded quarters with ample bend of stifle. BOB.


PG. 1. Lewis & Bullock’s Trixhund Pick Pocket. Such a pretty girl with a well balanced head and lovely chiselling below her eyes. Gives the impression of raciness on the stack with a strong neck, compact body and moderate hindquarters. Has a good driving action. Extremely well presented. BPIB.

2. Ainsley & Nicklin’s Ternspringer Jazz Singer. Masculine head with dark well shaped eyes. Good length of neck and ample depth but doesn’t have the well set elbows of the winner. Presentation was marred by pink staining.

Open. 1. Ainsley’s Ziphill Thunderflash. Upstanding boy with good bone and substance, a strong topline and moderate bend of stifle. Well balanced head, fairly deep and broad but spoiled by pink staining. Rather proud of his tail on the move but he covers the ground well. Ably handled to BOB.

2. Hipgrave’s Ternspringer Harmone. Well off for bone with super, tight feet, well developed chest but could use more width over the loin. Moved OK.

Christine Morgan