• Show Date: 15/10/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Goyt Valley Gundog Society

Clumber Spaniel

Open (2)

1st Taylors SHCH Mischievous Maeve with Maursett. Both dogs were a credit to the breed and it was a fine line between them. I just felt for their comparative size this girl carried the right amount of weight. Quality head with a bright well shaped eye, square muzzle and broad skull. Powerful neck flowing nicely into laid back shoulders, plenty of forechest and deep well sprung rib. Excellent bone and substance without being overdone. Strong and powerful on the move. BOB

2nd Newshams Anbrook Burma Star at Brazenhill ShCM JW

Sussex Spaniel

Junior (2)

1st Hastings Yorkham Yule Love It at Bardings. Showed a typey outline, really pleasing in head with a good width of skull the correct amount of stop and a balanced foreface, eye of the correct colour and shape. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, plenty of depth of chest, for me she is a little long in coupling, broad thighs gave a strong rear action covering plenty of ground.

2nd Daveys Eald Village Gossip

Open (3)

1st Hastings Yorkham Bad Bear Day for Bardings ShCM Would like a little more work in the head but the rest of his qualities outshone this point. Of good size and substance with plenty of strong bone. Cracking front with well set shoulders and pleasing front assembly. Deep well sprung rib, firm coupling and wide thighs, showed the true Sussex roll when moving BOB

2nd Ways Norriss Northern Coleridge for Shuvick

3rd Wakefields Juliana of Tonispada at Norriss (imp)

English Springer Spaniel

PGrad (2)

1st Greens Kennair I Am I Said. What a beautiful head, lovely fluting giving a classic look with dark expressive almond shaped eyes, good ear length with plenty of feathering. Strong in neck with laid back shoulders, deep well sprung rib under a firm topline, fairly short back leading to a broad rump. Showed a strong driving movement to take the class

2nd Tains Westaway Touch of Magic for Taimere

Open (2)

1st Smiths Melverly Top Geezer. Cracking looking dog and did not disappoint when I got my hands on him. Lovely type and size with a super head showing lots of work and lowset ears, through to well laid shoulders, good forechest and depth of ribbing, well ribbed back to short loin, level topline to lovely rear angles. Such true movement coming and going with the correct reach and drive BOB BIS3

2nd Greens Kennair Like A Diamond.

Irish Water Spaniel

Puppy (1)

1st Davies & Margerisons Kandrelli Jack Snipe. Eye catching young dog of good size and build. Masculine balanced head with plenty of brain room, bright eyed with a very alert expression. Flowing outline with nice amount of angulation front and rear and a pleasing amount of bone. He struggled to get going in the limited space but when he settled he was very true. Tight crisp curls of a rich dark colour finished the picture. Very pleased to hear he took BPIS

Open (4, 3abs)

1st Walker & Roberts Gloi A Kind Of Magic. Cuvana Lovely feminine bitch with a good muzzle and skull, correct eye colour, silky topknot and nicely placed ears. Strong clean neck and shoulders, deep well sprung ribs with firm loin and well shaped stifles with good muscletone. Showing good balance she moved out with the typical rolling gait of the breed.. Coat not quite at its best but could not deny her BOB


Puppy (1)

1st Hills Weipowa Winnie Winchester. Pretty young bitch with a feminine refined head and well set ear. Clean through the neck and shoulder with a good forechest. Just a baby she needs time to develop her body but everything is in the right place with strong quarters allowing her to move out well.

Open (1)

1st Stamps Gunalt Two To Tango with Tynsil. Mature bitch with a strong, clean outline, feminine head with a pleasing eye. Clean neck and shoulder with a decent forechest. Plenty of rib and muscled rear. She showed true movement with a positive driving action BOB

Puppy Stakes

1st Summerfields Miadsc Eternal Flame. 7 month HWV A quality youngster showing a fabulous outline, very balanced for one so young. Kind head with good width of skull, correct amount of stop and nicely shaped eye. Well set shoulders with a lovely return of upperarm, deep enough in rib for her age with good bone. Very together on the move. Strong wire coat of a deep russet colour added the finishing touch.

Veteran Stakes

1st Wrights Flyenpig Streaky Bacon of Wrightpaw ShCM. Topped a grand line up of veterans, this very fit black Labrador was in amazing condition, just gleaming. Masculine head with a gentle eye, plenty of width of skull and well set ear. Strong through neck and shoulder with a deep wellsprung rib and firm topline, broad thigh and powerful driving movement

2nd Broadgates Riverman Beat The Boys. Gorgeous Irish Setter bitch, so feminine and balanced She was also in gleaming condition and pushed the winner hard

3rd Masons Freebreeze As You Like It ShCM