• Show Date: 14/05/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alison Scutcher Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

West Country Dog Club

Thank you to the society for inviting me, I must say I was absolutely thrilled with the depth of quality in many of the breeds I judged, so thank you to all the exhibitors for the opportunity to judge so many lovely dogs.


Junior (6)

1st Adams Millpoint Simply Smashing, BP, PG1 & RBPIS

A well-made 10 month old black/white boy, super from every angle. Correct, well defined head with lovely dark eyes. Good length of neck into sloping, well placed shoulders. Plenty of depth in brisket, super top line when standing and on the move. Moved out well with plenty of drive, such a super outline. I will watch his career with interest.

2nd Howes Meadowgold Whirly Bird

3rd Fleetwood Millpoint Simply I Catching

Post Grad (4)

1st Adams Millpoint Simply Smashing

Repeat and gave him his last JW point, well done.

2nd Coggins & Adams Droveborough’s DCI Lewis at Gemrose

3rd Stangroom Lappakia Wannabe a Lay Dee

Open (4,2a)

1st Stangroom Pipeaway Laura Louisa at Lappakia ShCM (BOB)

Loved this bitches’ graceful lines and balance, lovely feminine head and expression, Good length of neck into sloping, well placed shoulders, lovely topline when standing and on the move. Moved out really well.

2nd Coggins & Adams Sh Ch Droveborough Born to Bound at Gemrose JW


Junior (1)

1st Wilson Stacearella Nimbus

14 month old young man giving his handler a bit of a hard time, wedged shape head, well-constructed throughout. Moved well when not rushed.

Post Grad (3, 1a)

1st Morgan Erikachen O’Ruadh for Deltandamba JW ShCM, BOB & Grp 2

Thought him such a super quality dog throughout, Good head type, alert, strong through neck and top line, well-proportioned and moved with an excellent action. He was in super coat which holds a deep coat colour.

2nd Wilson Stacearella Nimbus

Open (3, 1a)

1st Palfrey Foxdown Bertie Allsorts ShCM, RBOB

A good honest sound dog to go over, well-constructed throughout with level topline. Good coat and condition. Moved steadily and soundly.

2nd Morgan Redaurora Comet’s Christmas of Deltandamba

Irish Setter

Post Grad (5)

1st Hadfield Marzanne China in your hand & BOB

Liked her head and expression, well arched neck flowing into good shoulders, good topline with gentle unexaggerated slope, well developed quarters. In good coat and condition and presented a balanced outline both standing and on the move.

2nd Prangle Heathclare American Dollar & BP

Lovely young man, masculine head with dark eye. Has a well-arched neck flowing into well-angulated shoulders. Ample fore chest, when he stood correctly he had gently sloping topline and correct angulation fore and aft. In good coat and condition and moved out well, pushed the winner.

3rd Drinkwater & Jarvis Brabrook Jagerbomb

Open (5, 1a)

1st Andrews Millcroft Moon Riot

Super head and expression, good ear set, well-arched neck into well placed shoulders, good topline, good coat and condition, moved out well.

2nd Watts Brabrook Danny Boy

3rd Macdonald Redclyst Kearney

Golden Retrievers

Puppy (6)

1st & BP Hill Tamniarn Forget Me Not Sandula

Top quality 12 mths old young lady with beautiful head and expression, good reach of neck, well angulated front, super topline, well developed quarters. Presented a balanced outline both standing and on the move. Moved out well with correct tail carriage.

2nd Ellis Tenfield Dark & Stormy

3rd Collis Steval High Society

Novice (5,1a)

1st & RBOB French Caffimbra Midnight Dancer

Loved the head on this young lady, so pretty and feminine with good pigment, super reach of neck, well angulated throughout, with firm topline, well developed quarters. Moved out well and presented a balanced outline

2nd Ellis Tenfield Sea Venture

3rd Taylor Amilone Jabberwocky by Tannadice

Post Grad (8,1a)

1st French Caffimbra Midnight Dancer


2nd Brown Kadaka Kaman at Westcombe

3rd Nicholls Largymore You’r My World JW ShCM

Open (5)

1st Taylors Rosinante Loverboy by Tannadice JW BOB

It’s always a privilege to have the opportunity to go over this stunning quality boy, and for me, he was the complete package. He has the most beautiful masculine head and expression, super pigment, so well made throughout, super topline, good bone and feet. Such superb balance, he was in gleaming coat and condition. Moved with such reach and drive and correct tail carriage. I just loved everything about him.

2nd Brown Kadaka Kappa Blue at Westcombe

3rd French Linirgor Luv Potion for Caffimbra

Field Spaniel

Post Grad (5)

1st Bebb & Sutton Cochen Flamenco RBOB

Liked her noble head with correctly tapered muzzle, good through neck, well made throughout, well developed quarters with good feathering. Moved out well.

2ndHarding Kingsmist Lady in Black BP

A well grown puppy bitch with a beautiful classic head. Lacked some body maturity but had a balanced outline, excellent topline, a sound mover

3rd Porter Prussia Best Kept Secret of Winsbrook

Open (4)

1st Griffiths Sonnentend Tic Tac Toe (BOB)

Top quality male, super head with that correct look of nobility. Good neck flowing into well placed shoulders, firm topline, well developed quarters, in super coat and condition. Moved out well.

2nd Bebb & Sutton Cochen Calypso

3rd Harding Coverwell Clarissa at Kingsmist

Irish Water Spaniel

Open (2)

1st Bradley Nyllaup Chilli Pepper BOB

Super head and expression, well-constructed, in super coat and condition, presented a balanced outline both standing and on the move

2nd Reynolds Gloi a Hard Days Night RBOB