• Show Date: 01/04/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Bristol & District Dog Club

American Cocker Spaniel 

PGrad (1)

1st Blackburns Wraxhill Mississippi Flash. 7 month black dog of good size and substance . Correctly balanced head with good chiselling and well set forward looking eye, strong in neck with balanced angulation front and rear. A little unsettled to start with but soon got into a strong reaching stride. BP PG3

Open (2,1abs)

1st Luczynskis Baldeva Scarlett Letters for Kanara. Charismatic black bitch that just bubbled over with style and attitude. Feminine head of correct proportions strong stop with plenty of chiselling, eye of correct shape and full of sparkle. Lovely reach of neck flowing smoothly into gently sloping topline. Plenty of well-made dog under a luxurious coat, her excellent angulation gave her driving movement. BOB Grp1

Cocker Spaniel

Special Yearling (1)

1st Matthews Kalispell Contessa. 13 month blue roan bitch who certainly showed the true merry cocker disposition. Pretty head, with a kind, well shaped eye and lowset ears. Balanced angulation, firm topline with a good spring of rib underneath. Well muscled stifles gave plenty of drive. Pushed hard for BOB just not finished yet

Open (1)

1st Matthews Sonham Blue Diamond JW ShCM. Loved this boy for his overall outline and size. Masculine head of correct shape & proportions with dark eyes, pleasing expression and well set ears. Clean through the neck and shoulder flowing smoothly into a firm topline. Deep rib and short loin coupled with a driving rear showed strong movement. BOB Grp4

Flatcoated Retriever

Open (1)

1st Weddells Bitcon Luther. Tidy boy with a lovely outline, masculine head with good moulding and nicely shaped eye, well set ear, clean through the neck. Laid back shoulders, plenty of forechest, deep rib leading to firm coupling and strong wide stifles. Move straight and true. BOB


PGrad (3)

1st Morgans Erikachien O’Ruadh for Deltandamba JW ShCM. Strong head with kind eye and plenty of backskull. Powerful neck fed into a strong front with plenty of forechest. Wellsprung deep rib, firm coupling leading to broad rear. Very deep in colour but within the standard. Moved out well

2nd Wards Melanitta Galatina

3rd Wards Melanitta Healstether

Open (4)

1st Wards Melanitta Fireblade . Really liked this boys overall breed type and outline. Masculine head without being overdone, enough stop with clean cheek and good length of muzzle. Clean through the neck and shoulders with pleasing amount of forechest, plenty of rib. Showed good reach on the move, very tidy. BOB

2nd Flushpoint Whata Accident for Melanitta

3rd Palfreys Foxdown Bertie Allsorts

Labrador Retriever

Puppy (3,1abs)

1st Harvey Major 7 Robins My Linjor des Landes D’Eole. Upstanding mature chocolate dog, just loved his head, kind expression, hazel eye and correct width of skull. Powerful neck, not overlong, folwing smoothly into laidback shoulder. Firm topline held well on the move, clean bone and good feet, well shaped broad stifle gave the movement promised when standing. BP PGrp4

2nd Harvey Majours Linjor With Attitude. Lovely baby who I was very taken with, just not got the hang of co-ordinated movement yet.

PGrad (3, 1abs)

1st Hobans Meadowleigh Romantic Quest. Loved the outline on this black bitch, she is so feminine and very Labrador. Pretty head with correct stop and good length of muzzle, kind expression, hazel eye and well set ear. Strong outline with a firm topline, well set otter tail and deep barrel chest. Moved out straight and true, pushed hard for BOB if there had been a RBOB she would have been awarded it

2nd Jeffery’s Carohall Day Dreamer at Mibridge

Open (6, 2abs)

1st Harvey Major & Merrills Linjor the Squire JW. Striking yellow boy with the gentlest of heads, masculine but so kind in expression and using his ears well. Strong powerful neck flowing smoothly into well set shoulders, plenty of depth of chest with pleasing forechest. Firm in topline with a good coupling and broad sweeping stifles, tight feet and clean bone, otter tail carried well. Strong driving movement finished the picture and just gave him the edge for BOB

2nd Jeffery’s Lembas Swings both Ways at Mibridge

3rd Felton-Pages Marshwiggle Mr Carson JW

Judge Carol Moore(Gadhelic)