• Show Date: 23/09/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alex Paisey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Deerhound Club

The Deerhound Club Limited Show (South) 23rd September 2017 - Judge: Alex Paisey

I have to start by saying how I have been looking forward to this appointment for a long time. Being asked to judge at this show is very special and a day I will not forget. I would like to thank the committee for the appointment, it was a huge honour for me. The show was brilliantly run and hospitality was first class. My two stewards were brilliant all day, keeping me in check and most efficient. Finally I have to thank the wonderful exhibitors who entered under me as well as their sporting nature.

My only comments about the dogs of any note, is that the future is certainly bright. I had the pleasure of starting off both dogs and bitches, with strong puppy classes, with some notable youngsters in later classes, who I'll be keen to track as they age.

PD (9,1) A fantastic class, giving me very difficult decisions, some exciting dogs for the future.

1 and BPD Peach's KILBOURNE SHRIKE - 6month old boy who was at his first show, but did brilliantly well. Pleasing outline, all the angles were there and of good substance for age, settled early on and had good reach and drive. Strong jaw, dark eyes and lovely good ear set. Good length of neck leading to a well laid shoulder. Strong front. Pasterns we well set and feet nicely knuckled. Appropriate size of chest and good rib length. Good length of loin with well placed hips, leading to a nicely angled rear. Stood out for me in this class.

2 Peach's TIOBRAID SOLO VENTURE TO KILBOURNE - An 11 month old chap who is just going through his teen phase, however showing real promise. Good stature, and quite shapely. Masculine head, strong, correct bite. Good neck length leading to a well made front. Chest depth appropriate for his age and nicely sprung. Good tuck up, nice flow to his topline. Well placed hips, good width throughout. His shapely rear angles helped him around the ring.


JD (2,0)

1 Finnett and Heathcotes's HYNDSIGHT TIMESPACE - 16month old boy, certainly caught my eye. Nice outline with everything in moderation. Excellent substance and proportions. Expressive head, dark eye with strong correct jaw. Well set ears, with a lovely fold. Powerful neck leading to well laid shoulder. Deep chest and of good length. Lovely flow along his top line, leading to a well made rear. Covered the ground well, with good reach and drive.

2 Samway's ERPINGHAM MAGNUS CASSACRE – Another 16month boy. Different in type to first, very typical head and expression, with good ears. Would have preferred more substance throughout. Nice depth of chest and length.


1 Duke's CLANARDWOOD SUN SAILOR - 2 year old boy of good substance. Typical masculine of good proportions. Nice neck leading to a good lay of shoulder. Deep chest and well ribbed also. Pleasant topline and good loin length. Well set hips and good width to his rear. Nice feet all round too.

2 Keith's KILBOURNE SARK – 6.5month old boy who was had a typical puppy dog expressions and furnishings. Nice dark eye, strong jaw and proportioned. Neck of good size and length. Good substance throughout. A deep chest and good rib length helping his breathing. Good arch to his loin. Well constructed rear helping him round the ring.

3 Tan and Whlttle's PYEFLEET VICTOR TWO

SP YRLG D (3,1)

1 Peach's KILBOURNE LLOYD – A very promising youngster of just 15months, super type. Masculine head, still with young furnishings, strong jaw, nicely set ears. Good neck length leading to a super lay of shoulder, enabling a lovely reach on the move. Straight front and nicely set pasterns. Deep chest, good rib length, lovely arch over his loin, good width to hips to a nicely set rear and low hocks. Really moved out well and lovely to watch.

2 Girling's PYEFLEET VICTOR TWO – A shapely gentleman of some stature and shape. Not overly averse to showing but put on a good show. Masculine head, correct ears and good neck. Still to finish with his chest and perhaps fill out as lacking a touch of width. Good rib length showing good tuck up. A well muscled rear pushing him along.


1 Wilce Quinton and Quinton's HYNDSIGHT SKIRL – A dog of good size and a shape with excellent substance. Excellent head, good dark eye. Neck in proportion and leading to a well laid shoulder. Straight front and good feet. Good length to rib and loin, with suitable arch. Nicely set hips and shapely rear too. Excellent reach on the move helping his stride.

2 Lewis' LUCKHURST PAISLEY – A clean youngster who has yet to finish. Love his type, super head and expression. Strong Jaw, lovely neck length and well placed shoulders. Straight front and tight feet. Suitable chest and leading to a well arched loin. Nicely set rear but could do with more rear angulation for me.

PGD (4,1)

1 and Res BD Help's BEARDSWOOD TORRAN – An upstanding male, excellent substance, with width throughout. A good outline, helped by a correct coat. Still only 2 but not far from the finished article. Pleasant head, strong jaw. Excellent neck leading to a good lay of shoulder, enabling a lovely reach. Straight front, good spring at the pastern and good feet. Excellent depth of chest and length. Good topline with a strong loin and well-made rear, nicely set hocks. Made his way around the ring with ease.

2 Steele's SORIMSWAY VALIENT HERO – A different type to first, wasn’t as strong as either, I did however prefer his head. Very typical with nice furnishings. Appropriate width and muscle throughout. Strong jaw also and a nice ear set and shape. Good neck and shoulder, with a straight front. Nice depth and rib length with a good underline. Would have preferred greater angulation at the rear.


OD (5,1)

1 BD and Res BIS Cooper and Peach's KILBOURNE TYNE – A dog of lovely type, shape, and well coated also. Excellent width throughout. Masculine head, and very typical with lovely furnishings. Strong jaw, dark eye and good ear. Strong neck leading to a well laid front. Of excellent substance, with a straight front and good feet. Lovely deep chest and ribs of good length. Strong, nicely arched loin, leading to shapely rear end. He really comes into his own when moving and covered the ground with ease, a deserved winner for Best Dog.

2 Girling's PYEFLEET TARKA – A dog of good size and substance. Different type from first. Quite a shapely outline. Another masculine hound. A good head, nicely proportioned with good ears. Of good substance, with a good lay of shoulder. Straight front. Excellent chest depth and length. Nice angles in the rear also. Moved out well and was pleasant in profile, covering the ground well.

3 Lucas and Dargonne's PACKWAY COMANCHE MOON

PB (7,2) – Another super puppy class that really had me splitting hairs, some future stars present I am sure.

1 and BPIS Peach's ORMANSTAR QUEEN OF HEARTS AT KILBOURNE – Quality bitch with so much promise. Really felt she owned the ring and really enjoyed her time. Upon closer inspection, a pretty head, lovely proportions, good bite and ears. Her neck was of good length and leading to a well made front of good substance for her age. Still in proportion with her chest and rib length. Nice arch over the loin leading to a good set of hips and good rear end construction. Movement in profile was balanced with good reach and drive.

2 Piggott's KILBOURNE SKYLA – Another bitch of quality and showing great promise. Trying to get the better of her handler who’s persistence was brilliant. A shapely girl, of good size for age. Plenty of substance throughout and curvy. Another feminine head of nice proportions and features. Well carried ears. Good neck leading to a nicely laid front. Good rib depth and length, in proportion for age. Good shape to her loin leading to a nicely angulated rear. On the move she really covered the ground well.


JB (5,0)

1 Finnett and Heathcote's HYNDSIGHT IN YOUR DREAMS – 15month old bitch who stood out and I considered for Reserve Best Bitch (a bit more maturity needed). Super type and shape, her outline really shone. Lovely head, going through her teenage furnishings phase, almost cheeky to look at. Nice eyes and ears. Good neck leading to a good lay of shoulder, front is strong and straight. Chest depth and length. Nice arch of the loin and of good width. Really well constructed rear enabling her look at ease on the move.

2 Wilce Quinton and Quinton's KILBOURNE MARIE CLAIRE AT KIRJOJAX – Rangier in type and still with a bit of growing to do I feel. Expressive and gentle head, super eye and ear. Straight front and good feet. Good length to her well sprung ribs, loin of good length also. Drove out nicely on the move.



1 Spring-Arnold's CHUILINN BELLINA – 3.5 year old, good working type with substance, well muscled throughout. Head of good proportions, Strong jaw, good ears. Neck of good length leading to a nicely laid shoulder. Well set front, straight and tight feet. Nice deep chest of good length. Good topline and underline. well made rear of good angles helped her cover the ground with ease on the move.

SP YRLG B (4,1)

1 Girling's PYEFLEET VITA – A nicely proportioned shapely bitch leaning toward the working like type, well muscled throughout. Nice head with dark eye and good ear set. Neck in nice proportion leading to a well laid shoulder. Straight front, tight feet and good chest. Well arched over the loin, leading to well made rear. Covered the ground well when moved.

2 Aston's COTHERSTONE STEEL MAGNOLIA AT BALGALED – Of good type and well made throughout. Excellent head and furnishings. Neck of good proportions. Front is straight with an ok lay of shoulder. Deep chest and of good length, gentle arch over the loin. Nice rear assembly. Moved well but preferred the movement of 1st.



1 Lewis' NEROCHE JUNIPER TO LUCKHURST – A young bitch of good shape. Excellent head, strong jaw and neat ears. Good neck length. Well laid front assembly, straight legs also. Lovely depth of chest. Excellent topline leading to a well angulated rear. Balance on the move helping her win the class.

2 Pink's LUCKHURST OUSHA – A bitch of nice type and good substance. Pretty head and lovely eyes. In proportion throughout and toned. Excellent depth of chest, straight front and good feet. Nicely arched topline. Good width throughout. Moved with good drive from the rear.


PGB (8,3)

1 BB & BIS Wragg's NEROCHE JUNO – A super bitch who stood for me in the winners line up. Shapely, in proportion and feminine. Excellent head, lovely eye. Good lay of shoulder and well assembled throughout. Straight front with good spring to her pastern. Lovely depth of chest and excellent topline. Good length to her, nice fallaway and well constructed at the rear. Moved well, covering the ground with ease and was on top form today.

2 Lucas and Dargonne's PACKWAY LITTLE LOXLEY – Another pretty bitch with a bright future I feel. Still young but holding her own. Good angles both front and rear. Feminine head and in proportion. Lovely neck and shoulders. Of good chest and length with width throughout. Moved very well today.


OB (5,2)

1 & Res BB Lucas and Dargonne's HYNDSIGHT REASON TO BELIEVE – Lovely Bitch with a wonderful outline, no exaggeration and in proportion. Gentle expression and dark eye, strong jaw with well set ears. Good front enabling an excellent reach in profile, tight feet. Excellent depth of chest, good underline. Lovely flow to her topline. Good hips and nicely set rear quarters. Moved very well indeed.

2 Peach's KILBOURNE UNITY - A bitch of nice type, finer than first. Loved her furnishings. Nice head. Strong jaw and in proportion. Lovely fold of ear. Shapely throughout and moved well. Straight front and tight footed. Chest of good length and strong loin. Good underline. Well made rear also.


VB (4,1)

1 and BVIS Lucas and Dargonne's GLENMORLICH NONE SO PRETTY FOR PACKWAY – A pleasure to judge this bitch who still has it. Very typical type and well coated, holding her own in the winners challenge. Good head of neat features. Strong neck and a good lay of shoulder. Straight front and super feet. Lovely depth of chest, of excellent length. Well constructed rear. Easy mover

2 Erskine's SAINTVALERY INSPIRATION – A pleasant bitch from the outset. Enjoying her time today. pretty head with good features including a strong jaw. Neck of good length. Good depth of chest and spring of rib with appropriate length also. Nicely arched over the loin and good width to her rear. Drove out well.


Judge: Alex Paisey