• Show Date: 21/10/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alison Scutcher Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club

Golden Retrievers 

Delighted with the depth of quality of the entry today.

Puppy (9, 3abs)

1st & BP Golder’s Summeramba Hi Di Hi

6 month old baby, looked a picture stacked with such balance and just right for her age, such a pretty head, excellent pigment, good reach of neck, well made throughout, good bone. Moved and show steadily to win a nice class. I hope she grows on.

2nd Oldring Flaxengold Could it Be Magic

3rd Whitfields Amberdella Miracle Dancer

Junior (6, 2abs)

1st Youngson Linirgor Teachers Pet at Treeville JW

Beautiful feminine bitch, super head and expression, good reach of neck, lovely topline, well developed quarters, in super coat and condition. Lovely her balanced outline and moved very well.

2nd Bristow’s Bencoe Piona Man

3rd Whitfields Amberdella Miracle Dancer

Post Graduate (7, 1abs)

1st & BOB Trinder & Zubair’s Thornywait San Valentino JW

Stunning 22mth old male who just shouts quality and balance. Beautiful head and expression, super pigment, well constructed throughout, super topline both standing and on the move. His tail carriage was carried straight off his back. Moved very well and was delighted to award him BOB.

2nd Loverock Riera Empress of Lovissa (IMP)

3rd Bristow’s Bencoe Piona Man

Limit (5, 1abs)

1st Golders’ Summeramba Milady JW

Again, loved the overall quality of this bitch, to be slightly critical I would prefer a fraction more leg length but she had a beautiful feminine head and expression, good resch of neck, well made throughout and was in super coat and condition. Moved well.

2nd Bristow’s Bencoe Piona Man

3rd Collis Merimor Waterbuoy at Dorwinion

Open (9, 3abs)

1st & RBOBMandley’s Maltqudos Miss Mash

This 7 year old bitch caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring, beautiful in all respects all be it looking slightly matonally. She has a super head and expression, excellent pigment, super topline, well made throughout, another in super coat and condition. Moved very well and presented such balanced outline. Pushed the young male hard and was RBOB.

2nd Loverocks Lovissa Space Dust

3rd Bristow’s Bencoe Piona Man


Delighted with the number and quality of my entry today.

Puppy (1)

1st & BP Gudgins Neuvelle Nariska at Jassendue

8 month old young lady with a lovely shaped head with good proportions and parallel planes, good neck with adequate angulation, good depth to chest and rounded ribcage, moderate rear angulation and a typical brisk gait. Hope she doesn’t get any bigger.

Junior (0)

Post Graduate (1)

1st & RBOB Boaz’ Jassendue Liana

Such a pretty bitch with lovely head and expression, correct eye colour and good ear set. She was typically cobby but maybe a fraction on the small side all through, well rounded ribcage, nice short loin, firm topline, moderate rear angulation. Moved well.

Open (2)

1st Stevens’ Pixbrook Joyride at Sanbosier

Super bitch, liked her overall quality, fitness and square outline. Not in her best jacket as not long had a litter. Beautiful head and expression, framed with correct ear set, lovely head planes and proportions, beautifully made throughout, well rounded ribcage and short loin, with firm topline, moderate rear giving typically clipped brisk gait. Delighted to award her BOB

2nd Axtells’ Patouche Lyra for Callmillard